Monday, Feb. 10 — The Day of Acclaim

If Your Birthday is Monday, Feb. 10
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Pay attention to how you register and express power dynamics in your relationships this year. Your birthday chart describes the potential for deeper, more intense emotional experience and awareness than usual. Activity in the subtler levels of your psyche has much to teach you now. A spiritual component weaves in here. Examine your beliefs about equality, and how needs are met in the sphere of partnerships. Doing so can open doors to a realm of higher truth and meaning, greater than you might imagine. Key word: explore.
— by Victoria Emory

Written in the Planets for Monday, Feb. 10

You can take a breath; the high-tension Full Moon has passed. Those who find it difficult to sleep during this lunar phase may be able to get a little more rest. If the weekend came with any extra tension in relationships, you can step back and let that dissipate naturally.

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If you’ve been spending a lot of time with friends in social situations, now would be a good time to go solo for a while.

Today is the exact alignment of Venus and Chiron in Aries. This is a wakeup call. You may be more aware than usual of the connection between what happens in your intimate relationships, and your family background.

As we’ve been describing the past few days (see Sunday reading), Venus conjunct Chiron is about discovering who you are. It’s not about proclaiming anything, but rather feeling yourself from the inside out, and coming to terms with both your desires and your emotional pain, particularly as relates to sexuality. Be aware this may disguise itself many different ways. Look beneath the surface and figure out what you’re really feeling.
— by Eric Francis Coppolino

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Almanac: The Moon is in Virgo. It enters Libra on Tuesday, Feb. 11, at 6:37 pm EST.

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