Karl Rove: Too Much of Nothing – corrected

Karl Rove: Too Much of Nothing

In the day of confession
We cannot mock a soul.
Oh, when there’s too much of nothing,
No one has control.
— Dylan

I know my uncle, he’s as honest as me
And I’m as honest as a Denver man can be
— Papa John

WHO EXACTLY is Karl Rove? When I mention him here in Canada, few people have heard of him. True, I can’t think of anybody at all in Canadian politics except for good old what’s his name out in Quebec. But I’m sure that even most blue-blooded, red-stated Americans don’t quite know who he is. We’ve heard of him, but, like, who? Or more accurately, wot?

Who is this guy born on Christmas, who lurks in the background of the Bush presidency like the see-all, know-all butler, the Eternal Footman, the acknowledged secret architect and the guy who can solve anything, or at least get it out of the way at the meager cost of a bit of human collateral damage?

The one known as “Bush’s Brain”? The political consultant who long held the title of White House deputy chief of staff (recently demoted and redeployed, allegedly to work on the midterm elections), who we know was the orchestrator of Bush’s election and re-election and, I suspect, a good deal else that we’ve witnessed in the past seven sordid years of United States history?

Who is Karl Rove?

Who, perchance, thought of the catchy phrase “9-11” in those early planning stages?

We have a big, slippery subject on our hands, but some excellent journalism has documented Rove’s long career, most of which has been spent as a political strategist known for his combination of clever and brutally vicious tactics. Rove is known to stop at nothing at all, and in the past five years he has served as the spin doctor who runs the world from the White House. Well, perhaps “runs” is too kind. Runs it into the ground would be more accurate.

Yet in terms of understanding his astrology, it has not helped any that Rove, born in Denver on Christmas Day 1950, does not have a known birth time. But there’s a process called chart rectification, whereby a skilled and experienced astrologer can correct a chart if sufficient biographical material is available. Ursula Fugger, my colleague here in Toronto, went to work on Rove’s chart after many months of tracking him in the news, and then using classical methods of rectification, determined a birth time of 9:41 am.

This yields a chart that fits the picture of his life and his psyche, with inventive Aquarius rising, visionary, optimistic Sagittarius on the midheaven, a Cancer Moon and Capricorn Sun. Transits to the chart tell a story (for example, Chiron popping most of his 11th house Capricorn planets since shortly after the Sept. 11 incident), and most important of all, the progressions (closely related to the birth time) are relevant. For example, on Sept. 11 and the few days following it, his progressed ascendant was closely conjunct Pluto and opposite Saturn.

Here is the chart: https://planetwaves.net/chart.php?c=rove_rect

And here is his face: http://snipurl.com/qoeb

More recently, if Rove has become a household word amongst news junkies, it’s partly because of his involvement in the Valerie Plame-Wilson incident, resulting in his many interviews before special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s grand jury, garnering him plenty of ink in both alternate and mainstream media. But so far he has, by most accounts, eluded capture.

To sum up that situation: in an effort to lead the country into a war with Iraq he could justify no other way, Bush invoked the image of mushroom clouds, claiming in his 2003 State of the Union address, “The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” These are the infamous “16 words,” now known to have been based on poorly forged documents from Niger that were so thin and brittle and transparently false, he was warned beforehand not to use the material lest it come back to haunt him. It did.

When a former U.S. ambassador, Joseph Wilson III, challenged the accuracy of that 16-word statement from personal knowledge (specifically, a mission to Niger for the CIA several years earlier to investigate that specific claim), the Bush administration retaliated by leaking to conservative journalists the fact that Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, was a deep cover CIA agent, thus blowing her cover and that of her front company and covert network. The leak, really an act of treason, resulted in an extensive criminal investigation, which has so far led to the prosecution of Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby.

Last week, truthout.org reported that Rove himself is now under indictment for allegedly lying to investigators. While this has been denied vehemently by Rove’s lawyer and spokesman, and has yet to be confirmed by other news outlets or by Fitzgerald himself, we are at the very least experiencing some of the toxic, anesthetic fog of denial and deception that follows Rove around like the dust cloud that follows the Peanuts character Pigpen.

