Jupiter, Neptune, and the Aquarius Full Moon

Originally published Aug. 11, 2019 | Link to original

Dear Friend and Reader:

During these chaotic times, it’s essential that you maintain a boundary between what is outer and what is inner: what is your life, and what belongs to “the world” and the mirage arising before us on the internet and TV.

That boundary is where you gain a measure of influence over the flow of your thoughts and feelings. Slamming the door to what seems external to you won’t work; that resistance will create an energy dam. Neither do you have to throw yourself into the mess.

Planet Waves
Photo by Kristin Giordano.

That said, the public issues are intensely personal, reaching into our homes and communities: for example, the absurd denial drama regarding weapons of battle being used at WalMart or the Garlic Festival (one might reasonably get the idea that it is indeed a war).

Those who know and love people on the “pro” side of the gun debate are sick of hearing the excuses, and the denial is long past the point of being disturbing.

Then there’s the matter of an accused human trafficker (who is friends with the world management team) purportedly killing himself, when he supposedly had already attempted to do so, but was taken off suicide watch after a few days and placed in a cell alone.

Anyone who is a survivor of sexual assault is, by now, aware of the suicide problem. In particular, where the abuse of young people is concerned, a good few perps take their own lives. That said, even the mainstream press seems a bit skeptical of this one. Based on the astrology, I have zero confidence that he killed himself, and I would estimate at least 50/50 odds that he is still alive.

The deeper problem here is how many people whose faces you regularly see on TV took rides on the “Lolita Express.” How do they get to boss the rest of us around, while presenting themselves as moral paragons? To see this hypocrisy and its impact on your life, you need to get a little closer to the “inner/outer” threshold, and notice where your values engage with those of the world around you. That is the point of friction. Make sure you feel the itch and the scratch. Don’t just slather on the Benadryl.

Meanwhile, plenty of challenges are arising for us as individuals, associated with the same astrology that is making the world seem to spin and tug in three different directions. Your first priority has to be taking care of yourself. Distract yourself from any persistent anxiety if you must, or confront it directly if you can.

Wax On: Aquarius Full Moon

The Aquarius Full Moon is exact at 8:29:11 am EDT on Thursday. The waxing Full Moon has a way of dominating the psychic environment from the background. They all have a hint of Neptune to them: what you’re looking right at but may not be able to see.

Planet Waves
Aquarius Moon fashion statement.

if you can tune in and catch the feeling of the rising tide, the Full Moon is a useful resource for setting yourself free from impasses. It will reveal the nature of the conflict, and the potential points of agreement. Gently guide the direction into the energy of friendly opposition, and let the discussion proceed. Don’t force the matter, but rather let things be revealed for what they are.

This Full Moon has many interesting features, including the Sun’s exact conjunctions to Venus and asteroid Sappho. While evocative of an initiation ritual on the Isle of Lesbos, these aspects describe getting people together. I don’t mean a Facebook watch party or “going live.” I mean together, such as in your living room or backyard.

The crux of this particular Aquarius Full Moon is that Moon and Sun (and all points aspecting the Sun) are exactly square Vesta in Taurus. One of the patron saints of Planet Waves, here we have Vesta in her space-holding capacity: directing one’s attention to make sure that something is possible. With Vesta, this usually involves the organization of physical space around a core idea (the hearth or city fire); and the mental and emotional holding open of a field of consciousness.

Have you ever done this? You silently stand guard and make sure that a certain event, development or gathering is facilitated, and can actually happen. You might need to tend the fire (or the kettle). The energy is that of protecting and allowing — gently, persistently, and mostly with your awareness. In this role, you are not a bystander.

Jupiter Direct in Sagittarius

As of Sunday, Jupiter has stationed direct conjunct a deep-space point called the Great Attractor. Jupiter says large, and the Great Attractor says incomprehensibly so. So this Jupiter move has a big feeling to it. (Did anyone see the Moon-Jupiter conjunction Friday night? The Great Attractor was lurking back there 250 million light years away.)

Jupiter stationed direct just 17 arc minutes (about a quarter of a degree) conjunct the Great Attractor, so this event is pointing to something a bit too large to see, at the moment.

Planet Waves
With Jupiter square Neptune, pay attention, as the road of life (or, in this case, the Golden Gate Bridge) may be foggy.

Usually Jupiter direct in Sagittarius would be all systems go, let the arrow fly; however, Jupiter is about to make its third square to Neptune in Pisces. That is like shining a light into a thick fog. You may not be able to see where you’re going. So this is about slowing down and proceeding consciously, and thoughtfully.

Any obstacle presented by Neptune is something you cannot see; something slippery rather than solid; an illusion rather than a reality; a factor of your imagination rather than the physical world. Under Neptune conditions, it’s necessary to catch yourself making assumptions, and verify with facts: against the map, GPS, a landmark, the time of day — any tangible reference points.

Jupiter in Sagittarius may represent your highest aspirations; it can, and we all need to aspire to something. Keep those ideals in mind, as you remember that Jupiter is approaching Capricorn (the scene of the ongoing Saturn-Pluto conjunction I reference at least once in every article).

That calls for another kind of realism: this time dealing with the practical world rather than flights of fancy. But one step at a time. Jupiter squares Neptune on Sept. 21, right before the equinox. Jupiter enters Capricorn on Dec. 2. Today’s station-direct is part of that process, with some added momentum from the Aquarius Full Moon.

By the way, that happens on the 50th anniversary of Richie Havens walking out onto the stage in the Town of White Lake, Bethel, New York. And 50 years since Wavy Gravy cast the I Ching that Friday afternoon, and got Hexagram 13, Fellowship.

To wit: “What you seek of others is really your gift to give; offer it freely.”

With love,

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