Non-11: The Unbearable Tension of Water

AND JUST WHAT has come gushing out of the starry dynamo of the night?

Early Wednesday, in the first hours after a stunning Full Moon set off the Saturn-Neptune opposition, British intelligence and police said they made arrests in an alleged plot to blow up airliners with bombs made of liquid or gel. The Sun and Moon swept through the opposition, precipitating the events, activating the opposition and setting a new era of history into motion.

As reported last week, “This rare alignment, bringing together many cycles and factors, points to a big drama to which everyone who is alive will be compelled to respond…It seems we cannot do much about it, but we must deal with what we witness or learn.”

Actual details are foggy, and solid evidence of a chemical plot — such as a laboratory or equipment — has yet to be mentioned. The shameless stereotyping of Muslims continues. In the mist, or rather, midst of it all, what the astrology says is: remember the involvement of Neptune in this event. Neptune often represents situations about which the truth is never found out, and where a smog of deception, confusion and denial can linger. Yet with Neptune, as well, if one takes a bit of distance from the noise and clatter of the world, it’s also possible to tune into the truth on a subtle but unprovable level.

While events of Sept. 11, 2001, to which this is being compared, were used to galvanize something, this week’s developments — so well soaked in Pisces — will more likely represent an undoing. Yes, plenty of bad things have happened under Saturn-Neptune influences, and plenty are happening now. But there are indications that something has given way, that history has had a transparent moment, and that the energy pattern has shifted in the approximate direction of sanity, or of reality — the two are related.

True, there is more to come. True, the world is in quite a state. True, Dick Cheney is still in office. Several significant aspects are forming, including the intense but not-uncommon Mars-Uranus opposition on Aug. 13, and the first exact alignment of Saturn and Neptune on its numerological twin, Aug. 31. To say the least, these oppositions have been creating an unusually tense psychic atmosphere. They all involve water because Neptune and Pisces are involved, and because Mars is the ‘triplicity ruler’ of all three water signs. Plus, a set of eclipses is approaching, including a lunar eclipse in Pisces (conjunct Uranus) and a solar eclipse in the last degree of Virgo on Sept. 22, exactly opposite the highly sensitive Aries Point.

But the global drama that spilled over Thursday morning will be difficult to sustain with any credibility. Many more people are paying attention now. Fear is not what it used to be, and we are aware that it’s being used as a weapon. After five years of untangling lies related to Sept. 11, watching “Loose Change,” “Fahrenheit 911,” and seeing the 9-11 Truth conference on C-Span, many more people are suspicious of manufactured crisis. Indeed, many people are now aware that such exists, and a subtle climate of cynical annoyance with deception has gradually replaced mindless nationalism. Knowing you’re being lied to just takes getting used to — and remembering.

As for whatever has happened this week, the overwhelming presence of Neptune retrograde in the chart suggests that there is plenty to be suspicious about. This ranges from the timing (with wars in Iraq and Lebanon going terribly), mid-term elections in the United States threatening to weaken the Republican/Neo-Con gridlock on society and world politics, and the leaders of both England and the United States at slumps in popularity and credibility; to the fact that something which did not happen is being made into something larger than life. “Ah yes, this could have been the big one,” we’re being told. “You should still be scared.”

Several rather transparent lies have already been told. Deception number one is this being characterized as a foreign plot. But the enemy seems to be from within: twenty-four arrests have been made so far, all of British nationals — the Queen’s very own subjects. While there is no evidence of a plot in the United States, this is being characterized as a “direct threat” and indeed the United States has gone to Red Alert for the first time ever. That this has happened in the midst of the summer holiday travel season is putting on quite an annoying show.

And there is a curious, glaring aspect in the chart for the event that suggests that a lot of money is somehow involved [covered in Astrology Secrets Revealed]. Because the sign Cancer is involved, this is domestic, not foreign, money. Developing this point, according to news reports coming from the UK, it was the Bank of England that released the names of the suspects — not the police or intelligence service. According to the BBC today, “Nineteen people held on suspicion of plotting to blow up planes have had their UK assets frozen. The Bank of England named the 19 and said it would be an offence to make their money available without a licence from the Treasury.” Clearly, the money, which glares out of the chart, will tell a big part of the story.

