Leo 2019 Monday Morning Horoscope Selection

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Monday Morning Horoscope #159 for Jan. 14, 2019
You must balance a long-range approach to the important questions in your life with taking care of immediate needs. This may seem impossible, as you toggle between one and the other, trying to gain some balance, or to integrate these two levels of priorities. For a while it may seem like you have to emphasize one, and give up the other, then run back to the other and so on. Eventually you will integrate the two processes. But you can start now. Obviously, immediate concerns must take priority over long-term, yet there is a way to take care of your day-to-day responsibilities that involves consciously setting yourself up for the future. This is about being aware of how every step you take in the moment sets you further on your path, or serves as a digression. So the way out of the toggle is the mindfulness to focus each choice and each task in alignment with your greater plan and your greater good. Tune in to your guidance; tune in to your vision; you will find your direction.

Monday Morning Horoscope #167 for March 11, 2019
You may feel like you can conquer the world this week, and you probably can, but why work so hard? You can more effectively take on one valued goal and get it done in a beautiful way, with feeling. In recent weeks, your chart has taken on the sensation of exploration more than accomplishment. You can allow your curiosity to lead you into interesting places, rather than needing desire to drive you forward. Your ability to motivate yourself will come in handy when you discover something new that you want to do, though it does not need to be the main event. Meanwhile, there are elements of your world, intimate in their nature, that are calling for a certain delicateness of approach. These may involve arrangements or negotiations of a financial sort, the exchange of confidential information, or erotic pillow talk. Take those things gently, and proceed as if you’re moving under water, or in a zero-gravity environment.

Monday Morning Horoscope #183 for July 1, 2019
Mars is about to enter your sign, joining two other planets already there: Mercury, and one of the master asteroids, Juno. This is the astrology of motivation, of curiosity, and of deciding what way you want to go in life. Normally, the presence of Mars would be somewhat straightforward: you do what you want, need or must. But Mercury retrograde (which begins July 7) makes a conjunction to Mars on July 8, and this is probably going to ask more questions than it answers, for now. You must be very (and I do mean very) cautious about accepting any information as final, solid or accurate. Consider anything that comes your way to be a lead, a clue, or something potentially correct. You may be tempted to act fast on something you hear, learn or discover, and that in particular needs to be handled with caution. Use your motivation to keep asking questions. Go deeper; you cannot do “research” on your phone. You need a desk, a computer, a notebook and time to think slowly, carefully and thoroughly. This is not in style right now; it must be for you.

Monday Morning Horoscope #189 for August 12, 2019
The only thing more interesting than this week’s Full Moon are the aspects to the Sun when it happens. El Sol, your ruling star, is conjunct three points: Venus, Sappho and an unusual object in the Kuiper Belt called Sila-Nunam. Together, these should have you feeling excited about life, and your personal potential. They will help make you the center of some social attention, which can be portable; that is, something you take anywhere. Venus conjunct the Sun in Leo has an irresistible quality. Sappho is not just about the Isle of Lesbos; it’s about getting people together, for something real and sincere. Sila-Nunam is a point I’ve been tracking through your sign for many years, and which I think is a current keynote of Leo. I use it as a reminder to tell you that you don’t have to hold up the sky all by yourself. You have help.

Monday Morning Horoscope #197 for Oct. 7, 2019
Be mindful of your stress level, and get enough rest. Saturn and Pluto in your sensitive 6th house (work, wellbeing) may be leading you to push yourself and get it all done, though Saturn in particular says pace yourself. The old expression “take your time” really means “use your time well.” That includes stopping to rest, reflect and recharge, on a fairly regular basis. The thing about all this Capricorn influencing you is that the message may be coming across as the drive to over-focus on specific goals. Focus would be enough; returning to a task daily will get you a tremendous result in the end. Remember that it’s more realistic to plan the early stages of a timeline, and use the later dates as check-ins or benchmarks. If you’re involved in leadership at work, which is likely (and fairly typical for you), make sure the foundations are laid, and that efforts progress, then say something like, “And then let’s see where we are in three months.”

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