In a way most appropriate to Rove and his chart, truthout.org writer Jason Leopold’s sources told him that the charges against Rove are in the form of a ‘sealed indictment’ that has not yet been disclosed to the public, and at the moment does not need to be. Leopold’s scoop became fairly big news in Internet media culture mainly because it was confirmed neither by major news outlets, nor others (such as Raw Story) that would normally break such news early. In other words, he came under scrutiny and a bit of attack for reporting on a sealed indictment that nobody else had managed to track down.

Indictment of Rove would be big news because it would remove any remaining insulation between the outing of Valerie Plame and Bush and Cheney personally. Indeed, it would be the biggest shakeup in the history of the Bush administration, leaving Bush without his brain, his longtime political bulldog and a key enabler in his psychological support system.

‘You know, wow’ — Early Political History

Before we dive into Rove’s chart, let’s take a brief look at his early political career. It is fascinating and proves my theory that anything you need to learn about politics you can learn in campus political games. But let’s keep in mind that he has a lot of planets placed on the cardinal cross, particularly in Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, some of which are in very close aspects to the Aries Point; this means what he does reaches a lot of people, and he has a presence in the lives of many people around him; in turn, he is their contact point for directly participating in the world. Remember the key phrase for the Aries Point, which does not seem to be going away any time soon: The personal is political.

In 1972, with Chiron transiting these cardinal sign planets from Aries, Rove was involved in a hotly contentious campaign for chairman of the College Republicans — also the breeding ground for superlobbyist-cum-felon Jack Abramoff. The race was close, and plagued with what would become Rove’s typical dirty tricks that even earned him an investigative visit from the FBI. The undecided election was finally appealed to then-Republican National Committee Chairman George H.W. Bush. Despite evidence to the contrary, Bush determined that the race had been won fairly by Rove, who became head of the College Republicans. Perhaps Rove worked his magic on Pappy Bush, or Senior saw the potential in the boy and decided he was better on his team than on somebody else’s. Probably a bit of both.

In his capacity as national chairman of the CRs, at the age of 22, Rove somewhat astonishingly, even miraculously, managed to get himself involved in the Watergate scandal that eventually brought down the Nixon administration. Writes Wikipedia, “Former Nixon White House Counsel John Dean, who was deeply involved in the Watergate break-in but became the star witness for the prosecution, has been quoted as saying that ‘Based on my review of the files, it appears the Watergate prosecutors were interested in Rove’s activities in 1972, but because they had bigger fish to fry they did not aggressively investigate him’.”

From chairman of the College Republicans, Rove became a special assistant to Bush Senior. One fateful day in 1973, Rove was sent to deliver a set of car keys to little George, and he seems to have swooned at the very sight of him. Rove described his impression years later, quoted from Wiki: “Huge amounts of charisma, swagger, cowboy boots, flight jacket, wonderful smile, just charisma — you know, wow.”

Just feel his heart thumping.

From there, one of his tasks became serving as George’s keeper, keeping an eye on Junior in the throes of his drinking days. So, in addition to being Dub’s current political advisor, who pulled him through two extremely tight races, Rove and Bush share a close familiarity that is akin to being a brother or caretaker. After Rove went many places, ruined many people and built up many others during his long career as a Republican political strategist, Dubya finally became his most important and influential client.

Through the duration of the Bush administration, Rove has been in the dual role of caretaker and strategist, and it was under his guidance that Bush became ‘presidential material’ and indeed, president, and that the Neocon agenda and the Project for the New American Century was put into full-court action and then taken to its apotheosis.

The Signature Aspect

This dual quality of Rove’s — caretaker and strategist — is revealed in what seems to be the signature aspect in his chart: an exact opposition of the Moon in Cancer and Mercury in Capricorn. Feel that emotional mushball on one side, and that hard-thinking, clever incisive Mercury in Cap on the other. It is not easy. It pits his mind against his emotions and, based on other aspects that fill in the story, seems to be the root of a deep disconnect from reality.

I have often described the Bush administration as the Mercury presidency, and in Rove we have the living incarnation of the Trickster. But this is a trickster that one does not immediately recognize as such — the most effective kind. The same holds true for his tricks.

