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All of Us Here for Leo | Your 2021 Reading by Eric Francis | Download

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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2021
by Eric Francis Coppolino


Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Suddenly everything is more tangible and immediate. This is about your partnerships and intimate relationships, and it’s also about the total environment that surrounds you. The first thing to do is take notice of how you’re perceiving people and circumstances differently. Under transits of Jupiter and Saturn through your opposite sign Aquarius, the world will seem different in many ways, including the appearances, and behaviors of people you encounter. Study those changes before you act on them. Map out the new social territory, even as it evolves and takes form. Everyone has experienced these sign changes simultaneously, so everyone is adapting at the same time. It’s likely that people will make decisions quickly about where they stand, and try to lock into a new pattern prematurely. That is the mistake to avoid. Hang loose for a while and see what people do. You don’t need first dibs on anything; understand what you want, and be willing to take the time to get there. The new structure of your world is likely to look something like this: you see possibilities and limitations, without necessarily recognizing that these are just the first layer. The idea is to get past that, first by recognizing that there’s more behind the façade, or if it turns out to be a barricade or locked door, there’s something in there. To get it, you need all those Saturnian skills of patience, persistence, daily effort, and working in an organized way. Yet there is also what will seem to be a luck factor. It’s more of a “make your own luck” factor however, and that has all the same ingredients as Saturn only add being friendly — to everyone, all the time.


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  1. I listened to my Cancer sun reading back in January, but just listened to this for the first time today. I am Cancer sun, Leo rising. True to form, your annual reading is so spot on. I have been purchasing these readings for over 10 years and they have be an invaluable tool to navigate my path of soul growth. Thank you so much.

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