Moonshine Horoscopes — Sagittarius New Moon Edition

Sagittarius New Moon Moonshine Horoscopes | By Genevieve Hathaway

Aries (March 20-April 19) — Currently, you are working with an idea of spirituality that may feel vastly different from those around you. For you, your body is a kind of temple — something you worship through caring for it and tending to its needs, honoring what it can do for you. Think of this as connecting with the larger universe through your body’s physical experience. You have been building this idea for a while through the holistic approach you’ve gradually been figuring out is real and necessary. However, you must apply this as more than a concept, a wish or even ‘good intentions’. To get anywhere, you need to be specific about what you are doing and you need to take focused and sustained action. This part of your life is not about taking care of others. It’s about your own integrity and well-being. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Over next week’s Sagittarius New Moon on Dec. 2, a power struggle that you have been working through for some time is coming back up for re-assessment. As you hold your truth and your personal boundaries regarding what you can give, you are in control of your own personal power rather than trying to take it back from someone else. Accessing your ability to see where your power ends and the other person’s power begins will help you navigate the fine line of the current power dynamic. Continue to stand in your power and hold space for others to do the same. Show what you can offer and what you need and be open to others doing the same. As you and a partner show these wants, needs and boundaries, you will be able to have an honest dialogue to find solutions and compromises that meet both parties’ core needs. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — The current astrology is drawing attention to your need for people who know how to have fun and have a good sense of humor. You naturally gravitate toward friendly, outgoing people who know who they are as independent individuals. Over the next few days, information will be coming out regarding a few new relationships. I suggest taking the longer view that the relationships that fit you best will stick around and those that don’t will move aside to make room for others. Rather than making someone fit what you need, observe who they are through their actions and words and then compare that to your needs in relationships. Ultimately, you are looking for relationships based on individuality, rather than any kind of arrangement. You may not find a lot of people who can grow with you, but you will find enough. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — During the Sagittarius New Moon, how you structure your time will be shifting and evolving. I suggest you consider time as one of your most important resources. Set some time aside over the next few days to evaluate your daily, weekly and monthly routines. Where are you truly spending your time and is it energizing you or draining you? I suggest stepping outside of the standard routine structure that most people live by. Instead, look at when you are at your best and when your body, mind and emotional space are in need of rest and retreat. As you examine these patterns, also note how they coincide with the cycles of the Moon. Your body’s natural rhythms are a powerful tool in planning when to apply yourself to work and when to take creative rest. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You are currently working with a lot of passion and creative fire for your vision. Like underbrush catching fire through a forest, your passion is jumping from person to person at lightning-quick speed. Trust that you have the support of those around you — the passion you are spreading is building a network of people to rely on as you take action. You’ve been considering taking a risk in a project for some time. At the moment, a door is opening for you to apply your inspiration and creative ideas to making this bold move. In addition to your own personal creative vision and solutions, also tap the personal resources of those who support your endeavor. You have enough resources at your disposal for you to successfully navigate any risky moves and advance your project. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — At the moment, you are working through the sensation that you are expanding more into your own life. This can come with the feeling that certain situations are trying to contain you — like you are squished into a little box and there isn’t enough room for all of you inside. What you are making contact with is your own inner desire to live your life based on your authentic wants and needs. I don’t mean a carefree life or disregarding the needs of those around you, rather the freedom that comes with showing up as you. As you show more and more of your genuine self, take the time to have conversations with your closest partners about what is most important to you and how they can support you in new ways. Trust that the support you need will be offered. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — I propose an idea — your thoughts are a powerful tool for influencing how you experience your life. What you think and the words you use in your mental dialogue directly translate to how you feel about yourself and the experiences you have. Right now you may be going through an internal push to feel better, emotionally and physically, on a daily basis. This can come with the sensation of a strong drive to resolve how you feel. I suggest starting with your mental patterns — notice when you have a negative thought, and then observe your emotional and physical response. Honoring the power of your thoughts and words is part of the process of taking ownership over your health. As you watch your inner dialogue more consciously, you will be able to build intentional patterns that support feeling good on all fronts. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You value people who show up as themselves — fears, emotional baggage, sexual quirks and all. Over the next few days, I suggest asking yourself if you’re valuing those aspects of you. At the moment, a wound regarding part of yourself that you’ve buried or denied may be coming to the surface for healing. Feel through any pain, fear, shame or discomfort as it pushes its way up through your emotional space. As you peel back the layers you will learn much about where the wound came from. Ultimately, you don’t need to do anything but accept that it happened and that part of your genuine individuality was denied. Then own that part of yourself. What you are integrating are the parts of yourself you buried to make it through your childhood. As an adult you are strong enough to be who you are — every part of who you are. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — The New Moon in your Moon sign on Dec. 2 is bringing you a burst of extra energy, like your inner battery has been plugged into a massive generator, giving you a seemingly endless, high-powered energy source to draw on. You may feel as though you are pulsing with inner passion, determination and drive. Use this energy over the coming weeks to start projects and make considerable headway with them before Venus and then Mars both station retrograde in the months ahead. As you sort out which projects to apply this extra energy to, consider those that align with your deepest desires and your highest calling. You are in a position to accomplish quite a bit right now — maintain your focus and intention on your highest priorities. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Next week’s Sagittarius New Moon on Dec. 2 is taking you on a journey into your subconscious. Think of it as a journey into self — who you are a few layers below the surface. This may come with the sensation that your personal, internal realm is requiring more and more of your attention. I suggest setting aside some time over the next few days to reflect on what you are learning about who you are at your core. As you have this conversation with yourself, look for feelings of fear, anxiety, doubt or shame — all signs that you are running up against emotional blocks from when you were young. Remember, you can only be you. By pushing through these inner walls you are making contact with what it feels like to be enough, and to accept all parts of yourself. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Over the next few weeks, your network is expanding to include individuals who resonate with what you feel is your life purpose. I suggest spending extra time at social events meeting people. As you talk with others, I propose you do most of the listening; hold space for the other person to share themselves on a deeper level than usual. This means asking personal questions about who they are and what they most desire from their life. While listening and collecting information, notice when an internal surge of energy indicates something about them that resonates deeply within you. Collect these people and incorporate them into your life. You are building a network that will support you — even when you make what may seem like risky or radical decisions. — by Genevieve Hathaway

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — You’ve been giving a lot of yourself lately to a few aspects of your career, working hard to grow into the vision you hold. At times, it may have felt like the situation wasn’t progressing as fast as you would have liked. Following your highest calling may have come with the sensation of stretching further than you thought you could. But that extra stretch brought you to a new location, one that will be a jumping-off point for the next phase of your career journey. Over next week’s Sagittarius New Moon on Dec. 2, I suggest taking the actions you’ve delayed due to not feeling ready. The hard work you’ve done and commitment you’ve maintained to your vision has prepared you to take these next few steps. Trust that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve your goals. — by Genevieve Hathaway

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