The two most famous Mercury events of the Bush years have so far been the stolen election of 2000 (Mercury making an exact station direct in the last degree of Libra, that very night) and Sept. 11, with Mercury exactly rising in Libra. These events should remind everyone that the sign of the balance is not just good for interior decorating, rock stars or unusually gifted astrologers. It can slip and slide into the shadows as well. But moreover, they are a testament to the power of dualistic, somewhat amoral Mercury to be put to work for whatever is called for in the moment.

Capricorn, the sign which dominates Rove’s chart, is one of the great astrological symbols for politics. This is the symbol that Augustus Caesar is reputed to have stamped into the back of his coins — and then attempted to recall those coins lest anyone figure out too much about his astrology. It grants, more than anything, the compelling image of propriety that’s so crucial to survival in the political sphere. Capricorns are presumed to have integrity; they are in many ways its symbol. But it also grants a natural ability at human psychological games, and often breeds the most distinguished and determined politicians of them all.

They include Richard Nixon, born with his Sun in this sign; and Abraham Lincoln, who had his Moon there. Robert Kennedy, Napoleon, James Monroe, and George Washington, all had the Moon in Capricorn; the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mao Tse Tung, and J. Edgar Hoover, all had their Sun there.

Hoover, the longtime FBI chief who began the American tradition of spying on everyone, and who was appropriately enough named after the vacuum cleaner, felt that the enemy was everyone and everywhere. He also had Mercury in Capricorn in a tight conjunction to his ascendant. He was the one guy who Richard Nixon feared. Takes one to know one.

Capricorn grants a smooth exterior, with a touch of familiarity, the paradox of seasoned and old, mixed with eternally young, and the ability to think logically under pressure. Perhaps most important, it makes people seem a little boring and thus harmless. But, symbolized as it is in the Tarot by the god Pan, it’s a bit devilish. There’s the blend of Aries-like initiative (cardinal sign) with Taurus like stability and the ability to attract what one needs (earthy sign).

Rove is born with Ceres and Mercury closely conjunct in this sign, as well as Venus, the Sun and, notably, the asteroid most known for granting political adroitness, Pallas Athene, located in the very first degree. His Capricorn cluster stretches across the 11th house into the 12th house, meaning that it’s crucial as a point of community reference (11th) and works on a very large, though difficult to see, dimension (12th). Rove is excellent at anticipating what the public (11th) is going to think, how it is going to respond, and what it will respond to most strongly (namely, contention, fear and anger). And he is not afraid to use these things; indeed, he seems to thrive on it.

The 11th house also grants the financial rewards of one’s career, and Rove has done very well.

As for Mercury: a political strategist could not want a more perfect aspect than Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, because it symbolizes the ability to think logically and also instinctively, it speaks of extraordinary innate skill and the ability to learn from experience, and most importantly, the ability to contact a level of survival consciousness that most people just cannot muster.

It’s worth noting that he has two very significant fixed stars in the background of his Venus-Mercury-Ceres cluster. One is Vega, which bestows a kind of magical quality, giving him the aura of a Magus; and another is Rukbat, which shores up any steadiness and strength he may be missing (unlikely, but in Rove’s business you need all you can get, and he has plenty).

The retrograde condition (which reversed, by progression, around the time of his College Republican days and his cameo appearance in the Watergate scandal) was apparently born with a lot of experience and knew just what to do. Even in his 20s, his political consulting was earning him six figures. This wealth factor factors into the 11th house but could be described by Mercury’s conjunction to Ceres, the goddess of food, grain and the changing of the seasons — one that includes themes of the tragedy of mothering.

History of Abandonment

Rove’s history of abandonment helps explain why he is so fiercely loyal.

His biological father, apparently the equivalent of a sperm donor, disappeared around the time Rove was born. He did not learn that the man he thought was his father was really his stepfather until he was an adult, thus being confronted with the fact that he had lived a lie all his life. The stepfather left home on Karl’s 19th birthday one Christmas, which is likely to have snapped something in him. Few people need their daddy like a Capricorn. Rove did not meet his biological father until his 40s.

