Looking Back: Our Moment of 2019

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For the next couple of Thursday editions, we’re going to look back on the past four seasons.

I had a weird time warp the other day when I could not remember what year the Notre Dame firehappened. Usually, I remember years by the events in them; for a moment, I was disoriented and actually had to look it up.

Photo by Veronique de Viguerie.

Time is doing strange things at the moment. We know it’s moving quickly, which might be about us all getting older. Or it might be about how we’re measuring it in nanoseconds, using the atomic clock, rather than the passing of the Sun in the sky and the Earth through the seasons. The past, in particular, seems distorted. Sometimes last week feels like a year ago, and a year ago feels like yesterday.

One of astrology’s greatest gifts is that it’s a time measurement tool. The planets have cycles (Saturn rounds the Sun every 29 years); and they make cycles together (Saturn is now approaching a conjunction to Pluto, which happens every 33 years or so, in our era).

There are many ways to describe “what time it is” in astrology, and today we have three of them for you. Our editors have selected articles that tell the story of the astrology of our moment. We will do something similar next Thursday.

I have written and you have read a lot about the approaching Saturn-Pluto conjunction. That occurs Jan. 12, 2020, amplifying the impact of the presidential impeachment in the United States (which, I assure my international readers, is a matter of global concern, meaning that it affects everyone in every country).

Looking back on 2019, the one aspect the impact of which I underestimated was Jupiter square Neptune. This was a little like hopes pushing against dreams, which only made waves. We saw many manifestations of life represented by this aspect, in personal and public life. The best example is how the report of the Special Counsel landed with a thud and sank to the bottom of the quicksand pond.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Thankfully we are now in new territory, with Jupiter not only in Capricorn, but also making a square to Chiron. Note that this aspect is magnifying all kinds of material related to self-identity, self-actualization, sexuality and the influence of family. I’m currently working on the Capricorn edition of RESPECT and one message I am emphasizing is the need for context.

Family is not just mom and dad. Family is you, in the context of the lineages that led to your existence. Family in the big sense, tracked back to the origins of the tribe. That is for another essay.

For your horoscopes today, our editors have assembled all 12 monthly horoscopes for all 12 signs, and put them in chronological order. Each is approximately a 3,000 word read — about the same as one of my longer articles. We’ve never published something like this before.

Notably, at Planet Waves we are the only astrologers I know of who archive and preserve the horoscope column (21 years’ worth, in fact!). Today, you have extended monthly editions from 2019.

Thanks for tuning in. I’ll be remaining in lay-low mode as I finish RESPECT, the 2020 annual. Look for another letter about that soon.

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