The Story of I AM — 2020 Autumn Reading for Libra

Welcome to The Story of I AM — your 2020 Autumn Reading for Libra, by Eric Francis. This page contains the introductory video for all signs, followed by your sign reading, chart images and some extra resources.

Introductory video:


The Story of I AM for Libra:


Chart images:

Chart for Mars stationing retrograde on Sept. 9, 2020.
Chart for Mars stationing direct on Nov. 13, 2020.
Chart used for Libra.

Additional resources:

PS — Neptune in Pisces: Parallel Worlds (Feb. 13, 2020)

A Proper Introduction to Salacia — With Help from Mars (Feb. 20, 2020)

The Saturn-Pluto Initiation (Jan. 12, 2020)

Our Grow or Die Moment (Feb. 6, 2020)

Mars Conjunct Eris: Quest for Humanity (Aug. 17, 2020)

Mars, Pluto and Eris: Critical Moment (Aug. 10, 2020)

What Do We Do About These Flesh-Eating Zombies? (Feb. 9, 2017)

Uranus, Eris and the Riddle of the Internet (June 23, 2016)

With Love From Borasisi (March 4, 2011)

Annual Edition resources

Eris and the Internet resources

3 thoughts on “The Story of I AM — 2020 Autumn Reading for Libra”

  1. The ins and outs of the past ten years has been challenging but also brought me to a place of responsibility and self sufficiency that I am glad of. All of that “attic cleaning” and “shoring up of foundations” has kept me on my toes.
    Now it seems my body is in need of the same repairs. My back has been hurting for more than a year but I knew I could rise to the challenge by taking good care of myself and by being responsible for my own well being. But alas, I discovered that I need help. I am scheduled to have back surgery next week, something I was determined to avoid at all costs. But now since I made the decision to accept the help and do something scary and not in my control I’ve found a strange peace.
    I wonder if all of this stuff happening in my 4th and 7th houses has helped me to see that I can’t do it all on my own. What I do know is that I’ve grown more in the past 10 years than at any other time in my life.
    Thank you Eric for helping me make sense of it.

  2. My Sun in the house of the Father. Ruled by the Mother, 10th house retrograde Saturn in Cancer. Night birth, Moon ruled fat and gibbous in the first degree of Gemini, ruling that Saturn. Exile: my Dad kicked out by Mom age 10. 3 years fathervoid, stepdad steps in. I never could accept him as a father, so I got stuck at age 10-13. Digging up my Sun King has been the work of my lifetime, easy to identify with my Moon and rising, Venus in the 5th. Lost in the sauce of my Libra-Aquarius stuff, Pluto and Uranus, plus Vesta in Libra so that 70’s generational stuff is personal. My Sun is entwined with Mercury, Eros, Juno, and the Black Moon Lilith. I’m my father’s son, grew up in teenage time with a different Dad. Son of the ex husband, no wonder they focused so much hate and rage on me. Never respecting my own decisions, always picking on me for not being further along. Those voices got in so deep I’m still uprooting them. My Sunshine is held hostage by my family. I had do dig way back past the 20th century, wake up the Druid and the Witch to find my way out of Mom’s Catholic dungeon. Still to formulate my long sought career path at 47. I sure hope we can crack the walls of bullshit seeking to entrap us all in the internet. I read a book by one of the transhumanists, I forgot what it was called. It was a horrid tale to my mind. Told from the perspective of the people who uploaded themselves they look upon the still embodied humanity with disdain, curiosity, and maybe a little concern. It showed all the humans being fried by a supernova from a distant star while the algorithms just upload into a spaceship and go exploring. Thing is, without human participation they just dissipate into aimless wtf. No ghost in the machine after all. While in all likelihood many humans survived underground as we have many times in the past. While all the electric people are deleted by the solar event. I only like the internet when I can turn it off.

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