Meanwhile, governors of three states in the US have reportedly sent the National Guard to help with increased airport security. “Calling in the National Guard” is one of those symbolic gestures in American society, representing the “ultimate emergency” despite the fact that nothing actually happened on US soil, and no plans were even known. Is England part of the United States now? George Bush has said the arrests are a “stark reminder” that the U.S. is “at war with Islamic fascists” (a new phrase — not fundamentalists, fascists) and has reminded us that despite how safe we are thanks to him, what a dangerous world we live in.

This is the tension of an insect walking on water. You watch, and wonder what it feels like. You feel, and feel for what’s going to come next. Nothing has really happened. Will something happen? It may; it may not. Feel safe, they caught the bad guys. Feel scared. Maybe there are more. Believe your instincts, you’re okay. Listen to authority, they know what’s best. Welcome to Saturn opposite Neptune.

Planned and Precipitated

As reported in last week’s edition: “Solar and lunar activity often serve to emphasize existing astrology. As we’ve been discussing, we are in a global threshold indicated by the opposition of Saturn and Neptune, which is also working on the level of a psychological and emotional process for each individual. While the aspect reaches the exact alignment August 31, the Full Moon on Wednesday [Aug. 9] will pull it into focus and precipitate events that are involved with the larger process…the presence of the exceptionally personal Sun and Moon will do something else — draw many people into the situation, through awareness, experience, and feeling. The Full Moon is like being near the water when the tide is rising. If you’re on a boat, you go up. If you’re on the beach, you get wet, or you go to higher ground.”

Many people have been expecting some kind of era-defining event this summer that would be used to shore up the fortunes of both Tony Blair and George Bush, as well as provide justification for additional offensives in the amorphous “war on terror” — and the corresponding, now traditional, givebacks of civil liberties that come with the sense of increased threat.

Pending elections in both the House of Representatives and the Senate — neither of which are likely to go well for Republicans or pro-war Democrats — have been begging for a distraction of some kind, and a re-galvanizing of the home team spirit. We know Karl Rove’s new job is making sure those elections go well, and he has lots of free time because he’s not being prosecuted.

Intense fixed sign activity during the past year (principally in Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, with a major discovery, Sedna, in Taurus) has strongly suggested that an “inevitable” event or sequence of events was in motion. The solstice chart from June 21, 2006, was sprung like a trap. An eclipse close to the Aries Point occurred March 29, but with haunting silence.

On the subject of pre-planning the logistics, Planet Waves has learned one particularly curious bureaucratic fact, which is that train security officers were assigned to extra duty one week ago in a train station where there is usually no security at all. Two officers at Sheffield Station in North Yorkshire, questioned by a Planet Waves reporter, were asked Thursday afternoon, “When were you asked to do this operation?”

Both replied, “About a week ago” — and that they were told they would be working to catch supposed fare jumpers. Tickets, however, are checked on the train rather than at a station checkpoint. Our reporter was also stopped by a plain-clothes security officer from taking a photographs of an ordinary suburban train station, but did get away with two.

Authorities have said some suspects had been under surveillance for a year, going back to the earliest manifestations of the Saturn-Neptune opposition (hurricanes Rita and Katrina, for example).

Notably, Wednesday’s developments arrived on the eve of the solar return of the infamous Aug. 11, 1999 grand cross and total solar eclipse. Wednesday’s Full Moon and other current planets align closely with that event — including Saturn exactly square the Saturn position in the 1999 fixed grand cross. Mercury is currently making a return to its position in that chart, now exact to less than one degree, applying. Jupiter and Neptune are also involved in the alignment.

As well, the progressed Moon of the Aug. 11, 1999 eclipse chart is also in the middle degrees of Scorpio, about to make a conjunction to Mars. All of this suggests strongly that the 8/11/99 chart — a clear precursor to the events of 9/11/01 — is still alive and functioning, making it the longest lasting eclipse I’ve seen. But it was a hot one.

Two Outer Planet Events: 9/11 and Non-11

In the summer of 2001, when we were under the influence of the rare Saturn-Pluto opposition, public opinion and political power were galvanized by a real-time event where human life was lost: the crash of airplanes into the World Trade Center, a plane crash in Pennsylvania and some kind of explosion at the Pentagon. Though there are many questions about how this series of events came into being, there is no doubt that something substantial happened in the physical world in late summer 2001, which has been used as the main excuse to initiate a series of wars, indeed, to inaugurate a state of global war and what appears to be a complete rearrangement of the Middle East. Any such events have precedents under Saturn-Pluto alignments.

