Meet Subscriber Number One!

Meet Subscriber Number One!

Kathy, from Venice, CA. She is officially Subscriber Number One, the first person to ever subscribe to our weekly horoscope news service! Here she is, with her beautiful family. Today, she writes: “You know, the reason I signed up as a subscriber is that I believe in the idea that if you find what you love to do and you do what you want the money will follow. So I subscribed, not just because I enjoy your particular horoscopes, but that I want to be part of that being real in the world. I also have gotten a kick out of the fact that you started in environmental reporting which was an interest I had once had. Anyway — all is well here in Venice California. Another beautiful day ahead! — Kathy

What They Wrote

I have been wanting to write to you for a while to tell you how much I enjoy the planet waves newsletter. Eric is very gifted with a rare combination of unbelievable intuition, amazing process, cool astrological abilities AND he is a really good writer. In a world of hocus pocus and smoke and mirrors I am very grateful to have such guidance. Thank you for walking the walk and being an extraordinary company that under promises and over delivers and loves and cares. It feels great to be your customer. I hope you get my positive energy every time I read your newsletters because I always remember to send it every time!

–Jac in Bali

I just happily renewed my subscription and upped it to a full year. I can’t off the top of my head think of any suggestions for improvement – you guys simply throw a wonderful party!

That said, I do like the recent changes to the website organization. I also like the pitches, in print and from Eric’s mouth, to hopefully remind and persuade folks to subscribe. Ya’ll have an important product that goes beyond astrology. It’s worth it to remind people what a deal everything really is. Really. I could spend $88 on one Stones (or some such) ticket. Or one visit to the doctor with a blood test. With you I get an entire year of soul guidance including: education on planetary movements and their meaning and influence, discussion of current events, art, music, literature, relationship wisdom (both sexual and platonic)….

–Amy in New Mexico

PW is an enriching presence in my life and although I will likely never meet any of you, I would like to heartily express my great appreciation of the benefit that I receive from Eric’s work and the PW team’s collective passionate existence in the world.

— Wendy in the UK

Just a note of affirmation on today’s subscriber article.

” would be amazed who is still dealing with the same things that stripped them of their confidence, or is still trying to please their parents, well into their 50s and 60s.”

I will be turning 63 this year. Last month I had the opportunity to turn some inner questioning around to finally resolve and release issues with my Mother (now 90). We are both water signs, she, a Cancer w/Pisces moon, and little old me, Sun/Moon in Scorpio. Seems we have both been in leaky boats for waaaay too long! The resolve did not come with relief or guilt, just a quiet breath that has made room for living a little larger.

Living a little larger is what you so generously allow us to contemplate and act on and I thank you from the heart.

–Donna in Canada

After today’s second installment as a new subscriber I just have to say that this is not really what I expected, but I now really understand what some of the reviews meant and I don’t how I lived without you all these years. Thanks!

–Robin in Pennsylvania

Greetings, Eric!

I’m so glad you mentioned that you are in Baltimore, since I’m also attending the conference and will try to find you and say, “HELLO” and “THANK YOU!” I’ve been one of your subscribers for a couple years now and have enjoyed your prolific and insightful writing.

I’m not sure I understand EVERYTHING that’s being said at the astrology talks, since I’m just a novice, but I’m scribbling as many notes as I can — and thoroughly enjoying the sessions, the hotel, and the attendees.


I arrived at Planet Waves in search of more to read from the author of this insightful and touching article named “How to Be Your Own Lover”…

Eric, your words resonated so deeply in me that I spent every free moment reading more of what you had to say about sex.

But then, reading the Parallel Worlds 2006 for Sagittarius, I was hooked on the entire thing!

Then I subscribed the Planet Waves weekly magazine. I couldn’t wait to receive more of these warm and reassuring words.

This was also my very modest way to say thank you, for Planet Waves (the free site) being all it is. So,thank you again!

Just wanted to tell you, that your efforts for warm and honest writing have reached my heart and your words are light in my path. Last but not least, I see my precious little boys benefiting so much from all this that I had to let you know how much you are impacting our lives.

Many many Thanks and greetings to all of you, Planet Wavers – staff and contributors! Please keep making the world a kinder place,

with love,


Hi Eric! Thank you for your work. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out the application, but as others have said, you are spot-on when I finally do. Mazeltov! (I’m not Jewish – I have no idea where that came from…:-)

–Janine Bowen

A friend in LA gave me your site address, and i have checked out the moves every few months on my horoscope, as I have strong astrological and spiritual beliefs. this Knowledge is fundamental, and guides me well in my altruistic pursuits.


