Notes on asteroid (9248) Sauer by Eric Francis

About That River in Belgium

I’ve spent countless hours studying the charts for the Sept. 11 incident, teaching internationally on the topic and writing numerous articles over the years, starting in 2002, when I figured out that what we’re told happened at the Pentagon was a sham. In doing this work, I’ve used both my investigative skills and my skills as an astrologer, and all the evidence points to the same conclusion: that nothing we’ve been told adds up.

“Sunblock” by Charlie Lemay.

If you’ve read any of my prior work, you may recall that the keynote of the main Sept. 11 chart is that Mercury was rising right at the moment that Flight 11 struck the North Tower. This planet about a message, and wings, that represented some secret enemy, was precisely in the degree rising.

Not only that, Mercury was trine Saturn, suggesting collaboration between the ‘terrorists’ and the ‘government’, which are basically interchangeable. I cover that carefully in detail in several articles — including this one.

Lately I’ve been working with the charts, and I noticed that there’s also an asteroid right in the ascendant, exactly conjunct Mercury (again, all exact to the degree). The asteroid is called Sauer. I’ve gone digging on this asteroid many times, because it shows up at odd moments, only to find that it’s the name of a river in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

This past weekend, reviewing the 9/11 charts for this article, I noticed it right there in the Sept. 11 ascendant and I was determined to find out what the heck this thing was. Turns out that Sauer is not about the river, nor is it literally about the taste sensation of sourness (the German translation, and a suitable enough symbol of the bitter taste of this incident).

With a little help from some Facebook friends, I learned that it’s named for Dr. Carl G. Sauer — a flight dynamics engineer who worked for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory — the private entity behind NASA, which is part of Caltech University — starting in 1952. Out of the rubble and the lies and the politics and the wars was lurking a name and an identity.

Sauer was no ordinary rocket scientist. His bio says, “His work has included mission designs for advanced spacecraft propulsion systems, including solar electric ion propulsion, nuclear propulsion and solar sailing. His database of potential spacecraft trajectories to hundreds of comets and minor planets is an invaluable resource for mission design work at JPL.”

This is a list-type display of the ascendant of the Sept. 11 chart. Note the proximity, indicated by the number 14, of the ascendant (which is the 1st house cusp), Mercury and Sauer. They are occupying the same degree of the zodiac, which happens to be rising. Each degree is rising for about four minutes a day — the image of a fleeting moment.

Gee whiz. A flight dynamics engineer who understood how to get a spacecraft to an asteroid (not exactly easy — try to think through the steps, when you’re aiming for a moving object so far away you can barely see it with a telescope), with Mercury conjunct it, in the chart of a very, very strange airplane crash. Sauer was so advanced at this, and had made such a contribution to space travel system design, that he got his own planet named after him.

One of the first things that the name of an engineer so prominent in the chart suggested was: this was engineered. More to the point, it’s a reminder what humans are capable of, and how extraordinary science is. To rig up some bullshit like 9/11 does not require a high order of intelligence or technology — merely some half-decent media skills, money, no conscience, and most of all, a motive. If you want to understand the motive, look where all the money went.

The presence of a planet named for the eminent Dr. Sauer is also a sad reminder what human intelligence can do when used for a worthy cause, and what else we could be doing with our precious national resources, that is, after we feed a few hungry people and end a few wars.

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