In the summer of 2006, the influence has changed to the equally rare Saturn-Neptune opposition. Now we have had a kind of mirage, a scenario that might have happened. What is lacking in the current story, however, is the emotional impact, though this will not be apparent for some time. It is one thing to say, “They flew airplanes into skyscrapers,” and quite another to say, “We caught them planning to have explosives in baby bottles.” Also, the logic is plain: What is the government supposed to do these days if not stop terror plots? What about all those billions of dollars? Congratulations, guys. Have lunch and get back to work.

Considering the first event, Saturn opposite Pluto, when you apply the dense, penetrating energy of Pluto to Saturn, the result was a lot of localized death, destruction, fire and noise, which was then magnified to a worldwide scale and manipulated into an agenda. Throughout modern history, such alignments of Saturn and Pluto have nearly always come with contractions of mentality, crackdowns on liberty, tons of moralizing, nonstop accusations of evil intentions used for political ends and the resulting “necessary” aggressions.

With Neptune and Saturn now at maximum tension, particularly with Neptune in Aquarius (media, technology, the public), we have an example of something virulent but, in truth a conceptual event. What we have experienced this week was, in essence, Non-11. It will stay that way if we remain vigilant.

We even have an obviously virtual enemy, and one who remarkably lacks a face and identity (since they can’t remind anyone they let Osama bin Laden escape at Tora Bora, his name and likeness are taboo): as the New York Times reported today, “The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Robert S. Mueller III, said that the plot ‘had all the earmarks of an al-Qaeda plot’, but said there was no direct evidence linking the suspects to the terrorist organization.” This is as meaningful as saying, “People who looked like your cousin Bob’s friends ran from the scene of a bank robbery yesterday or the day before.”

Now watch how this works: Several hours after the New York Times ran its piece, MSNBC reported: “Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said the plot appeared to have been engineered by al-Qaeda, the terrorist group that hijacked two planes from Boston on Sept. 11, 2001, and flew them into the World Trade Center towers in New York.” Note: Chertoff is not actually quoted, he is paraphrased. The editors throw in the reminder of the WTC, in case we forgot what al-Quaeda was.

Chertoff was directly quoted in the British press as saying that the plot was “in some respects suggestive of al-Qaeda” — a substantial difference in meaning. Which is it? It doesn’t matter, as long as you throw in the promo for al-Qaeda.

Whether or not an actual, realtime event is used to shore up this week’s video game, so far so good on the dog and pony aspect: news of Lebanon and Iraq has faded to the background, and most likely will stay there for weeks. The liquid bomb plot will enjoy a bit of infamy, and nobody will ever feel the same about the question, “And what beverage would you like?” Be careful what you say.

Liquid, Boundaries and Neptune

The story we are hearing involves the proposed use of an as-yet unnamed magic liquid to bomb airplanes — a beautiful image of Neptune retrograde in Aquarius, where the Full Moon occurred Wednesday afternoon just as the sting operation was in full gear. This does indeed make one wonder whether such events are timed astrologically. It all depends on who picked the day. If it was chosen in England, it’s surely possible.

There are many possibilities for liquid explosives, but none has been named by authorities yet, and there is no precedent for such an event. The problem with the story is that while there is a chemical for everything, they cannot all be made in the kitchen, or transported easily. To say that a bomb plot is in the “final stages” implies that the chemicals are ready to go, or at least in production. What chemicals, and in what facility? Let’s listen carefully — there will be an interesting story here, and it will likely change a few times in ways that contradict. I would propose here that part of how the façade is going to fall off this story is what we hear, or don’t hear, about the chemistry.

Liquid explosives have been around since the 19th century, but tend to have the problem of being unstable. Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, which combined the power of nitroglycerine with the stability of a solid substance — a scientific development so significant at the time that his name is now attached to many of the greatest scientific and social advances of modern history. Adding wax or lubricant to liquid explosives tends to make them more stable — hence, hair gel is on the list of potentially suspect substances. The explosives would, we are told, have been detonated mid-flight. As a result, carrying liquids and gels aboard aircraft has been banned in the United States, Canada and the UK. Since electronic devices could be used as detonators, they, too, are banned.

All hand baggage, including purses and portable computers, has been banned in the UK, and travelers can fly only with a small plastic bag containing the most basic personal effects, such as their passport. There is speculation that it will be banned permanently. This presents a significant problem for people who don’t want to let go of all the data on their laptop, much of which is proprietary or sensitive where business travelers are concerned, and have it thrown into the wild river of checked baggage. Almost all car keys are now electronic. They, too, must be thrown into the baggage hold.