OMG!! Imagine my surprise to see Brit-ney on PW homepage. I will not rant but I will say that in a way, I am really glad. For a log time, I’ve said for a LONG time that the girl needs a hug. If she’s getting one from here, she is blessed. I’m just listening to Bono now. The sychronicity is amazing. Keep doing good work. I love you.


Dear eric & team; another beautiful starry night in the hills of melbourne. After having had time away for the previous month i am re-newed with awe at the generosity of spirit abounding in the planet wave community. if the future is already here; so the words you heavenspeak for the week ahead 2/3/07 really seem to hit home on an emotional level. I don’t think I have ever felt such a sense of HOME & belonging as when I came to everything that is known & accepted here tonight. god bless those thst help themselves. carlos santana/shaman is doing it for me this evening, on the birthday wish list for myself is aerial.

Blessings to the team.

— Sara

Hi Chelsea,

First, you and everyone associated with Planet Waves are supercalifragilisticexpialidocous! The site is like a gorgeous palace. Each room you enter contains wonderful treasures that you never, ever expected. I can not express adequately how immensely our lives are enriched by each of you.

–MaryJane (MJ)

I broke my hip about the time the Spiral Door was opened, and only briefly read through it. The hip broke 10 weeks after an initial hip replacement that I had in November. I sure have dealt with the shadow material this past two years, just as you suggested. I just re-read the horoscope today, and am absolutely flabbergasted by the accuracy of the Pisces writing, even down to the need to correct a character flaw, which was glaringly brought to my attention through the broken hip on a Mars Capricorn conjunct my Chiron day! In reality, the truth was on the table in 2005 – but I was unprepared to make the needed moves at that time.

The most important people in my life are Aries, Sagitarrius and Leo – and they are the people who will help me carry out my passions for safe food and a natural environment for the rest of my life, just as you wrote, through the 2nd 6th and 10th houses. We just took a giant leap forward, so maybe the shadow periods are necessary for our personal evolution.

I don’t know how you know these things or how you write a general horoscope that fits so many people, but my hat is off to you!


I enjoyed today’s article of pw being ad free.

Kindly allow me to take your writing a step further. Because this community is ad free, it allows each of us just to be.

To be who we truly are. Thanks for all.

–bob w

The outstanding difference between Eric and even the best of others in the field is the fact that at all points personal responsibility is never undermined. Eric’s work is always spirituality – never religion. This is why the work is consistently therapeutic. Yet, in common with the best examples from many established traditions, Eric’s work offers the gifts of ‘the seer’. The best of therapeutic paradigms, finds this kind of assistance just outside its reach. People require this in some measure. And we sense a little more transcendence once Eric helps us access it. Which is just a fancy way of saying uncanny and timely accuracy that doesn’t do all the work for me/us! Bravo Mr Francis, keep up the good work. And to readers I say, carry this work with you and as it shapes you, seek to manifest this process toward all others. Let’s see where we go with our newfound resources. Thanks also to all the rest of the team 🙂

–Alex Brocklehurst

Hello Eric,

Thank you for all your insight and wisdom. I also attended SUNY New Paltz in the late 90’s. I have been reading your coulmn in ‘The Chronogram’ since attending New Paltz, mostly for you wisdom. I used to have my transits done by a wonderful woman in the area, but now that I have relocated I was hoping you give that service as well. It would be a pleasure to work and learn from you.

Thanks for everything,


Dear Eric:

I have enjoyed your site for many many reasons – from keeping me informed – to seeing where I stand in the nature of things. I wanted to let you know that I am in the process of reading “Cosmos and Psyche” and thought you should know that  it is about time we change the way we viewed the world in relation to ourselves. I have a Ph.D. in one of the sciences and have always felt that social science lacked something in the way it related and responded to the world as it attempted to explain it. Mr. Tarnas has given us a new way to see the world by merging the individual and the universe, an interconnectedness between us. A cosmos as a living, interactive body.

I have to thank you for alerting us to his discourse and how it relates to astrology as a unique method for understanding ourselves and our lives. As usual you are always on top of what is happening in the world, internal and external of us in the process of living our lives.

Thank you. Keep up the good work. I always start the day with you.


Dear Eric,

Happy New Year to you and yours.

You will never know how much my life has improved since learning of PlanetWaves.

So many false beliefs and opinions have been laid to rest.

Healthy, hopeful, and happy attitudes took their place.

So, in about 9 months time, what 30 plus years of various types of therapies, at various times, couldn’t resolve, got solved. Wow! Thanks to you and your crew.

PlanetWaves=Growth and Change.

