Moonshine Horoscopes — Scorpio Full Moon Edition

Aries (March 20-April 19) — You have recently been questioning many previously held beliefs about who you are and what you want. At times, this may have felt chaotic, like you did not have a clear vision of “you.” This week’s powerful Scorpio Full Moon will help you move through a sort of doorway, into a space with greater clarity regarding the internal changes you’ve been working through. An idea or answer you’ve been looking for will become apparent — it’s been visible for a while, and a slight shift in perspective will help you orient on it. Think of it as one of those magic-eye puzzles. Initially when you look at the picture it’s a jumbled mix of colors and dots; shift your vision slightly and suddenly a face or image pops out in 3D. Like this puzzle, the Full Moon is bringing you an opening to shift slightly, and what seemed like chaos will now form into a cohesive aspect of yourself. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — A perceived difficulty with a close partner has more to do with material you are working through than an actual problem with the relationship. Relationships are often mirrors that provide us the perspective to look back on ourselves. You are entering a fertile moment that will let you form a deeper connection with yourself and a partner. This current partnership is providing you with a reflection of your own desires and whether you are meeting those needs. I’m not talking about wanting to eat chocolate every day or change the color of your drapes, rather those core needs and desires that support the very essence of who you are. As you work through this material I suggest being careful of projections onto partners; instead, involve the person in an open dialogue about what you are working through. Holding space open for yourself to heal and another person to walk this journey with you will help strengthen your relationship. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — With so many powerful planets lately moving through the area of your chart that covers community and your network, at times it may have felt more like you were moving through rites of passage than building a community. Those in your network challenged you in new ways; particularly your method of selecting who’s included in this community. As you continue to reshape your network, apply extra time and energy to communicate what you need to express. At the moment, you are particularly adept at communicating your thoughts and feelings — balancing an approach that applies the appropriate amount of self-confidence along with plenty of empathy. Take the time to have any important conversations, initiating rather than sitting back and waiting for changes to occur on their own. As you take ownership over the process of building your community and network, it will become clear how much support you have. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Over the Scorpio Full Moon, an idea you’ve had for a while is ripe to be shared with the larger world. You’ve sat with this idea internally for some time, crafting and reworking it. Trust that you have the resources at your disposal and the traction to move your idea from your internal space into the physical world. In essence, it’s about trusting your own creative process to be your best resource. Creating something involves a willingness to try new things and the discipline to continually devote the right amount of time and energy to completing the project. Experimentation is part of the process. So is understanding the details of the environment in which you’re working. As you share the final product with a larger audience, notice the sensations you experience. Deep satisfaction is a clue that what you are doing is in line with your soul. You can also think of this as doing work that is meaningful to you. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — An opportunity is arising for you to make what may feel like a bold career move. You may feel pulled in two directions — between taking that step or staying with what is tried and true. What may feel like two competing ways of approaching a situation is actually part of the same system. Bold and daring projects or decisions need to have a strong, grounded platform to be based on. You can think of this as hedging your bets when you take a risk by doing your homework, working through many possible outcomes, and having contingency plans. I suggest using feelings of caution not as an excuse not to take the leap, but rather as a form of traction to help you prepare and plan. Having a full understanding of the situation and resources at your disposal will help maintain flexibility to move with the quickly changing career situation. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Lately, an agreement you’ve been negotiating may have felt particularly chaotic or confusing. Communication that normally would be clear seemed to go awry. You have many tools in the form of language to clear up the arrangement. This will call for a mix of precision in what you say, at the same time allowing for misunderstanding as others try to get clear. Clarify the grey areas in your own thinking, and know what you’re saying and feeling as you guide others. Working from a clear place will help others do the same. Don’t skip steps or leave out what you know is vital information — that could lead to further miscommunication and confusing agreements. Proceed in small, concrete steps, rather than trying to rush communication to resolve the chaos. This approach will help you make significant progress in straightening out misperceptions. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Over the Scorpio Full Moon, emotions may be increasingly intense and strong. Like a glacial river running deep under the ice, when the ice melts all that water is brought to the surface or exposed. This powerful Full Moon is moving you through a warming period, melting the metaphorical ice to expose more of your emotional body. I suggest not getting distracted by thoughts that you’re becoming too emotional or too sensitive; instead dive into your new internal depths. On offer is a chance to explore a part of your emotional body that you have not previously had access to. Feel your way through the territory, perceiving with all of your senses. As you get to know these emotional layers I suggest considering the role they play in your emotional-resources tool belt. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — As a high-energy Full Moon takes place in your Moon sign, the astrology is highlighting your relationships and how you approach them. For you, relationships strike an emotionally satisfying note when there is a strong element of stability and emotional support. This may at times feel like you are trying to control the dynamic, when in reality you’re looking for a steady platform to support your deepest, most vulnerable self. Over the Full Moon, a close partner is holding space for you to continue building greater intimacy through honest conversation. Resist the urge to control any aspect of your relationship or the discussion. Give yourself and your partner the grace to explore and grow through these conversations. Ultimately, what is available is the greater support you seek — trust that a partner will meet that need. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Over the Scorpio Full Moon, you may experience the sensation of being pulled between having to invest time and energy into either your emotional health or your physical health. In fact the opposite is true: when you invest in one aspect of your health, the other benefits as well. You are in the process of gaining a new understanding of how to be the custodian of your inner world and your physical body. Maintaining balance between inward sustenance and outward flow, you will have plenty for yourself and plenty to give. Tend and manage your process of tapping these resources. This stewardship will be important as the intensity and speed with which life moves and changes continues to increase exponentially. Stewardship of your emotional and physical bodies is an active, conscious process — you can also think of it as a method of loving yourself. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — At the moment, you are being invited to take an emotional risk on a community or group you are a part of. You are used to being your own emotional support network, yet this has only gotten you so far in meeting your needs. Having people around you who can hold space and nurture your emotional needs is also important for you. You have more support in your network than you may think. An opportunity is forming for you to be emotionally vulnerable with those around you, though it may feel more bold and daring. Taking this kind of leap doesn’t actually involve much of a jump; rather hold space for others to meet your genuine self. This requires both openness and honesty. Think of this as asking for the support you need and providing those around you the opportunity to show up and give that. In the process, you will notice how deep the roots of your network go in supporting who you are. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — As you move through this week’s Scorpio Full Moon, you are working through a point of tension as though you are being pulled between following what fulfills you on an emotional level and working out the detailed steps of how you get from point A to point B. One question you’re encountering is what information was kept from you, or that you did not see, that caused an exaggerated sense of inner complexity or confusion. Going beyond this means getting out of your head and seeing the world around you, or the larger pattern of your life as you actually live it. Allow your experiences to reveal your motivations and point to how you got them. You’ll make many discoveries as you learn to do this. I’m talking about a conscious investigation or exploration. This process will help you discern what you were taught versus what you learned on your own. In turn, you will notice what you’ve outgrown and what is outdated. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — You’re working through what may initially appear as a point of tension between an old and new viewpoint. I suggest thinking of this less as something wrong, and more as an opportunity or opening to cover a lot of ground in reworking a particular belief. Our beliefs can have a lot of power to shape how we experience existence. Imagine the viewpoint you hold as the filter and the lens is the experience of being you. Imagine that the experience of being you is a lens on a camera, and the viewpoint you hold is a filter on that lens. Just like changing filters on a camera lens to get a different color or effect, when you slip on the filter of your viewpoint, how you see through that lens changes. A situation at the moment is giving you a push to re-examine the filters you use. Despite what at times may feel like set patterns, the filter you use is one you can shape, mold, create and choose. — by Genevieve Hathaway

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