Even tampons are being rationed; you can only take what you need on a flight — and they must be carried out of the box. Mothers are being made to taste infant formula or their own milk in front of airport security personnel.

In all we have an embarrassing invasion of privacy and a transgression of human boundaries and personal security, just the kind of thing you would expect with an overdose of Neptune. This is part of a process that has been underway for half decade, and these restrictions could easily spread to the United States. Yet I am left wondering what would happen if someone is caught planning a bomb made of cloth. Will we all have to fly naked? This would give new meaning to the 7E7 Dreamliner — hundreds of nude people and no computers or iPods to distract us.

The Alignment

Let’s review Wednesday’s planetary setup again. Saturn, with an orbit of 29 years, and Neptune, with an orbit of 165 years, are now weeks away from their first opposition since April 19, 1972. That one, incidentally, coincidentally or not, occurred just eight weeks before the Watergate break-in that led finally to the downfall of Richard Nixon. The dissolving power of Neptune came face to face with the structure of Saturn, slowly melting away the latter. [More on the Saturn-Neptune cycle is included in the article Heavy Water by Arwynne O’Neill.]

This is part of a process of history that we heard from in 1989 (the Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction associated with the fall of the USSR and the Berlin Wall); and then again from mid-1998 through mid-1999, with the Saturn-Neptune square associated with the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

The current alignment, the ‘full phase’ of what the first two represented as ‘new phase’ and ‘first quarter’, is today exact to three degrees, and makes its first precise contact August 31. Exact opposition continues, as often happens, in two additional stages through mid-2007 and will have after-effects for several years, as it has had pre-effects for more than a year (such as hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the deepening quagmire in Iraq and the brand new one in Lebanon).

This aspect today stands with the tension of balancing two strong opposite polarities, which is something that typically humans can do only with great pain, and other times, with great progress. The sense of opposites is in part associated with the size of the planets involved, and also with the wildly differing archetypes of the planets involved — one representing solid matter and the other representing liquid.

On Wednesday, the Sun and Moon aligned extremely close to the axis of the Saturn-Neptune alignment, precipitating tangible events within hours. Of all successive Sun-Moon alignments over the next two years, including those that square Saturn and Neptune, Wednesday’s Full Moon was the closest solar-lunar aspect to to the opposition that we will have. There was a release point, and a threshold — but in truth, this was the opening move, the activation, of a process of change and evolution.

We are going to be living with this tension for a while, and with it, the constant sense that “something might happen.” How do we deal with it? How do we deal with the annoying sense of dissatisfaction that there is not a fiery, cataclysmic orgasm to grab onto? That’s a choice that each individual makes.

The opposition touches some deeply personal issues: embraces our relationship to authority, to truth and  lies, and to how we maintain our identity in a culture so heavily dominated by media and advertising. Neptune’s presence makes it difficult to grasp tangibly, but we do have choices, if we dare to see, and dare to make them.++

— Additional reporting by Judith Gayle, Mandy Hall, Ursula Fugger and Paloma Todd.

In Other Wednesday News: Water, Water, Water

East coast of UK prepares to face ‘great flood’
By Ian Herbert – the Independent

For the older residents of eastern England’s coastal villages, it must have seemed like the pre-Second World War days revisited. They were told yesterday that a system of siren warnings and evacuation notices had been established in readiness for possible evacuations ahead of floods which may hit the east coast next month.

Indian floods worsen, 4.5 mln people homeless

AHMEDABAD, India (Reuters) – Swollen rivers swamped thousands of villages and towns across India’s south and west on Wednesday, forcing 4.5 million from their homes as rescuers struggled to bring them food and drinking water, officials said.

Go-ahead for dam that will drown history
By Suna Erdem

TURKEY is to go ahead with the construction of a dam on the Tigris river despite claims that it will displace tens of thousands of people and flood a 12,000-year-old city. Critics also say that the €1.2 billion (£840 million) Ilisu Dam will severely restrict the flow of water through Syria and on to Iraq at the risk of provoking another conflict in the troubled region.