Be Well,
— Bob

Hi, Eric: I have really enjoyed the mountains of info that you share. Thank you. It is the best astrological source that I have found in all the years I have been interested in astrology (about 30 years)…

Keep up the good work

— love it. JD

Big love and respect to you for your brilliant work. The information you impart is profound and beautiful…

Peace and Blessings,


Planet Waves is a breath of newness that weaves a golden thread between the worlds of Inner and Outer. It is a necessary gift to the growing consciousness. Planet Waves is a Socio-spiritual “Motion” rather than a “new age movement.” It is a wisdom school for those who live between the Already and the Not Yet, for those who deeply feel that we are all, indeed, One and forever interconnected in spirit, matter, energy, and truth.

Planet Waves is a juncture of spiritual dialogue, political astuteness, intentionality, and creative, soul-full, expression!

I have found a wayword Home at Planet Waves, I have had my soul fed, my heart softened, my hope renewed, and my eyes opened through the power of Planet Waves. Spiritually integrated, community motivated, socially demonstrated, and cosmically oriented…Planet Waves!

–Niles U. Comer

I owe you an apology. How I couldn’t make the connection between how intelligent “most of the things” you are saying really are and this sexuality issue — I don’t know. I guess I needed to hear the radio program to realize how messed up the situation really is! In your writings, it felt to me like a “free love, overt sexuality” thing so I tuned out that part of the message.

I am of the mind that the sharing of my body is a very special thing–sex isn’t a bodily function like sneezing–but it certainly isn’t something I’m afraid of or feel the need to flaunt, twist or use to make statements.  Me and my midwestern US, corn-eating, smile-wearing and sunny-side up-bringing has its advantages.

However, I’m shocked at what is really going on. In all my years, I still see the same issue over and over. The issue is fear. It feels like these “people” are afraid of their own sexuality. They are afraid of their power.  It seems that because of their fear, they are using their power to control other people’s sexuality to make their position–their fears–seem okay (or to actually have control over
people, in general, which is the scariest prospect). TV, media, some organized religions etc. support these fears and exacerbate the problem . . . so they can have control.

See, I’m finally getting  it!  Wow, this is all too scary–but hasn’t been going on for generations in one way or another?

Where to start? For me, it is being the best person I can be — researching, learning, growing.  I can only control me.  I will do my best to set a good example for my children and the small circle of people that my life may touch.

And I will continue to support what you are doing.

Thank you for understanding. If you think the book will help, I will read it.

All the best to you,


Planet Waves gives me the kind of insight and validation that helps more than you know. Knowledge is power.
— Veronica

You guys are so great with your time and effort, what you produce is always amazing.  It opens the scope of a chart and your perception expands to envelope the entire world.  Eric you are amazing.  Love this new layout, it just flows.  God Bless you everyone for all the passion you have for what you do and in sharing it!!

I can’t tell you enough how “right on” your horoscopes are!  They’ve given me clarity and motivation. Thank you!

Gratitude in the highest for once again, allowing us to share this piece of you. bless you, always, for giving of your highest possible self. Through your writings, I rejoice, heal, and understand. BEST GIFT OF ALL!!!

It’s a pleasure to read astrology by a thinking and feeling human being instead of some software.


I receive Planet Waves from a friend and I also receive some emails from you. Sorry for the late response, soo much has happened in my life. LOL I want to finally take a moment for feedback. What would inspire me to purchase a subscription to Planet Waves is how accurate each and every article is. The comprehensive material is amazing everytime I read it!  I have to say there are times when I wished I had sat down and read the articles before starting my day… and then again it sure is fun to read after the fact and see how everything fits in. IT MAKES SENSE. I can’t afford a subscription, however I believe that Eric Francis and his affiliates DESERVE to be paid for the hard work that is put into Planet Waves and I actually feel guilt (pisces) because I don’t subscribe to this. I believe you all should be compensated.  Keep up the hard work. You all make a difference in lives with the written word of life and its connections.


Dear Eric,

Your astrological example of the Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon conjunctions visually helped me understand the vocabulary of astrology that I will need for my future studies. Also, as I work as an RN in an Urgent Care/Emergency Room, I was prepared for Monday being “slammed” with patients just as we usually experience on Full Moons. It helps tremendously to be mentally and physically prepared and to help other nurses with words of explanation and encouragement. Believe me, we know that Full Moons usually brings out the masses and strange behavior in people!

It is frightening to observe that so many of our youth and young adults are techno-droid zombies, mass accumulators who don’t give much thought to the real important issues of life. This hits home on a personal level.

Planet Waves is a sort of sanctuary from this mundane world of bells, whistles and falsehoods. Even with your cutting back on your daily blogging, it is still filled with rich and mind expanding articles, commentaries and beautiful photography, and very accurate astrology. You and your staff are staying “fresh and creative” with your changes and expansion, thank you.

