Your Future, Your Life for Cancer by Eric Francis

Dear Friend and Client:

I am happy to offer you Your Future, Your Life, your midyear astrology reading from Planet Waves. These are posted as private videos on YouTube. The top video is for your sign. The second video is a general introduction.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

A third video includes my afterthoughts.

Below the videos is your solar chart used for this project. Think of the solar chart as the one that pertains to your sign, which then influences you personally.

If you have access, I strongly suggest you watch the video for your rising sign. If you do not know what sign that is, please write to us at and provide your birth date, time and place and we can look it up — or you can do so without human intervention using the free Astrodienst service at

For those interested, I offer a low-cost reading called Chart Keys that looks at your personal natal chart. Less than  half the cost of an in-person reading, though it can take a couple of months to deliver. It is worth the wait!

And for immediate fun, please try my class The Philosophy of Astrology. It is self-paced learning and opens up many cryptic concepts in astrology in a way that is great fun.

Thank you for your business and your trust.

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Chart for Your Future, Your Life for Cancer.

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  1. Fascinating! Wonderful! Gosh – really interesting your final words about great grandparents and alcohol. Looking great, dear Eric! Lovely to see you on video again… am too exhausted to write any more than a stream of consciousness – but, once again, so helpful what you say about career, etc. Something is definitely moving with me – but have no idea how it will actually take shape in the world – but you do say it’s happening later on, around 2025. Thank you dear Eric, so much! Now for the afterthought video – love ya xxxxx

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