Love, Rain On Me

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Though the Sun is in Aquarius, there is some extraordinary astrology happening in Pisces this weekend. Aquarius is certainly speaking its piece. On Friday, Mercury and the Sun form their interior conjunction. This is the midway point in the Mercury retrograde that began on Jan. 21 and ends on Feb. 11.

Photo by Eric Francis / Book of Blue – New York.

The Mercury-Sun conjunction can come with a revelation, an inner realization of some kind, a discovery or a moment of truth for society.

Unusual, and often positive, developments seem to attend this aspect, which happens twice per Mercury cycle. There is the interior conjunction during the retrograde, when Mercury passes exactly between the Earth and the Sun. Then there is the exterior conjunction, when Mercury passes behind the Sun when Mercury is direct. We are now at the interior conjunction. Mercury is currently as close to the Earth as it gets — which is in part responsible for the whole Mercury retrograde effect. Mercury is a gigantic magnet. However, when the alignment is exact, that may serve to suspend the effect of the retrograde, or bring out some of its deeper properties.

This would be a good time to keep track of the Mercury retrograde effect, and take extra care with your gear and your money. Yet the benefit of this aspect is the burst of originality and freedom from conventional thought that it can facilitate.

If you’re curious about Mercury retrograde and how that works, observe Mercury around the time of the stations retrograde and direct, and also the two different kinds of conjunctions between Mercury and the Sun.

Also in Aquarius, Nessus, a centaur planet (small body in our solar system that crosses the orbits of other planets) is about to make its move into Pisces. This happens Feb. 7, from which time Nessus will spend about 18 years in Pisces. At the moment Nessus is moving slowly through the very last degree of Aquarius — a mysterious, beautiful point in the zodiac that is about going through an initiation and emerging into the care of one’s eagerly expectant soul group.

Photo by Eric Francis / Book of Blue – New York.

Aquarius is the water-bearer. It gets its water from the delta of the zodiac, Pisces, where there are two unusual events unfolding, more notable for happening simultaneously. This is the kind of astrology that it’s really tempting to overstate or hype up. Many facets of my training and intuition guide me away from that. My approach is to roll the ball gently.

So, I suggest you take what I’m saying and add your own emphasis, and your own sense of potential.

Venus is newly in Pisces. Earlier this week, it passed out of Aquarius, through a conjunction to Nessus, and entered the ancestral waters of the goddess Venus, who was born from the sea. Venus loves loves loves Pisces, which is natural territory for her, and a place of creativity and sensuality.

Venus is making two aspects in close proximity — first, a square to Saturn in Sagittarius (Friday at 3:23 am EST / 8:23 UTC), and then a conjunction to Neptune in Pisces (Sunday at 12:35 pm EST / 17:35 UTC). Note that when a planet makes a square to one body and a conjunction to the next, those two slower-moving bodies are in a square aspect. That would be the Saturn-Neptune square, which we’ll be living with for about two years. This on its own is a profound aspect, one that many people find challenging — and which will get more thorough coverage in the coming editions of Planet Waves.

Photo by Eric Francis / Book of Blue – New York.

Venus passing through this aspect translates to, “It will be worth working through any resistance you feel, to get to the thing/place/emotional space you are seeking.” That may be a state of mind, or rather, a state of emotion and sensory perception. With Pisces involved we’re also talking about extrasensory perception, the ability to observe reality on the ultraviolet level of consciousness.

Really, it looks like reaching for total bliss, which spans from the most sublime fantasy to physical reality. It’s Venus returning to her origins not just of the Piscean sea but also of its reigning master, Neptune. The sensation of this aspect is submission, surrender and release.

You may be wondering if that is possible in the control-freakish technomania of Western society — or if everyone is willing only to pretend. Make that decision for yourself. You cannot really plan for this but you can be willing, and you can swim toward the feeling, toward what seems like some place of origin. Follow your intuition on this one, and apply the minimum energy needed to move through any resistance. It will be worth it!

You may think you have to be realistic to get the rewards of this conjunction but you would be better off being wildly idealistic and allowing yourself to visualize and attract what you want. Venus-Neputne is about submission, though it’s also about releasing the irresistible attractiveness that you contain.

Photo by Eric Francis / Book of Blue – New York.

Meanwhile, another conjunction is developing in Pisces — Mars and Chiron. This one happens once every two years, and only for as long as Chiron is in Pisces. There will be one in early 2017, another in late 2018, and then the 2020 conjunction is in Aries. So — including the current conjunction, there are just three more Mars-Chiron conjunctions in Pisces for this Chiron cycle. The next Mars-Chiron conjunction in Pisces after that happens in January 2062, heralding the Sixties, 21st centurystyle.

