Night of the Centaurs

Dear Friend and Client:

Our culture specializes in pent up and uptight, then exploding.

That’s how an archconservative political nobody can get an established, high-ranking uber-conservative congressional leader thrown out of office for allegedly not being conservative enough. Then he can claim to have started a revolution — the “antigovernment” one symbolized by the Gadsden flag, the same flag that was thrown over the body of a police officer murdered in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Centaur, from a viral image.

It’s why in the United States we’ve had 74 school shootings since the Newtown massacre of December 2012, the one we wanted to be the last one. It’s how we can allow our political leaders to start wars that may never end, with implications they cannot control.

It’s why so many people seem unable to let off a little pressure without a lot of alcohol. It’s how that legacy gets passed from generation to generation with little consideration — barely enough thought to notice that it’s a problem, much less understand the effects of that problem.

It’s why the distinction between sex as an expression of love or of aggression is becoming increasingly confused. This, in turn, describes why so many people find relationships so challenging or indeed impossible. We get a picture of sex education being cut back, eliminated or banned in schools amidst an onslaught of porno and sex-for-marketing. Then we seem content to live with a notion of sex that allows for “it just happened,” mainly because so few people are able to speak about the topic honestly or even factually.

All of these have an astrological factor in common. Overnight tonight we’ll experience an unusual Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the centaur planet Pholus (discovered in 1992). It happens that Pholus, a close planetary relative of Chiron, covers many of these themes and influences all of them. The thematic relationship of Pholus to Chiron describes a healing mission.

The precision of this Full Moon is visionary. Located in Sagittarius, close to the heart of our galaxy, it’s the image of transcendent consciousness and aspiring to soul contact. It’s one of those rare events where Pholus actually might manifest as the factor that precipitates spontaneous enlightenment.

Full Moon at the temple of Athena Nike on the Acropolis, Athens, Greece. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Tonight’s aspect pattern describes a potential moment of clarity that will, for some people, burn an opening in the fog and confusion we so often take for granted. Yet planets in the centaur class are always edgy, and it’s a double edge.

They can injure or they can help immensely. It’s one reason why it’s necessary to gather so much awareness and clear intention around them, a side benefit that becomes a primary one.

With Pholus, alcohol is central to the myth, with all of its implications. This particular point has a way of showing up in charts for mass shootings. I noticed that for the first time with the Gabrielle Giffords incident in Tucson, my coverage of which included a detailed analysis of some very interesting centaur astrology.

Pholus also describes a quality of energy, akin to the thrill of things going out of control. Our society thrives on the unleashed, on the sensation of something going viral or becoming ridiculously popular in a way that nobody understands.

It’s the runaway reaction, the bubble that will eventually burst, surfing from fad to fad. As a culture we live with this energy all the time. It’s the pressure we’re under that keeps getting released but is never quite relieved. Buddhism would say it’s the essence of Western consciousness — the endless pursuit of nothing that feels like something.

Tonight’s exact alignment of the Gemini Sun and the Moon conjunct Pholus opens up a pressure vent, or a line of awareness directly through the chaos. There’s a catch, though. Pholus is conjunct a slower-moving point called Ixion, who was the first murderer of Greek mythology. In trying to rape Hera, the Queen of Heaven, he inadvertently became the father of all the centaurs except for Chiron and Pholus, who are of different lineages.

Ixion, painted by Jules-Elie Delaunay (1828-1891).

Ixion represents the progenitor of the dark side of centaur consciousness, which is the dark side of human nature. Before we can reach the clear side of nature, it’s usually necessary to engage and confront the shadow side.

The Full Moon conjunct both Pholus and Ixion describes the drive toward love and light and cautions about trying to do this without first acknowledging the sources of pain that, like whatever Pholus represents, are passed down through the generations.

Tonight’s Full Moon has two other centaurs prominent in the aspect patterns. Last week I described the triple trine of Mercury to Nessus. We’re now experiencing that aspect with increasing prominence as Mercury retrogrades back toward Nessus. Here’s the operative fact: Mercury in early Cancer is aspecting the Aries Point — the juncture of individual and collective material.

The message here is that you’re not alone. Whatever you’re feeling, you can be sure that others feel it. Whatever you need to heal, others share that need with you. Whatever you want to experience, others share that craving. The idea that you are the only one is a trap; this blazing Full Moon is the time to reach out to others and come out of your isolation.

The Mercury connection is saying it’s not just OK to talk about this but also necessary to do so. I suggest you get this going while Mercury is in Cancer, and you can more easily access your feelings with words. The second exact trine — and the only one with Mercury retrograde — happens at about 1:15 am EDT Sunday. Mercury then retrogrades into Gemini at about 6:48 am EDT Tuesday.

