Life at This Dangerous Crossroads

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Thursday night, I presented the Aries Full Moon in relationship to its political implications, and how it aspects the charts of the United States, of Trump, and the U.S. Pluto return.

To begin understanding the Aries Full Moon on a personal level, first consider what you’re feeling right now, and then consider this. We who are alive today live at a dangerous intersection, where the individual and the collective merge into one another.

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This is so natural that we don’t notice it. But we live there, with all our stuff, not where two roads meet but at the railroad crossing of the collective (trains) and the individual (cars and pedestrians).

With Aries, we are talking about the Aries Point — the astrological image of that railroad crossing. The Aries Point is the first degree of that sign, which extends well into it, and also into several other signs of the zodiac. At the moment, several of them are powered up by planets in the early cardinal signs.

My take on the Aries Point used to be “The Personal is Political.” That expression comes out of the Redstockings feminist collective, a Sixties thing. But as I studied this (which included a conversation with the author of the phrase, radical feminist Carol Hanisch), I began to have my doubts about that construction of both concept and language — and particularly the intent of the idea.

Many Politicize the Personal

I would now say, “The personal is politicized, and this is our problem. At the same time, the political is not taken personally enough.” Or rather, many people politicize the personal. This is easy when, in the words of David Byrne, the world crashes into your living room. But now, we are the ones doing the crashing, in the form of exploding our most private thoughts into the world, often before they’ve even settled into our awareness. That’s one of the main properties of this railroad crossing.

Let’s consider the astrology. Focused right in the Aries Point vortex is Chiron, which says: pay attention. Drive with your headlights on, and look where you’re going. Chiron is pointing to several other factors, including sexuality (Salacia), family (Pholus and Quaoar), and the framing of reality through language (Logos). I also associate Logos with the internal reference frame of personal morals.

That is a lot to pay attention to, in a time when the prevailing ethos is about finding new, improved ways to distract oneself. One such way is by politicizing everything, and pretending that it’s a form of social justice.

And here we are, with our little tent and campfire right at the railroad crossing of all those factors. It’s a dangerous meeting point, if someone is not paying attention, and there are plenty of people around us who are out of it. There is one trance after the next luring us into oblivion.

The Problem of Posturing

This Full Moon is conjunct Eris, which is still a relatively new and inadequately understood factor (we have a lot of coverage dating back to the beginning). The idea expressed is about cracking oneself out of familiar shapes and personality forms. That’s another way of saying postures.

We know of posturing from politics. Much of politics and PR is based on the concept. Consider this little problem. Most Republicans right now are made nervous by what the president is doing, but must maintain the posture of not criticizing him, or anything he does. The truth is never brought to the surface. We watch politicians take all these absurd positions, such as pretending not to notice that Trump is inviting foreign countries to mess with the 2020 election.

When things get truly strange in politics (or in an environmental disaster), a lot of posturing happens. The test results come in at 100,000 times the safe level, and men in moonsuits are walking around knocking on doors telling everyone it’s safe, their voices muffled by HEPA filters. The governor offers to drink a glass of poison.

The Attorney General pretends the Special Counsel’s investigation exonerated Trump and his campaign, which turns out to be a lie — then he goes on the road looking for new dirt from foreign actors.

Yet the problem of posturing is not just a political problem. It is a human problem, and it’s a big one now. Consider the ways that you maintain differentials between external and internal positions you may have. Consider how you may present yourself differently when you are with one person rather than another. Consider how much energy this takes — this thing we call compartmentalization — and how much emotional energy is wasted on the feeling of self-doubt as a result of masquerading.

The Full Moon conjunct Eris will have a tendency to shatter the postures that many are taking. If you’re feeling this, let it happen. Dare to be real when you might ordinarily strike a pose. Rather than worry about the collective or the big issues or social justice, focus on your opportunity to be real in this moment.

Then take being real into the next moment, and the next.

With love,

Chart of the Full Moon, set for Washington, DC. Note all the planets aligned at 20+ degrees of their signs: the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto, all aligned to the degree. Behind many of these are other planets, in the USA chart, Trump’s chart, and future events. Taken together, this is a Full Moon of unusual potency — as we are witnessing through world events.