Most importantly for me, learning about Chiron and ( being Sagg/Cap/Virgo ) “coming out of victim mode and slowly aspiring to be the guardian of our destiny” makes me comfortable and confident in my decisions and changes that are upcoming.


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I’d like to thank and congratulate Mr. Francis & Company for being courageous enough to take the initiative to bring forth the birth of the Astrology Secrets Revealed forum. I first encountered Eric’s writings about 2.5 years ago on and right from the start I knew this guy had something special. After having gotten a glimpse of the talent being displayed by Mr. Francis’s compatriots, there is no doubt in my mind that this forum has and will continue to do alot of good for alot of people. Kudos all around.


Dear Eric,

Thank you very much for being you — an authentic person and voice in the great cyber wilderness.

I’m 50 — grew up listening to “Satisfaction” on the local ice-cream parlour jukebox and hearing “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah…” on transistor radios blaring from almost every veranda in the small neighbourhood in my small Canadian hometown.

I grew up believing in “The Revolution” — grew my hair, wore bell bottoms and eschewed all material possessions and education — but somehow or other, all my countercultural heroes became multi-millionaires and I’m still poor. I often wonder, at the age of 50, what happened! Well, you and your sincere efforts at Planet Waves are keeping the dream alive and I thank you most sincerely for that. You’ve captured the essence and you’re keeping the spirit glowing with your compassion towards the little guy out here, eking along a meagre existence, yet hoping for the fulfillment of that long ago promise that we held so dearly in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Please keep up the great work, and don’t let “The man” bring you down. Someday the ideals of that magical loving period will take root again and blossom beautifully, with thanks to brilliant souls like you.

Peace and love, always.
Your brother,

— Perry

I have been trying to simplify my life and to cut down on the endless information which comes my way these days! It seems to me that we can read endless books and sift through magazines, emails, etc. but they are a waste of time unless we can adhere to some of the information we relate to. So I thought for about 10 seconds about giving Planet Waves a miss and not renewing, and realised I couldn’t do it! Please tell Eric and all concerned what a wonderful service it is to us all that you send out around the world. He has generosity of heart, warmth and great wisdom, attributes which are all but missing in most politicians and world leaders, anywhere you care to look. To put it simply, I believe that those of us who can read his words, are blessed.

— Kali

Hi Eric,

I’ve been feeling increasingly compelled to write you. I’ve subscribed to Planet Waves since last December or so, and during that time the impetus I’ve received from you and your writing has been significantly transformative.

— Donna

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I am EMPLOYED as of October and SOO HAPPY. I want to thank you all. I actually followed what Eric said in last few months for Cancerians and got a better salary as a result – you guys get a cut! hugs,

— Diane

Eric, keep up the wonderful job you and your staff are doing. It has reached the point, especially these past few days where it is unbearable to listen to mainstream media for any length of time, columns such as yours are almost our lifeline.

— Lynelle

Dear Eric, having read your 7/25 forecast I don’t feel so alone anymore. Your description of how one thinks about being the example of what not to do hit me hard and I thank you for it. This self defeating ideology has dominated my thinking far to long. As a fish I see all of this as the true emergance into the Aquarian age. Shedding our cloaks of insecurity is the future we are heading towards.


Dear Eric,

It’s about time that I give you some feedback on your excellent work. I’ve been reading your articles, horoscopes and updates for a while now; I’ve listened to your audios and I’m enjoying the pictures on your web page. You really do have some of the most outstanding characteristics a human being can develop – I admire your humanitarianism (a rare trait in our times), your journalistic and investigative skills in addition to the fluency of your writing-style. Please keep up the great work. Who would do it anyway? This world needs people, who raise awareness and are willing to take the risk of this challenging endeavour. Oh, I know how frustrating it can be at times, how lonely or even ‘weird’ it feels at times – but let me assure you that your energy has never been wasted. There is no nobler aim in life than the attempt to change the world for the better of it, because “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edward Burke. I concluded my latest New Moon report with these words.

— A friend

Eric, you are an extremely prolific writer! Please know that some of us are just astounded by the amount of publications you author. More importantly, it’s very clear that when you sit down to write a horoscope, you take a lot of time to synthesize what you see on the charts. You don’t just write “Venus is about to trine Jupiter. Go buy a lottery ticket.” Instead, I get the feeling that you’re trying to describe a vision that you see in those astrological alignments (very Piscean, I might add!). My impression is that this takes time….incredible talent…and terrific writing skills.