Strongest typhoon in 50 years hits China
By JOE McDONALD, Associated Press

BEIJING – The most powerful typhoon to hit China in five decades raged across its southeastern coast Thursday, capsizing ships and destroying homes after 1.5 million people evacuated. At least two people were killed and dozens were injured. Nineteen people were reported missing across the region, and Typhoon Saomai was also blamed for at least two deaths in the Philippines a day earlier. Torrential rains were forecast in the next three days as the typhoon churned inland across crowded areas where Tropical Storm Bilis killed more than 600 people last month.

Clues from the Archives

From The 3/29 Cluster

This is one of those points where it will be possible to shed a few layers, drop some baggage, and leave at least some of the past behind. That we’ll be seeing some intense news at the same time will add excitement and a touch of devil-be-damned at a time that can, by all indications, be a momentous and inspiring era in our lives, as long as we rise to the adventure.

From The Hole in the Bucket

Still, I would not underestimate the potential for a power struggle in the White House, and I am not looking forward do seeing how these people act when they have nothing to lose. They have been quite reckless when they have everything to lose.

From The Swiftly Tilting Planet

These two natural forces face one another in ever greater focus. Not everyone is convinced or even aware of the process yet. Those who create the memes, or cultural patterns, are still pumping enough fear through the global nervous system to keep most people cowering and begging for authority to come in and save them from their own fear. But as the Full Moon emphasizes this confrontation, and as the opposition perfects over the next three to four weeks, the contrast will grow more evident.

From Enron’s Prize

Perhaps the most significant event of the year, however, is a cluster of events: the first exact contact of the Saturn-Neptune opposition in late August, followed by a solar eclipse in the last degree of Virgo. This is yet another Aries Point event, coming as it does within one degree of exact opposition to the first degree of Aries. Somewhat notoriously, it makes an exact opposition to the Iraq war chart (stated time, which began with the Sun in the last degree of Pisces; the war itself is an extremely poorly planned Aries Point event).


Imagine we are approaching the rapids of a river, and at this point, we have time to consider the possibilities and position ourselves for where we want to be at the moment of acceleration. We need to be prepared for some kind of big shift on a cultural level, in particular timed with the Sun-Pluto opposition on June 16 or the solstice on the 21st. The Sun-Pluto aspect promises to be interesting, though the Sun-nodal square on the solstice sets off a dozen or so other charts, ranging from the natal charts of Cheney, Bush, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, Sept. 11, and many others.

Weekly Horoscope for Friday, August 11, 2006, #623 – By ERIC FRANCIS

Happy Birthday Leo!

A SPECTACULAR Full Moon in your opposite sign Aquarius blurs the thin line between fantasy and reality. Indeed, dreams can be transformed into reality — so dream well. Other factors in your chart suggest you’ll be more inclined to take a realistic attitude in life, and even look askance at the ideals of others who are less rooted to practical reality than you are. But you have as much to learn from them as they do from you, and I suggest you get over any reluctance about going along with the gang. You’re more likely to speak your mind than the people around you, while they are more likely to be reserved. So, you will need to initiate the communication, and co-create some new human experiences for yourself.

NOTE TO LEOS: The full birthday report will be included with Monday’s edition. I apologize for this inconvenience.