Daily Birthday Readings from Planet Waves

Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019 (The Day of the Tough Cookie)

Given that your birthday is marked by the Aries Full Moon closely square Pluto, it’s safe to say this is likely to be a big year for you. There’s a lot you can get done, and you may well find yourself holding the torch to help guide friends and loved ones into the next phase of your collective experience. Not only do you possess unique wisdom that you can share, but you also seem to have a finger on the pulse of our time in history, and a means to lead the way forward into the future.

Monday, Oct. 14, 2019 (The Day of Moderation)

Yesterday’s magnificent Full Moon in your opposite sign is still resonating, and its power is helping you to clear the path ahead. It’s time for you to dispense with old lingering doubts and other such bullshit, so that you can proceed without interruption. Keep your promises and act as compassion requires, but otherwise be firm if anyone or anything acts as a hindrance. You will want to invest as much of your time and energy as possible in the work you most need to do.

Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019 (The Day of the World’s Stage)

You’re experiencing a major shift in your relationships with others, of which the general theme is an increase in autonomy and confidence. You may be gaining independence within certain existing connections, or making new acquaintances who are helping you find your voice in the world, or both. This is a gradual process, though applying willpower and effort this year could well lead to specific breakthroughs, along with considerable emotional growth and healing.

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019 (The Day of Judgment)

How you conceive of yourself and your capabilities is changing and becoming broader, if subtly. You’ve grown in several significant ways from a few years ago, and correspondingly you’re noticing your life gathering a new shape and purpose. You might not have the same aims or desires you used to, though you’re likely to find the path you are now on much more congenial. If you still have questions about your direction, this would be a good year to work through them.

Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019 (The Day of Precarious Balance)

What excites your curiosity? What drives your desire? These are things always worth pursuing, though society has a way of frowning on anyone who looks like they’re having too much fun. Yet this makes doing so all the more important. By brushing off ridiculous moral codes and openly dancing to your own rhythm, you’re providing an important public service, because others will notice your example and some will follow it. In any case, though, this is the most honest way to live.

Friday, Oct. 18, 2019 (The Day of Personal Leadership)

One of the most helpful things you can do for yourself at this time (alongside everyone else) is to ensure the ideals you espouse are ones you can actually live by. That doesn’t mean not challenging; just realistic. We tend to set impossible standards and then become disappointed when we can’t follow them. Try a different pattern: aim for targets that are within reach and don’t require you to work against your psychology. You’ll likely find you’re a lot more relaxed.

Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019 (The Day of the Projector)

If you’re looking at changing or enhancing your career, this could be your moment. What you may need to factor in, however, is the importance of work that not only brings home the funds, but really calls to you. This isn’t even about enjoying your job, though that’s certainly a major component. What you do every day must align as far as possible with your principles and your personal journey, and speak to you on a soul level. Keep this in mind.

Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019 (The Day of Vogue)

Some rather beautiful astrology today is likely to help you focus your efforts on what means the very most to you. You may find it easier than usual to integrate the various facets of your life and align them with your main purpose. In addition, your creative powers are likely to be at their height, enabling you to experience the world at its most vivid. Soak it all in, and let the everyday wonders that surround you gently enrich and open up your perspective.