Astrology and writing are intuitive processes and should not be forced into schedules. The amount paid is very small compared to the amount we get in return.

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I have been nothing but pleased with my subscription. Well, I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the amount of “bonus” material I receive. You rock, trust your flow, and as always, thank you,

— Helen

Just wanted to say that I believe I get a huge amount of education and entertainment for my dollar.

Let me start by saying I enjoy your writings immensely, and it is worth every penny of my subscription…I have many times been amazed with your accuracy (its as if your reading my thoughts and answering my concerns).. and that I am willing to wait for…Last winter I was in a financial strain and you guys granted me le-way so I would not miss a thing and I am grateful…I look forward to future forecasts.

I just wanted to let you know, that I appreciate your work, your thoughtful convictions, and your style. I am grateful and priveledged to have and receive your information. I sometimes wonder how you are so available with so many responsibilities. I believe that we share a Pisces connection, and as such, we instinctively “get” one another’s motivations, and dedication to work.

When I first started subscribing to PlanetWaves one of the things that absolutely amazed me was that you sent me a short personal email when I thanked you for the comp subscription that I first used. It was touching, shocking, heartwarming receive it & that realize that you are a very real person and that you totally connect to your readers. You sent it within minutes of receiving my email. What can I say? That short connection between us was why I started putting the money aside so I could pay for my subscription in the future. peace, hugs & cheers my friend

— Terri (Canada)

We are all in crisis here, the world is in crisis and to not be able to start one’s day with your insights into the cosmic human condition is…well, like a day without sunshine. I, myself, am in complete awe of the amount and quality of your writings. I love your attitude, barbs and clarity. And, yes, I too, feel a hole in my soul on those days when you are not in my in-box but that just makes the next delivery that much sweeter. In solidarity,

Esséna Vancouver, BC

Hey, Eric. One of the best things about Planet Waves is it’s fluidness….adaptability….freshness (you can take this both ways if you want)! I wonder how many readers know that you pretty much go 7 days a week, even when you’re traveling? Thanks for all the hard work, care and love you and your rockin’ staff put into this little gem! Be well!


You provide an incredibly smart and cohesive service delivered in a way that is stimulating, entertaining and effective on many dimensions of experience. Not only are you providing these services to those of us who subscribe…you are also providing your service to untold numbers of people because you state up front that it is okay to forward your material. In my humble opinion, your astrological writings, teachings and insights are top of the shelf….absolutely top of the shelf.

Bright Blessings…..
— Mary Hjort

Dear Chelsea (& Planet Waves), I am never not amazed at the accuracy of my weekly scope. Planet Waves has grown and I LOVE IT! I was stuck here in the desert for last 2 years, but soon in a week or so I get to go back to the city. I hope to get more subscribers for all of you there. Please let everyone know specially ERIC that these weekly emails  have literally saved my life on more than one occasion. It is good to know that someone in this world Lives To Serve. I just wanted everyone that works and helps with PLANET WAVES to know they are loved an utilize at least with me all the time!!!!

Brightest Blessings,
— Teresa

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Hey, Eric

Congrats on the Eros site! I can understand the sense of milestone this must have for you…I just wanted to write and say how perfect the regular subscriber service is for me. Too busy sometimes to give the Annual subscriber page the amount of time I want to, I just LOVE the twice-weekly e-mails from PlanetWaves. They are a real treasure.

— Lorrie

Hey Eric, First kudos to your site and the masses of detail you put into it. How do you do it all? I must say you are one of the most complete horoscope sites I have ever seen. It’s almost as good as getting a personal reading.



Man! Often, your words and messages (i.e. relating to my astral aspects) absolutely haunt me, they are so penetratingly accurate, and eloquently, elegantly couched in the larger picture of “everything is, and will be, okay. It – and you – are as it is meant to be”. Your unique style of communicating wraps your readers in a warm blanket. You convey a lot of love to your readers, with the care you clearly give to constructing the messages. How do you do this as well as you do?!

Yes, I also appreciate Jonathan Cainer, who tells it like it is … no fluff, no over-used rhetoric or typical horoscope phraseology. Just the facts, ma’am. And I also really enjoy Philip Sedgwick, whose writing is “spicy” and “edgy”, really causing one to think about the meaning behind the words they read from him. The three of you are good at helping readers “interpret”, and more importantly, how to choose to act based on the information.

But you … you make all the other amateurs look like amateurs. To me, you are a tall glass of chilled iced tea on a warm summers day … consistently refreshing and delighting me with your enticing insights … time after time. So I simply wanted to thank you!

For anyone interested in their personal astrology, you should be required reading.

