Moonshine Horoscopes — Leo New Moon Edition

Leo New Moon Moonshine Horoscopes | By Genevieve Hathaway

Aries (March 20-April 19) — This week’s Leo New Moon is bringing a burst of creative energy to a project you’ve been working on for a while. This may come with the feeling of finding a self-renewing energy source for your ideas and the drive to put those ideas to work. I suggest carving out time in your schedule over the next few weeks to apply these new ideas to the fertile opening that is available. Space is being held open for you to implement your innovate plans. As you unpack each idea note its different components — like old skeleton keys, each idea has its own specific signature that indicates where in your project it belongs. Follow your intuition on where to apply that idea; you are working with all the information you need. Use these new ideas to their full potential to advance your project. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — At the moment, information is becoming available about a theme that you have revisited a number of times throughout your life — the ways in which women in positions of power have influenced your ability to feel emotionally secure. And, more importantly, how you have grown beyond engaging in these dynamics. You can think of this moment as metaphorically putting a new coat of paint on the closet that you swept out. You’re revisiting the space in a fresh, new way and re-inventing how you use it. As you rework and re-examine this theme in your life, I suggest starting with your mother’s relationship with her mother and then work forward from there to your relationship to your mother and other close women in your life. You are healing patterns that go back generations in your family. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — You are able to communicate your feelings with a strong sense of clarity. You know what you want and how to articulate that need to close partners. Words at the moment are a powerful tool for you, making a large impact on those around you. I suggest taking the approach of speaking softly and honoring the weight your words carry. Where you are usually quite verbose, I propose for the next week applying the idea that less is more. Trust that you can convey everything you need to in fewer words, and that close partners will fully understand your message. Ultimately, you are creating a space where both you and close partners feel safe to freely express yourselves, leading to a greater sense of intimacy and authentic connection. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — You are working now with a new feeling of claiming your space in your life. The energy may feel almost titanic as it releases, like two massive gods are fighting and could easily fracture the seeming delicate balance you are working with at the moment. Your internal sense of self is expanding, pushing out to take up more space in your external world. This can come with the feeling like there is in fact space for you in the world — and plenty of it. Instead of a slow process of discovery, there will be the sensation of sudden arrival, like you snap around a tight corner very quickly and figure out how much room you have to share who you are. What you are making contact with is your potential to claim your right to exist. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — This week a powerful New Moon takes place in your Moon sign, bringing you into contact with your internal flame of creative self-expression. Think of this as that point of internal energy that you pour into the projects, situations and people who fuel your soul, the battery you plug your most passionate project into to fuel and drive their growth. When you are directly using your inner creative flame it is accompanied by a feeling that what you do is deeply meaningful to you. Take note of these feelings as they arise; that’s a clue you are doing something authentic. As you continue to explore this source of self-expression, you realize that you have your higher self on speed dial. Put another way, your intuition is so strong at the moment it may seem more a direct message than a feeling. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Your psychic realm is more tangible than it has seemed in a long time — as though it’s as concrete and solid as your experience of your physical world. The fine line between your dreams and conscious self is turning into more of a permeable membrane, blurring the edges between the two. If your dreams feel as real as when you are awake, I suggest seeing it as an opportunity to gather data. Take note of what you experience, particularly in regards to tapping into and maintaining your creative energy. A lot of energy is pushing out of your psyche, and tapping further into your creative well may at times feel almost too hot to handle. Like a blacksmith working at a forge, I suggest you grab a pair of gloves and tongs and continue working to shape and channel the energy at your disposal. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Your Moon sign likes to help maintain harmony and balance in all situations — particularly the dynamics between individuals. It may feel like you’re always the peacekeeper, trying to ensure that situations are fair for all involved. I suggest shifting your perspective slightly from one of keeper of harmony to holder of space for individuals to participate. Having the chance to participate in a meaningful way for many people is rare. From your position of balancer you have a unique opportunity to help others to be part of situations and projects in a very real and tangible way. You can shift and move structures to carve out space for them to apply their authenticity in their own time and manner.  As you do this, you will both help others find greater confidence and bring a greater sense of emotional fulfillment to your own life.  — By Genevieve Hathaway

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You are in a moment of important realization regarding the work you do.  It’s like you’ve been collecting the dots for a while and now you are able to connect them to gain insight into your highest calling. If you have any doubts regarding your ability to capitalize on the opportunity that is forming I suggest you leave them on the side of the road. Fear and lack of confidence don’t provide useful information. Instead, work the fine angles and edges of any potential problems, grinding them away through discipline, hard work and drawing on your resources. What you are connecting with is what it means to live your highest calling  — to do the work that is most meaningful for you. You can think of this as living from a soul point of view with all aspects of you fully engaged in your life. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Your attitudes and ideas around your values and how you express them is shifting and changing, particularly regarding the idea of service. How do you serve others? How do you let others serve you? I don’t mean like a servant or someone that works below you, rather a symbiotic relationship where you support each other in a mutually beneficial way. Your Moon sign needs a certain amount of freedom to be happy, but one layer deeper you also need emotional support from close partners and loved ones. As your ideas around service change and evolve through your experiences, I suggest noting where helping others and freedom overlap. Obligation is not self-renewing, yet activities that bring you authentic pleasure, even if that is helping another person, refill both your creative and energetic wells. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — During the next few weeks, the journey into yourself will take you through many layers of what our society terms “issues,” some you have healed and some you may still be working on. It’s like a door opening within your internal space, allowing you to move through the layers of material you’ve been working on to get to your core. You can think of this movement through your layers like an old-fashioned elevator — outfitted with the folding gate and an open view which allows you to view the levels as you move down. As you ride this elevator into your inner space, observe what you move through as you explore deeper into yourself. Take note of material that is yours and material that others gave you. As you pass by these layers, notice how far you have come in your journey of healing and growth. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Dynamics in your relationships, especially those involving women, may seem particularly complicated at the moment. As the energy increases over the New Moon, I suggest taking time to pause and apply some distance to the situation, giving yourself the time and space to make sure you are working with all the information. The energy building in the relationship area of your chart is creating a vortex or opening, like you get to briefly step into a pocket of another universe to explore your options before stepping back into your relationships. I suggest you view this as a chance to do some additional learning about what you and your close partners want through experimenting with different modes of relating and relationship structures. This will help you have honest and grounded conversations, creating deeper and stronger relationships. — By Genevieve Hathaway

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Your daily routines and patterns may feel too narrow or constricting to contain all the directions you wish to move. This can come with the feeling of being stretched too thin. I suggest taking time to prioritize what must be done versus what you don’t need to do. As you examine each task or project, check in to see if it is advancing your goals. Shift your perspective slightly to see where you are at the moment and consciously structure each day so that you are maximizing the time and energy you spend on your goals. From this place you’ll notice two things — that you do have enough emotional stretch to accomplish your most important tasks and goals and that with a little bit of extra structure added to your day you’ll have plenty of time to accomplish all that is on your plate. — By Genevieve Hathaway

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