— By Amy Elliott

Monday Morning Horoscope #198 for Oct. 14, 2019 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Aries (March 20-April 19) — Sunday’s Full Moon in your birth sign has probably coincided with a wave of new developments in your life, some of the most significant of them centered around intimate partners. Two questions bubble up to the top right away: one is, who is setting the terms of your reality? Who is choosing the parameters, limits and definitions by which you live? Whose interpretation of who you are do you accept as valid? Second, what would this experience be like if alcohol and consciousness-changing substances were subtracted? You may have to speculate there, though imagine a somewhat tidier situation, where events are less episodic and more of a continuous story where everyone remembers what happened last week. Meanwhile, in the Fun Department, if you’re feeling confident of your surroundings and the people you’re traveling through life with, you will have some exciting “peak experiences” if you want them. And if you do, come down gently.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Your chart is commenting on the nature of “self and other” in your relationships. There are many points of contact available, though not often the ones that you’re expecting. Expectations are usually a good thing to set aside in relationships, as they tend to drown out passion and honest exchange. The last thing people need but usually the first thing they face is living up to projected concepts of identity. And that is not happening for you now; you are reinventing yourself on an almost daily basis and would be wise to set aside any expectations you may have for who you are. This is really the essence of the matter. You’re not accustomed to so much inner change, nor are you partial to it. Yet there’s a fiery essence to your nature that wants to burn off the dross of your past incarnations. As far as relationships are concerned, here’s a bit borrowed from Fritz Perls: “You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful. If not, so be it.”