Your Fan,
— Anne
Scottsdale, Arizona

It would be tough to criticize because i like your writing so how about what works for me? You’re teaching in a clear way but not talking down. Anytime you quote someone then go on your own riff it makes the idea of astrology that much more accessible, applicable and believable. Your words are image driven which is the only way to be in this plane existence where videos rule. I get a sense of an evolving story. Not just Aries as beginning but within Aries itself. There is great comfort and satisfaction in a good story. — I like this and look forward to more, as usual.

— Em

Planet Waves is a luxurious necessity, of course!

Ruth, Athens, GA

Planet Waves is a breath of newness that weaves a golden thread between the worlds of Inner and Outer. It is a necessary gift to the growing consciousness. Planet Waves is a Socio-spiritual “Motion” rather than a “new age movement.” It is a wisdom school for those who live between the Already and the Not Yet, for those who deeply feel that we are all, indeed, One and forever interconnected in spirit, matter, energy, and truth. Planet Waves is a juncture of spiritual dialogue, political astuteness, intentionality, and creative, soul-full, expression! I have found a wayword Home at Planet Waves, I have had my soul fed, my heart softened, my hope renewed, and my eyes opened through the power of Planet Waves. Spiritually integrated, community motivated, socially demonstrated, and cosmically oriented…Planet Waves!

— Niles U. Comer

Just found your site, I love it! I have only recently become interested in astrology and I’m finding it incredibly interesting, your site is one of the better ones I have seen so far. I really enjoyed the articles and photography too. take care.

— Louise

My thanks to you and all the folks for everything. Great words, great people.

— Brendan, Tucson

Every week and month, we receive some excellent guidance for our hearts. Here and there, at every turn, our eyes are filled with Beauty and Art. I especially like the layout all over the pages, it looks very neat and brilliant. It’s all about aesthetic, mentally and materially, and is truly a great labour of love.

With much appreciation,
— Nocturne

Just wanted to say how pleased i am to renew my subscription. its worth every cent. Thank you to Eric and all of the team for your hard but wonderful work.

— Sheila

Dear Eric, I just had a glimpse at your annual horoscopes, Amazing. Beautifully written. You must have access to information from other sources as well.

thank you,

Planet Waves is community supported Internet. All projects on this Website are supported by your subscriptions to Planet Waves Weekly. To sign up, please click here.

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Reading Planet Waves really has helped me in many ways since I checked Eric’s website in August last year for the first time during one of my hardest time. And I do believe how excellent and certain his works are based on his beliefs, conviction, knowledge and passion. As I have checked so many things relating to horoscopes and phychic during may hard time, and I am sure Eric is something and one of only a few I can count on what they say. Thank you again for your subscriber-friendly offer and please convey my sincere appreciation for all the people who work for Planet Waves. I am so glad that I am able to continue to read PW.

Yours truly,
— Keiko

Planet Waves is a web presence developed and ever developing through the persona and journalistic skills of Eric Francis. Eric, using the field of astrology, has created an online community of artists, philosophers and lovers of life. It may look like an astrology site but it is really an experiment in global online community with heart, soul and consciousness. Eric would be the first one to tell each of us to get away from our computer and get out and fall in love with each other and our community. Be sure to consider subscribing to his work. If you are concerned about the world and about how to live meaningfully, being a part of Planetwaves can be of unique value. Enjoy a relationships with folks the world over of compassion, caring and juicy love of life.

— Nancy

Thanks for the superb Parallel Worlds work and Pluto Square article. They’re more examples of why Planet Waves is still the only site to which I have a paid subscription.

— Lisa
Boston, MA

Eric, First and foremost, I want to thank you and your talented team for the work that you do. You provide an enormous amount of comfort and support in my life. I’m grateful for your willingness to share yourself with the world… it’s a better place with you in it. Thank you Eric!

Dear Eric, Thank you and your staff for your dedicated and ever thought provoking journalism; your astounding astrology including personal insights; and for the myriad of beautiful pictures that grace your pages each day. Most importantly, thank you for helping raise my political awareness. I want to help make this world a better place and subscribing to Planet Waves points me in the right direction. It is so well worth the subscription price many times over.