Milky Way, our home galaxy, streaks across the summer sky. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

There’s one last centaur connection — Chiron is prominent in this chart. Though the Gemini Sun has passed its exact square to Chiron in Pisces, the aspect is still strong enough to be effective. This describes a sense of injury associated with self-expression and with our perception of men.

Chiron is conjunct a slow-mover called Borasisi. It’s interesting that both Chiron and Pholus are currently conjunct important newly discovered minor planets. The Borasisi connection is a reminder about belief. What you believe is going to be the thing that’s true for you, whether or not it’s true in fact.

Belief is profoundly influential, and it often deceives. One theme to be aware of tonight, accented by so much activity in Sagittarius, is to notice what you believe, and ask yourself whether it’s really true. Belief is not validation, but it creates a miniature reality that sure can seem real.

There is an astonishing amount of energy moving right now. The Full Moon is picking up many planets clustered in late Sagittarius that I have not mentioned here. All of this is gathered around the Galactic Core, which is pointing the way to something much larger, more interesting and more meaningful than we’ve been likely to consider on Earth. It’s just that we’re unlikely to get there without first addressing what we’ve created here. This does not mean total immersion. It means, at least, some form of acknowledgement, and a decision to choose something else.

And to my eyes, this Full Moon is shining lots of light on how we can do just that.


Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, June 12, 2014, #1002 | By Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19) — There are moments when it’s possible to open up to what feels like cosmic energy in a way that changes your life. There are things that feel like inspiration that are something else entirely. You will need to use your discernment if you notice any unusually intense flow of information, emotion or some form of light. Listen to what it’s saying and tune into where it’s coming from. That this might happen with the help of a cup of wine or such is less significant than the content of the message, such as the presence of any emotion other than love. Second thing to check is whether you can integrate what happens the next day. Do you feel inclined to put it to use when you’re in a state closer to ‘normal’ consciousness? The experience may exist in a world apart, such as a ritual, a dream, an erotic session or another state of mind. Bring it home to the big world and set it free.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — The sense of potential you may be feeling is tempered by what seem like the limits and boundaries of reality. Yet is this an internal or external block? It seems to be outside you, yet it’s worth asking whether you’re encountering an inner limit. Notice how you allocate your energy. Is there some out-of-control aspect of your life? If this is another person with whom you share an intimate bond, notice whether your energy flows around them or into them. Note what energy is returning to you. The deeper question, though, is whether and to what extent you’re able to influence your own emotions. Notice where you tend to lose your ability to keep a grip. There are some situations where you’ll want to let go of all control, though I suggest you have an idea in advance what you want those to be.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Few people on Earth don’t struggle with self-esteem. This is a complex issue, in part because so many are challenged, and we don’t have many healthy models of what it means to respect oneself. Self-esteem is conflated with narcissism; which is only true to the extent that one is attempting to compensate for the other. On the other side of that coin are people who just don’t feel adequate and there’s no way even to fake it. Know where you stand on these matters. This means knowing where you stand with yourself. This can be tricky, because there are likely to be false messages involved. If so, account for those, and think carefully about the impact they have had on how you feel about yourself. The other thing to keep in mind is that you’re not alone. Many are on this quest seeking inner clarity and acceptance. You stand among them, and they among you. Remember, selflove comes from your self.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Is it possible to keep secrets from yourself? Why would you want to? Transits to your solar chart are taking you in the opposite direction — toward a space where you can admit anything to yourself. This may be true to the point where you will begin to encounter a diversity of ideas and feelings from the alternate side of your nature, sensations and memories to which you don’t normally have access. You’ll be shown these things to acknowledge, affirm, make peace with and ultimately, to integrate consciously. That you have two distinct sides of your nature is not something you’re always in contact with, and you may not have discovered the extent to which it’s true. Having your inner aspects in contact will help you concentrate your energy, focus your intent and run at full strength. As Mercury dips into the most introspective and unusual angle of your solar chart, I think you’re about to show yourself a few things.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Some of the most interesting stuff in the world is right in plain sight. It may be peering out from the other side of the mirror or one step off of the main drag into a little alley, but it’s right there. Nearly all of it, in fact. Most people aren’t nearly as sly as they seem. Indeed, they are rather transparent, and just good at turning one aspect of their nature in the direction of most who can see them. You seem to have plunged into another dimension of your world as a spy among the familiar, who are now turning up in all kinds of interesting colors and shades. Can anyone else see this? Look around for who can. You may not want to say anything if you see the gleam in their eye. As for yourself, this would be a fine time to put out for all to see something you’ve wanted to show off for a while.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Success works in strange ways. Be open to unusual events that work to your advantage, even things others would prefer to avoid. That might include anything from your own insecurities to a flight being diverted and ending up in a city you didn’t plan to be in. You might not get along with someone and notice how that helps you out. You might meet your boss’s boss’s boss one day and discover that you hit it off. Without veering an inch toward superstition, you can consider everything you see and hear to be a potential message from the goddesses and gods, however you may think of them — preferably as your close allies and mentors. In that case you can welcome any sources of inbound information, and you can trust your perception and what you say about what you notice. The more candid you are, the more you will see who is really on your wavelength.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — The question, as always, is “how is the sex?” Yes, there’s a con game going around where you’re never supposed to admit that; not long into any conversation sex is supposed to genuflect to relationship. While we all need, want and do sail the good ship Relate, that’s often a way up the ladder and out of the water on which it floats. Among the many aspects of sex to consider is what you love that you also feel guilty about. The reason does not matter — guilt is extremely creative at coming up with rationales to justify its own existence. If there’s such a thing as the ego, this is it. It may be the power aspect of a relationship that turns you on. It may be the age factor and it may be that you seek from another person what you really want to give yourself, and you’re letting that be OK for now. Now, as for my original question…