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Sunday’s Full Moon is in your house of being the life of the party. Correspondingly, the Sun is in your house of art, sex and creativity. This sets up a dynamic where you may be wondering where and how to devote your energy: to matters of a private or internal nature, or a more public and social nature. You may be able to strike a balance, though it will be more like a stretch. I can see the temptation to celebrate and party like it’s 2019 (the best thing since 1999). Yet as far as your astrology is concerned, my take is that allowing yourself to be drawn inward will be the more rewarding, productive and pleasurable direction to go. It will also be more challenging than painting the town red, and your friends might miss you and all of that. Yet this particular astrology is rich with potential, ideas and a level of daring that is rare for you, or for this world: the stuff of which artists are made. And of which you are currently made, or have extra access to. So make the most of it, which means honoring and valuing what you discover.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — This weekend’s Full Moon reaches across the professional angle of your chart, where matters of reputation, accountability and authority are mediated. I would say you’re on notice not to play fast and loose with anything related to the matters of this house (the 10th, one of the most important of the lot). Rather, make deliberate decisions, and delay until after the Full Moon before you put them to work. In fact it may happen that by Monday morning, you will have completely rethought your strategy. And you may rethink it again today. There is no rush, only whatever boundaries the calendar prescribes. Therefore, take your time, which means use your time well. Meanwhile, the gift of your astrology at the moment is to allow yourself the freedom to think in highly creative ways that break the mold of the box of limited thinking. Have the guts to see things differently, which means looking at your life and your responsibilities in ways that may shock you a little. There is something about you that was born for the times we are living through.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — The world is bigger than you imagine, and this weekend’s astrology (particularly the Aries Full Moon) will give you a push in the direction of some other shore. You are bigger than you imagine, and this Full Moon is about self-discovery more than it is about anything else, in the sense of altering the scale of your life. This begins with your perception of who you are, which by all rights is feeling a little restless at the moment, like you want to stretch. That means pushing some boundaries with yourself, and getting out of your comfort zones. To do that, all you need to do is find something you’re curious about, that you don’t usually do, and then do it. It does not need to be far away from home, though you might want to travel a little to get there (to activate the 9th house, which is what I’m talking about; driving at least an hour will get the party started). What you want is more than armchair travel, or experience you get from a book — or worse, an app.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Be cautious involving others in your finances, particularly over the next few days. Avoid entering commitments, agreements or contracts at least until Sunday’s Full Moon is well behind you. The present astrological climate may reveal certain shortcomings of current or past involvements, particularly ways in which you may have compromised your identity for the sake of a relationship. Any shakeup will come as a result of you waking up to your needs and desires. The grand planetary picture describes you honoring your own values, and also being true to your word. If your values or point of view have changed, that must be included in your calculus. You’re long past the point where you can be involved in any relationship that does not fully include who you are, or one where you somehow fail to include yourself. At this stage of your life, it’s crucial you find ways of discovering yourself that do not involve intimate relationships.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — It may go against your nature to assert yourself, though you’re discovering it’s the only thing that gets results. Said another way, you cannot wait around for someone to take a survey and to express their concerns about you. What you’re learning is how to burn off the lingering guilt associated with being real about who you are and what you need. Think back on all the times you hesitated because you felt guilty bringing your reality to the front of your life. If anyone resists, gently persist. You may be surprised how quickly bluster and bravado give way to a more sensitive state of mind when you maintain your point of view. You don’t have to lurch at anyone; just stay put and insist on a real conversation. It will not take long before you get it, and when you do, it will be best if you know, in advance, exactly what you’re seeking. And when you get it, be happy.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Planets are collecting in your sign — Mercury, Venus and Pallas Athene among them, and the Sun will soon follow along. Yet something more interesting is about to happen, which is that Mercury will station retrograde in your sign conjunct Pallas, which is the asteroid of negotiation, law and strategy. Here’s the thing: you don’t want to be too strategic where your personal relationships are concerned. Rather, though it in some ways contradicts the tendency of your current chart, listen and be sensitive. There may be some occasion for you to reflect on the past, which I suggest you do. You don’t need to announce this, nor do you need to account for your review process, though at the end, you may want to share what you learned from your inner journey. You will know that you’ve found some approximation of the truth when you can account for the viewpoints of everyone involved, and have some tangible take-away in the present time. Note, this process works its way out through November. There is no rush, though that’s not an invitation to waste time.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Sunday’s Full Moon will support many of your goals and endeavors, so many that you want to focus on your priorities. There seem to be a couple that you have not articulated to yourself, though they are percolating around the back of your mind. What are those about, and to what extent do they involve someone else’s priorities for you? It seems that someone is advancing their agenda on you, and that you are agreeing, incrementally, to something that may be part of a larger plan. I suggest you study the pattern of your decisions over the past year, and see if they match the plan you had articulated for yourself 12 months ago. You have time to size up your situation and apply any course corrections you need to make before Jupiter, your ruling planet, leaves your birth sign on Dec. 2. The mission of your life for the foreseeable future is staying in close contact with your values and motives, and making your choices on the basis of those alone. Others may have their say; you have the final vote.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — You tend to run hot and cold on the matter of self-assurance. By that I mean you tend to jump from over-confident to panic attack in a rather short time. True confidence does not look or feel like swagger. It contains more doubt and consideration than is presented in the movies or on television. The panic attack or security crisis is generally not part of a deliberative process; it’s connected to something else. If you are making an important decision, it’s essential that you consider your concerns and be responsive to them. That means addressing them now, rather than when time and circumstances are more pressing in a few months. Some of these matters involve your family and your relationship to them. Some of them land right in the four walls where you live today, and involve your ability to be yourself, and to live your life your way. You cannot deceive yourself about this; you need to be honest about both “your life” and “your way” — and your ability to engage those truths.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Be mindful of what you say, how you say it, and to whom over the next several days. You live surrounded by amplifiers of your own voice, and you also live in a world (along with the rest of us) where mistakes go further and nothing is ever deleted. You might even keep your opinions to yourself, to the extent that’s possible, and instead, invest the next few days into observing and learning. This could be about the world, it could be about where others are coming from, and most of all, it includes what you personally think and feel. Remember that ultimately this is a private, inner experience, though one that has in a sense been cast to the four winds of our “communication”-addicted society. Yet most of what happens is not communication but rather broadcasting. The word communication literally means, “to make common,” which is to say, about something we might have in common. That notion barely exists now, though you are depending on it.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — This weekend’s Aries Full Moon is another reminder to keep your focus on your finances. That means the big picture and the smaller one, mostly on the level of developing and engaging a coherent plan. Money is a habitual matter, and it’s not always easy to change your personal patterns. It helps to see what they are — and then to notice what that says about you. Pisces is famous for “shopping therapy,” which is not really therapy at all; and to the extent that it is, it can be done in miniature. (Soap is cheaper than perfume. Repairing an old pair of shoes you love is a lot cheaper than buying new ones. That kind of thing.) I suggest you place your emphasis on maintaining what you have, and on ensuring that others in your life are not spending your money or running up your bills in a way that you’re not fully aware of, don’t understand, cannot approve of, or cannot afford. Maintain your basic law and order over your priorities and your accounts.

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