— Crystal

Dear Eric, I just had a glimpse at your annual horoscopes, Amazing. Beautifully written. You must have access to information from other sources as well.

thank you,

Hey Eric — Gosh, I don’t even know where to begin in responding to the great material you’ve posted to your site lately. It was fun reading your astrological analysis of the circumstances surrounding the Cheney-Whittington incident. This story is highly amusing (except of course for its obvious consequences for a human being’s health), vaguely scary, tantalizingly mysterious and most surely apocryphal…I also enjoyed your Aquarius birthday analysis — for whatever reason, your prognostications for the various signs often resonate, even when I’m not actually the birthday girl. Your first installment on generational astrology is wonderful reading. Even with Pluto in tropical Leo, in some ways I identify more with what you write about Pluto in Virgo, perhaps because I have Virgo rising with Pluto hidden away in Leo in the 12th. What really hit home this week was your wonderful text on Nessus and Quaoar in Astrology Secrets Revealed. Wow! So much of this resonates with my own hard won and liberating realizations as a result of prolonged, determined and (if I do say so myself) brave attempts to delve into these “inherited” issues and finally get a degree of clarity on them.

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Thank you for a GREAT webpage!
Yes, I am a subscriber. I check in on a regular basis, and love your style, photos and accuracy. Your page is one of my main sources of news, of what is really going on in the world. I have learned a lot via your links, too, eg. I was blown away by the coverage on the ignored dangers of the chemical accident at the university in upstate New York. (I moved to England around that time and had no idea that even took place). You are incredibly thorough.

Dear Eric — Thank you for Parallel Worlds. Everything. All of it. Your writing is ever-relevant and amazing. The artwork is incredible. Love it! I’ve yet to visit all of it but i am doing just that. Bit by bit. thanks again for such a worthwhile and generous project. It’s a nice feeling to not mind writing a check. I have a few of those instances in my realm and planet waves is certainly one of them! Please extend my gratitude to your co-contributors.

peace, always.
— Patricia

Hi Eric, I started reading Planet Waves in the Chronogram years ago when I lived in the Hudson Valley. Now I’m transplanted to Connecticut and am a subscriber online. Thanks for all you put into your work. I love checking in to see what you have to say. On really weird days, I find that you are the first I want to check in with. You help me with that old question: “Is it me, or is the world weird today?” Thanks again for your work and the love you send out daily.

— Mary

I have been regularly visiting Planet Waves for a long time now and I can say that it has enriched my life to a great extent. I want to thank you, Chelsea and the entire team at Planet Waves for all the good energy you are spreading. I am thankful for all those lovely people who are doing the same in thier own unique way. I am doing my best to do the same in my own way!! Ah well, there I go rambling again Just felt like dropping you a line.

— Hema

Hi Eric: Just renewed my subscription to your wonderful site…best bang for MY hard earned buck!! I wanted you to know that I consider you one of the most brilliant, evocative writers of our times. You have an uncanny ability to put your “finger” exactly on what is happening in these times of ours and are blessed with the gift of putting it “out there,” exactly as it is. You guide my life each day and make me feel that I am a contributing part of society, simply because your insights are clear, concise and you are NOT afraid to speak the TRUTH!

I thank a Higher Power each day that I have come to know a little of not only you through your writings but a WHOLE lot about ME! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

— Lucy

Dear Eric,

I’ve been enjoying comp subscriptions to Planet Waves for a while now and this afternoon I am happy to say I am sending you the full price for a year’s subscription. I am so glad to be able to do this and think it is cheap at the price. Heretofore I have just not had the “extra.” Planet Waves makes a huge difference in my life and helps me feel I can make a difference in the world, no matter how stuck we still seem to be. I am delighted to be able to do a little bit to support this. The combination of clear astrology, clear-eyed global news, and warm-hearted attitudes is unlike much else out there, and I think quite powerful in its own quiet way.

— Kyla

In my humble opinion your insights and eloquently spoken prose are brilliant, Eric. I read the entire page, most everyday.

Thank you,
— Korina

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Cher Monsieur e, Thanks for your most canny insights. It’s been a ripping ride the last few months and I like to think there’s some method to all this madness! You have no idea how this is really on the point……

— Morgen

I personally need to make an appointment for another (we spoke once almost 5 years ago) chart reading. I am always amazed how it seems you are writing Taurus entries especially for me. You accuracy is uncanny to the point that I wonder if you might have bugged my house:-)

— Kim K.

…Anyway the point being that your chart feels so spot on and accurate that I think you are talking to me…which is what I strive for in my newsletter!!

— Roxanne

Dear Eric,

I have enjoyed your astrological news often through Planet Wave monthly. Also occasionally when I could get onto your site through Jonathan’s. I just subscribed to your weekely astrology. I look forward to this so much. Anything that I can read from your writing, I will be gladly receive through emails.

Thanking you,
— David Wong

“I just wanted to acknowledge you and your staff for an excellent resource with such wonderful writing. TOPNOTCH! … Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to a craft of phenomenal challenges. You make my week more inspired; I am grateful!!!”