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You have a perfect view of who someone is. If you pay attention you notice that this seems like peering into a mirror. The unusual thing is how different from how you feel the image in this mirror looks. You may be feeling old and looking at young, knowing it’s yourself. You may be feeling inflexible and looking at the very picture of relaxation. You may be feeling unworthy and know that you’re being embraced by love. You don’t have to trust this image or accept it as real, though it would be useful if you asked yourself, “what if what I’m seeing is real?” Just consider the potential and notice your response. One thing I would point out is that you may be harboring some fantasies of purity. Those could take a diversity of forms, including ideas of celibacy, virginity, relationship orthodoxy, or wanting to work out your issues with your parents before you get close to anyone. Go where it’s hot.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Tonight’s Full Moon in your birth sign is an interesting specimen, and I’ve never seen anything so Sagittarian in my life. You could be inspired to go on the bender of a lifetime and throw yourself into that light-pulsing experiment where you come out the other end before you even went in. You might gallop through the forest and be standing before the ancestral cave where you can meet any relative going back countless generations. You may get called in one direction, keep going and find out that you’ve taken yourself to a place you only vaguely suspected existed. As I said, the ultimate Sagittarian moment. Give yourself some space and time to do something with it. You need more freedom and you need it soon — and as long as you’re paying attention you’ll be able to go wherever you want and land yourself safely on solid ground.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Don’t worry if you feel like you’re going to explode. You probably won’t, though I suggest you find a way to let off some psychic pressure. Anything from art to orgasm to loud music will do, though definitely vent energy in the direction of creativity and/or pleasure. It would be useful to do this tonight, while the Moon is at exact full phase in a mysterious little (actually, enormous) dimension of your chart called the 12th house. Yet once the Full Moon passes, Luna herself will ingress Capricorn and be there through Sunday afternoon, so you get an extended moment of embodying movement, change and cracking free of whatever may have contained you. You do have the option to hold this energy down, which would be worse than a missed opportunity. The impulse to get drunk may be rather potent — that doesn’t count as creative either. Give yourself what you actually need and want. You know what it is.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Whatever you say and do is likely to make a vivid and widespread impression on the world around you, so keep it relevant and classy. You have unusual insight into what people are going through, especially what they’re not admitting to, though remember — just because someone doesn’t admit something doesn’t mean they don’t know. We have a conditioned tendency to assume that someone does not know, that they lack intention, that they’re not really informed. This is called denying awareness. Instead of doing that, I suggest you look for evidence of awareness, both in the people you engage with or observe, and within yourself. This is a form of affirmation requiring some bravery, because denial has its motives and its uses. The more you unravel denial, the more you’ll see you don’t want it.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Take control of your definition of success. Yes, control in any form is challenging, and it may be an illusion. Yet a clear definition of something would be one of the easier things to get some clarity on, as long as you remember that it’s an evolving work. The way this looks in the charts, you’re less likely to be trying to work something out conceptually and more likely to be describing something that you already understand, or that you can finally see clearly. The description matters because this is a fleeting moment. Granted, this subject feels palpable now, perhaps even vividly obvious. You have a rare perspective on the power of your reputation, which must at this point be able to pick up some of the labor that has always been left to you. Yet this particular point of view is in rapid motion, so I suggest you collect what you know in some form that you can access tomorrow, or in a year.

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