Then his mother committed suicide when he was about 30. Suicide is not something that just happens one day; it is a turning point in a very long story. Rove’s Moon in Cancer is exactly opposite the Mercury-Ceres conjunction, which creates an interesting, tragic image of a mother-child relationship in which the child suppressed his experience of being a kid, and took on the mother’s grief. He was placed in the role of the adult (Mercury, a child, in the adult sign Capricorn), internalized his feelings (retrograde all through childhood) and was in the role of family caretaker because his mother worked (Moon in the 6th house). This is a classical setup for codependency, and Rove is very much in the role of Bush’s enabler and has been for many decades.

So we have a story of abandonment by three parents, and signs of some pretty strange circumstances around his mother’s life. Suicide is available to everyone all the time and exceedingly few people opt for it as a conscious act. Suicide almost always reveals the existence of a secret, something too difficult to bear.

This combination of factors, astrological and environmental, yielded a ruthless person, in a way that is curiously and, thankfully, rarely enough but distinctly Capricorn (at its worst) in style. He seems able to detach entirely from his feelings, despite having plenty of them (Cancer Moon).

In one campaign, seeking to shore up his candidate’s lagging momentum, he secretly published a flyer viciously attacking his own candidate, wisely anticipating that the backlash would come against his opponents. But that’s one of his friendlier gestures. His political dirty tricks often involve attacking or making a situation intolerable for an opponent’s family and exploiting that particular vulnerability, as if he is keenly aware how much pain can be inflicted on a household.

He is fond of and skilled at accusing people of homosexuality, and in one high-level judicial election, according to Atlantic Monthly, spread the innuendo that his opponent, a well-groomed, impeccably dressed, smallish man who spent a lot of time volunteering with children, was a pedophile. This man — one of the few people to beat Rove in an election — also happened to be a very prominent judge. Basically, Rove is Room 101 in the flesh: he invokes the worst possible nightmares of those he seeks to destroy, and then spins a plausible lie that has the apparent power of truth because it works on the level of a compelling fear. Many people believe that if they are afraid of something, it’s automatically real.

Writes Wikipedia, “Rove has been accused of using supposed pollsters to call voters to ask such things as whether people would be ‘more or less likely to vote for Governor Richards if [they] knew her staff is dominated by lesbians.” His use of sex as a weapon lends credence to Wilhelm Reich’s idea that politics is the very height of sexually repressed neurosis. This is a sickness Reich called the “emotional plague” and which he documented was particularly deep-seated and widespread in Nazi-era Germany, and was one of Hitler’s most effective tools.

A Political Magician

Rove understands the phenomenon of perception, but more than that, he is a master at using fear as a manipulative tool, and this is what makes him dangerous. Here, we are in Neptune country, and the planet that aspects all his Capricorn planets as well as his Cancer Moon is indeed Neptune, in Libra. Curiously or not, his Neptune fog machine falls within a few degrees of the Sept. 11, 2001 ascendant.

He has a shocking ability to control perception and how people experience the world, as if from inside of them. This is a man who could let out a big greasy fart in the middle of a cocktail party and everyone would be convinced it was Chanel No. 5, if he wanted them to be. If it was his enemy’s fart, it could be Sarin gas. Or, if it was nothing at all, it could be Sarin, as was the case with Saddam Hussein.

Rove has the following Neptune aspects, among others: Neptune square Mercury; Neptune square the Moon; Neptune square Ceres; Neptune square Venus; Neptune square Uranus. Yes there are a couple of things that Neptune is not square, but we are already so deeply drenched in the waters of fakeyositude (as Woody Allen once called it — the opposite of reality) that there is no hope at all. Unless Karl Rove wants there to be hope, and then there is some.

I have seen natal Mercury square Neptune alone be responsible for the mental property, “whatever I want to be true is true,” but the thing with Neptune is that if you use it a certain way (manipulatively and with enough self-delusion) other people really will start to believe you and pretty soon you can start a religion. And if we need to explain the Rove phenomenon psychologically, that is not a bad way to do it. But Rove is not really a religious leader (though he depends on them) — he is a political strategist, and at its best politics is a dirty game where the rules are never followed. It’s a game of get away with what you can.