Aries (March 20-April 19)
What is your highest vision for your life? Do you have one you don’t articulate to yourself? If so, these are the days to make it real. You could call some of your friends and speak out loud to your community, bucking the trend in the world that we all spend our lives at our individual computer monitors. Go for a wide diversity of ages and viewpoints. The days we are living in call for drawing people together — and you are the one nominated to do it. Speaking of drawing, expressing your ideas in pictures or some kind of physical model will help your efforts at turning the indescribable into the tangible.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
You seem to be breaking free of an unwanted emotional or domestic bond that may be based entirely on a misunderstanding. It would not be an exaggeration to say that you can suddenly see through the deception or the odd fantasy at the core of the situation. But you must maintain the discipline to keep your distance, because despite a certain person’s chilly and superior attitude, this individual actually needs you more than you need them. And, at the end of the day, that explains it all.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
How do you feel when someone gets close to you? Look at the people in your life right now, and do an honest assessment. Do you feel stronger and more stable, or do you feel fear and resentment? Different people will obviously present different reactions, but some will present you with a mix of emotions, and this blend will be interesting. If you can observe yourself closely, you can reach into the inner conflict at the core of your emotions. It’s not about these people now — it’s something from the past, something about your needs and how they were used against you. If love does anything but offer you protection, this would be an excellent time to resolve the matter.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
As Venus and Mercury travel in their courses through the last degrees of your birth sign, events and developments will help clarify certain foggy subjects greatly. There can be no doubt that you’re making progress, though if I were you, I would be pretty restless too about how long it’s taken to get yourself back to solid, level ground. You can afford to have faith, because the astrological climate is starting to lean solidly in your direction. Meanwhile, continue your study of where everyone around you is coming from. There may be some confusion in the air that you would be wise to make note of, in part because you’re the one who holds certain key ideas that will help not only to dissolve it, but who can also see the beauty it obscures.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)
There will probably be a short delayed reaction before something that you have resolved within a relationship takes effect for a close partner or loved one. Trust that the change really has come and that the breakthrough in awareness is authentic. The delay involves the human truth that it takes a little time for people to get used to new revelations. Even you, who has the ability to think and feel like a child, needs that interval of adaptation. Meanwhile, direct your energies to several more than significant issues that require your maturity, leadership and innovation — and don’t take maybe for an answer.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
You have been through a long and complicated process the past few weeks, one of sorting out fact from falsehood, whim from authentic desire. Your ruling planet Mercury is wrapping up a very long and emotionally intricate retrograde process that has helped you define your most important priorities, as well as get clear in your mind what you want the rewards to be. Bear in mind that life — I am speaking of biology and our social experience — is a constant process of exchange, growth and adaptation. You are good at the second two, but in terms of the first, I would propose that you have a lot more to give, and a lot more to receive.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
All of life is a creative endeavor. Remember this, and you’ll create what you want this week and far beyond. There are, it is true, certain aspects of life which we must live passively, and others which just happen to us when we’re least expecting. Yet there are also times where we need to consciously search within for an idea for what to do next, feel the creative passion that will fuel the idea, and take the plunge. If you feel that you are searching in vain for a ‘mission in life’, remember that life rarely gets better than the ability to experiment with something fun, and then get lost in your work. As Venus and Mercury enter Leo this weekend, they chances are you’ll be in excellent company.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
Whether something is true or not need not be a source of stress; either it is, or it isn’t. That answer will come sooner rather than later, if you’ll allow the situation to take its natural course. The current Full Moon may be stirring up the waters of passion and mystery, which is different than a science experiment or architecture project. For the next few days I suggest you imagine yourself in a raft on a wild ocean, with a beautiful storm blowing, wondering where it will take you, and who you will meet when you see the next shore.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)
You are indeed having a stroke of brilliance, but this is one that defies being easily developed into something useful. You are ahead of your time; you may feel reluctant to talk about your plans; you may not see how they fit the larger, more pragmatic structure you’ve developed for yourself. No worries on any of these accounts, please. Remember the inspiration at the core, and keep track of the details as best you can. You are hatching an idea whose time will come, as long as you remain faithful to it. To put it bluntly, this is not time to doubt yourself or your intelligence.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
If a financial concern or crisis emerges this week, don’t get emotionally involved. It’s not worth the steam, and the problem is not what it seems. You could just as easily do something wildly radical and perceive the whole situation as an opportunity where everyone can gain, because that happens to be the case — but for the moment, you may have to bear with the fact that nobody seems to care. They will, soon enough, and if it turns out they think what you’ve been planning is their idea, let them get away with it. The results are what will count.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
Tis the season of the annual Full Moon in your birth sign now, suggesting some brilliant opportunity is upon you. This recent event, still rippling and vibrating in the cosmos, was conjunct Neptune, which is like dropping a movie screen in front of something that has previously been projected onto the clouds. Suddenly you will be able to see what you’ve been looking at all along, wondering what it was. Part of the trick to this astrology is not allowing practical concerns to get in the way of a visioning process, or so much as distract your thinking. Noticing the idea is what counts, and more to the point, feeling the subtle passion that is right behind it. The details will be taken care of; you must hold the vision.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Keep your focus, despite the overwhelming energy currently whirling through the cosmos. Go at a steady pace and make sure you take care of any necessary arrangements. Keep all discussions focused on progress in the clear light of day. Speaking in astrological terms, there is an extraordinary amount of Neptune in the cosmic atmosphere right now, and that can represent fear and uncertainty. But you’re the one who is made of the stuff, so you can certainly navigate these waters like an expert. The more you have faith in your idea, the more you need to stay in contact with loved ones and close partners. The same ones who had faith in you all along will be very helpful now.

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