Mars takes a more assertive approach to desire, though this is influenced, tempered and cultivated by Pisces. Mars in Pisces is an interesting blend of assert and attract. Mars is feminized in Pisces, or perhaps it’s better to say more gender-balanced. Yet when you add the conjunction to Chiron, we get a most vivid image of the spiritual warrior. Blending passion, a full-spectrum creative impulse and precision, this is an image of the warrior of the paintbrush, the guitar or the tongue.

The message here is, allow yourself to desire actively, boldly and directly. Mars and Chiron both say ‘specific’. Yet there is something about the Pisces nature of this aspect that’s about allowing yourself to desire in an open, available and full-color way. Indeed, if any combination of factors is saying the entire spectrum and plenty of frequencies off of the spectrum are available, it’s this combination of factors.

Mars-Chiron might seem to be the opposite energy of Venus-Neptune. Yet they are both drawing from the same well — Pisces — and experienced in two or more potential ways.

Photo by Eric Francis / Book of Blue – New York.

Which mode do you choose, between the two? Whatever feels best; whatever is best suited for your situation; whatever seems more fun. Experiment and see what gets things flowing.

By experiment, I do mean express — and see what happens. I mean speak up, create, imagine out loud, sculpt your world, paint it, photograph it and, generally, imagine yourself into existence. Seek out others who feel responsive to these energies or inner movements.

Remember there is something that active desire and passive desire have in common, which is desire itself. Both are conducting themselves through Pisces, which always has a touch of the otherworldly, the invisible and the soaking, penetrating quality of unstoppable eros.

Give yourself permission, use your power of visualization, and see and feel what you want and imagine how it will feel to have whatever that might be.

There are no guarantees here — this is all an experiment. It’s just that the conditions seem right for an unusual kind of creative and erotic alchemy. I recognize that a lot of sublimation, that is, substitution, happens between what is supposedly sexual energy and what is supposedly creative energy. What we have now is the opposite of that — a perfect fusion of the two, creating something different, something else.

One last word from Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, especially under the Mercury-Sun conjunction. This is THE astrology of do it your way, feel your own inner pulse, follow that beat and do not worry about what anyone else might think about you. Embrace your own point of view and keep moving. Nothing can stop Mercury retrograde.

Some words of Pete Townshend come to mind. Here is the music, too.

Only love can make it rain

The way the beach is kissed by the sea
Only love can make it rain
Like the sweat of lovers layin’ in the fields