The way to work with this aspect is simple: you need to have a lot of integrity. And if you don’t, you’ve got a problem, though you may not know and you may not care. In Rove’s case, the rest of us have a problem.

If we are looking for an answer to the riddle as to why the truth does not matter these days, with a vengeance, with teeth, foaming at the mouth in a silk tie, we can point directly to this chart. Rove is already attributed with credit for Bush’s usual position “blaze forward and never admit you’re wrong,” but this chart is the heart of the matter: never admit anything is true that you don’t absolutely want to be true. Then a certain number of people will believe you; others will not, and you can attack them; a lot of people will roll over; others, you can just ignore; and we’re on our way. Rove understands it’s easy to screw things up and difficult to make them right. If this is the code you live by, you can get a heck of a lot done.

Normally you would need Mars in the mix to make this all so extreme. Mars is making a loose trine to Neptune, which grants a mixture of ease and caution. Mars and Neptune in a square or opposition remove all subtlety. Rove can be subtle if he wants. He is not outwardly crazy; he is indeed the picture of composure. Mars in Aquarius gives him the feeling of a social activist, and when you put that into the 12th house, he has the image to cloak his aggression quite marvelously.

Unfortunately, with the power of the United States economy and military in his hands, and with a bunch of corporate plutocrats from Pappy Bush and Dick Cheney (on up) to please and enable, this is a dangerous way of life that has led us from one catastrophe to another: from Sept. 11 (which concealed the stolen election) leading to the attack on Afghanistan; then Saddam getting blamed for Sept. 11 (who cares if it’s not true) and having nuclear weapons (oh well they didn’t) leading to that disaster and covering up Sept. 11; and now with the war going badly, the prospect of a war with Iran.

And now, notably, a kind of mock war game with Mexico, that is distracting attention from all of it at a time when Rove himself is something of a central figure in the news.

A Word from Chiron

I could say a lot about the Centaurs and other minor plants, but I want to save that for another article. I’m curious about many of them and I have some ideas about what’s working and how — and some that I have seen are pretty incredible. But with the basics of the chart covered, we can look at those a different time. However, a word on Chiron is very much in order here, because it’s a significant planet in this chart and it’s about to become a lot more significant.

Of note, Chiron has made a lot of aspects in his chart during these peak years of the Dubya administration: conjunctions to all those Capricorn planets; and squares and oppositions to most other planets.

Chiron, which demands integrity and which can heighten our sensitivity to the suffering of others, is quite an unfamiliar energy to Rove, however. He has strong loyalty, but very little impulse to make things right, repair, heal or make them better. Chiron makes two important aspects: a trine to Pluto and a square to the lunar nodes. Neither is likely to convey the feeling of Chiron because it’s not conjunct with a personal planet such as Mars, Venus, the Moon or the Sun. He does not take it personally.

But the square to the nodes is critical. Anything square the nodes says: if you don’t get the message of this planet, it’s back to square one.

Transiting Chiron did what I can confidently call a number on his inner planets in the first two years after Sept. 11; and it’s now conjunct his natal Mars. More significantly, in a little while it will cross his ascendant, which is a very compelling image of a shock to his awareness and personal reinvention — a heck of a lot of Chiron — take that as you will. Chiron crossing the ascendant is one of the most profound “before and after” transits there is.

At the same time, Saturn in Leo is about to sweep into his 7th house, which has much the same effect; that the two happen nearly simultaneously is pretty meaningful, indicative of real movement and a demarcation point between the past and the future.

But however he manages it, this man carries a lot of protection with him. He knows how to elude danger and he has somehow evolved into being the master of his own reality. These days, working directly for God Emperor Bush, the man who depicts himself with a halo, he may well consider himself a demigod. But when it’s done and over, a man is just a man.

Too much of nothing
Can turn a man into a liar,
It can cause one man to sleep on nails
And another man to eat fire.
Ev’rybody’s doin’ somethin’,
I heard it in a dream,
But when there’s too much of nothing,
It just makes a fella mean.

Wiki on Karl Rove: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Rove

Wiki on Plame Affair: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plame_affair

Wiki on Watergate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watergate


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