— Evan Mulvaney

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Let me start off with a heartfelt ‘BWAHAHAHA! This slays me!’ and a ‘omigosh he’s been spying on me!’ A little context: I am referring to the 2004 Leo Birthday Reports. On a lark I decided to try the new search feature in the subscriber area by querying my birthday reports. What seemed like just a bunch of words eight months ago is eerily on target upon further review. Well done.

I really enjoy the columns and am learning a lot. I’m a complete beginner when it comes to astrology but it’s starting to fall into place and I find it extremely interesting. Keep up the good work and thank you, I was apprehensive about subscribing but feel that the content I have received to date adequately compensates for the charge you make. Thought you’d like to know you have a satisfied customer in Dublin.

In a world filled with endless chatter, information and even more dis-information, it is getting harder and harder to find the truth. I receive regular newsletters from each of you and want to say a huge thank you for your discerning, unfailing, wise and broad choices of what you include. I have further investigated many stories and have always ended by feeling you were valid and honest. I rely on your selectivity to help me through the maze of spin and too many choices — you make life much easier and I will be forever grateful.

I think your articles and horoscopes are great. I subscribed after receiving them from my sister, who is also a subscriber. I forward the horoscopes to my son regularly. I pass your website to all who are interested.

Thank you so much! Bridge to the Core is everything I hoped it would be and Cancer just rings sooo true for me at this very moment.

Just a note to express my thanks for your excellent work. To have remembered there was something else to say to subscribers and post it late from Paris is so sweet and thoughtful. Real consideration for others and pride in work done well are assets virtually unheard of in this day and time. Are you a knight from another time and place come to do battle with ignorance? I raise my sword in greeting and blessing.

Your work continues to inspire me…Thanks!

As a new subscriber (British) this year but a peruser of PW’s site since JC let you step in just wanted to say big thanks for being such a damned good astrologer and general oeuvre on the world/universe at large. I think you have a very special gift to bring us all and am glad to be part of your internet family!

The Cancer horoscope for today was very apt. As you say, “put down the rocks” and see how you feel then. I love that! I also love the idea that the the ground/my ground is becoming more sturdy and stable. Thank you for these inspiring words.

Thank you for producing such an honourable and beautiful site. I would love a complimentary membership…I already tell everyone about your wonderful site and inspiring words!

Thanks, Eric, for the awesome insight you bring to my life.

Thank you for this article — it is really wonderful.  The examples are really helpful, and the depth of your analysis is great.

Are you looking over/sitting on my shoulder? Much of what appears below is precisely what I have been unraveling and interpolating since 2000.

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Eric, thank you for this beautiful review.  You have the most amazing ability to sweep away the “dirt” surrounding our view of sex. This, and one other you’ve written have been so healing to me. This is why I think you rock in your profession. Or as someone said to me recently, “You do what you do extremely well.”

I so enjoy your site and get great pleasure out of your writings.

Your column today sparked my thinking, as others have touched my emotions.

Take care and keep up your life-changing, soul-changing work on the planet.  I know I’m in good company wishing you the best.

Why do all your messages speak to me? -:) Is this is for me? YES! and every flippin space cadet who calls themselves some kind of HUE of MAN in this crazy world. What a wonderful piece of work, Eric. Thank you for putting down on paper an issue I have been exploring for some time — trust in meta while keeping the physical, and allow senses to FEEL what is right in every sphere above and below the belly button:)

The information you share with us has truly touched me and I find it inspiring. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.

Eric, thank you for the wonderful articles, especially for this one. As a Pisces yourself, I’m sure you understand. My birthday is tomorrow and I don’t remember in how long have I felt so at peace with who I am and not think about my sexuality as something unacceptable to think of, especially at my age.

In an ocean swamped with ‘its all about me’ and ‘might is right’, it is refreshing to be aware of swathes of kindness and compassion that continue to filter through — Planet Waves is a shining example. Your musings inspire, question and ultimately reaffirm there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in one’s philosophy.

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I dig your stuff and your outlook on things. Very inspiring and uplifting, yet realistic and funny!

I have really enjoyed reading PlanetWaves, and following along with the evolution of the site.

I read your blogs daily as they post and basically sop up what ever you put out there. Some people read the morning paper habitually, personally, I go out, while I drink my morning coffee, and see what Eric’s brain is ruminating on today. I copy, paste, and forward on any information I think friends and associates might find interesting, along with your web address.

I have been so moved and inspired by your writing since I first found you on Jonathon Cainer’s site. More than that, I have often found myself feeling quite envious of your uncanny ability to say so clearly that which lives in my own heart.

Thank you for your words and the heart that comes with them. Your message is so important to so many of us.

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