Love, reign o’er me
Love, reign o’er me
Rain on me, rain on me

Yours truly,

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 #1034 | By Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19) — Use your imagination. It’s all you need. If you can visualize something, you are most of the way to creating it. You may not even need to take that second step, because just considering the possibilities is beautiful. Yet you’re likely to take action, and when you do, make sure you’re focused on what you want the most. Please don’t compromise based on what you think is possible or impossible. Right now all potentials are equally accessible. What you can render in your imagination is just one step away from manifesting in reality, which is why it would be wise of you to stick to what you want to manifest, create or access — then allow that to be real with no guilt. Focusing that one thought will have more healing power than a year of therapy.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — I suggest you not let a little resistance or seeming obstacle persuade you of anything. Indeed, should you encounter something that seems to be slowing you down, I suggest you just try a little harder. If you focus on what you want to create in your most idealistic concept of life, you will have more strength and motivation to address any practical issues that may arise. Dispense with them efficiently, take care of the basics and move on to what you know matters more. And at the moment, I assure you that pleasure matters a good deal more than business, than profits, than most responsibility. I would, however, maintain some awareness if you are needed to make a spot decision or to resolve a situation that someone brings to your attention. Again, be efficient, check your work and move on.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — You seem ready to revolt against everything you ever believed that was not true. Remember, though, that this is not merely a mental exercise. What you believe is true or not will directly influence what you choose to do, or not to do; and whether you have faith in yourself. Don’t waste too much time on this. What is not true does not matter; as soon as you deem it so, emphasize what you know is real, or meaningful, or creative. It’s true there may be that side of you wondering what consequences will befall you if you violate someone else’s idea of morality. If that happens, remind yourself that any imposition of morals onto another person is inherently hypocritical. You are the one who decides what is right for you. Claim that ground and use it well.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Your astrology is pulsating with sex and art right now, and it’s coming to a boil right on the hotspot of your cosmic stove. In astrology there is one house that combines experimentation, daring, creativity, passion and teenage-styled curiosity — and that is where the action is for you. For your purposes there is very little difference between these things, though I would invite you to seek out what you want in the form you want it most. I suggest you touch on as many of those 5th house attributes as you can, with the emphasis on curiosity and daring. If you swim out into some deep water, you will have all the more fun. The creativity piece is about doing something you’ve never done before, or in a way you’ve never done it before. Treat the whole world and all your experiences as surfaces to paint on, and then watch and feel the colors burst into cosmic fire.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Intimacy takes patience. More than that, it takes being receptive. That, in turn, requires letting go of control and experiencing trust. If you look around at the world we live in, none of these things are well supported by the environment. Even the most relaxed individuals are being conditioned to be control freaks. Patience is in increasingly short supply. And the sensation of being exploited does not lend itself to trust, or to receiving. But your astrology is favoring all of those naturally human qualities right now. It’s as if your own psychic environment is overriding the world around you, and allowing you to suspend all the usual rules. But you will need to take those first steps, slow down a bit, choose to let go of control. Most of all, relax and receive. Yes, this all takes trust. That’s the whole idea.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — You seem to have a lot to do, but really it’s less than you think. With Mercury retrograde, I would suggest a few simple strategies. First, keep a blank pad on your desk. If your desk is your Droid and a seat on the D train, then keep a little notebook with you. First, make a list of several partially done tasks that have been nagging you for several months. Complete three of them and notice how much better you feel. One or more of these is likely to include a purely technical task or some form of system maintenance, such as backing up your disk drive. When you work, be attentive and take safeguards. While you’re completing these old tasks, keep your notebook handy and begin sketching out some future tasks — again, ones you’ve wanted to do for a while. As you sketch, develop a basic strategy for getting started that includes one or two steps you can take straight away.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — You may be wondering when all the relentless energy is going to relent. It may not, ever — which means the solution is to make choices about your environment that provide you with the kind of space you need for specific tasks. Right now that would appear to be space for what you might think of as ‘creative tasks’ — those involving breaking new ground, exploring, or playing. This may involve clearing a table or your desk and focusing the necessary supplies. However, more significant is mental space, which includes your use of time. Right now in the onrush of digital life, time is organized like walking on a high wire from Point A to Point B — with the seeming risk of falling off. The kind of time you need is organized as a three-dimensional space where you can walk around freely, with no fear of falling, and with minimal scheduling involved. That’s where your best ideas are.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Your astrology is guiding you in the direction of the exotic, the mystical, and toward a field of experience with a broad horizon. Indeed it’s more than guiding you; there seems to be an irresistible pull toward this wide and beautiful territory. It’s not merely conceptual — it’s physical, actual three-dimensional space as well as an idea. It might be easy to get lost in the fantasy rather than taking the seeming risk of the actual journey to new experience. If you take the journey, leave plenty of room for how it might be different from the idea. Think of the actual experience as an experiment with an unknown outcome. As long as you don’t predict the outcome, or attempt to script the encounter, you will have fun. That is, as long as you remember the key ingredient: take a chance.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Notice who is rubbing up against you, wanting contact with you. Notice, especially, anyone you feel you may not be interested in, but who seems interested in you. There may be some rather excellent potential in such an encounter, though you will miss it if you act as if your mind is made up in advance. It’s too easy to act like you’ve seen it all before. You might also overlook the person if they don’t show up strongly enough on your high-voltage radar. It’s more challenging to slow down, to inquire, to listen, to feel, to notice. And perhaps even more of an emotional risk to allow yourself to feel that someone so beautiful could really be interested in you. Anyone who is might also be just a little intimidated by you as well — it would help if you turned in their direction, and gently closed that little gap.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Planets are aligning in a way that says: express yourself. Speak, write, pick up the telephone, photograph, sketch. Your direction of travel is inward as well as outward. What you say to anyone you are saying to yourself. How you perceive anyone is a comment on your perception as much as it is on that seemingly separate entity. These thoughts and ideas and reflections you have about reality, which are really all about you, are of an especially rare kind over the next few days. I suggest you explore generously, and in a way that you can document. In other words, this is not so much about thinking or meditating but rather putting your thoughts and ideas into some form that you can see, feel and appreciate in the coming days, months and years. The discoveries you can make will be that good — and worth revisiting many times.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — You might consider saying the one thing you’re holding back. It’s getting in the way of so much else that you have to offer. Whether this is something you have to say to yourself or to someone else, I am not sure; in either circumstance it would require a full inner admission and deep consideration. I just suggest you not stop there, that is, stop short of actually speaking the words to someone who will hear them, or to whom they might matter. Your relationship to yourself and therefore to existence is going through a profound shift. While this has many subtle dimensions, the net effect is so tangible and immediate and real that it’s impossible to miss. You’re not going through a passing phase; you are going through a rite of passage into a new era of your journey.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — You are experiencing two distinct facets of your nature that each seem to be all of who you are. The effect may be rather convincing, as if you have two entities inhabiting your feelings, your senses and your thoughts. These may, in turn, seem to have two different agendas, which may seem to conflict. But do they really? Are there really two of you, or rather are there two or more ways that you tap into something deep and let it out? I suggest you experiment with that approach. You seem to be experiencing two amazing pools of feeling, inspiration, talent and the need to bring that forth into the world. Yet each of these leads to a common pool, to a vast space within yourself that contains all your potential. You do not need to choose anything at the expense of anything else. Merely reach deeper and bring out what you find there.

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