Introduction to Chiron: System Busting and Self-Actualization

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Case study chart — natal and progressed

Natal and progressed charts for case study. Click image for full-size version.
Natal and progressed charts for case study. Click image for full-size version.

Additional charts

Charts for Betty Dodson. Click image for full-size version.
armstrong progressed
Charts for Neil Armstrong. Click image for full-size version.
Chart for the discovery of Chiron in 1977.

Outline of the class, by Eric

Chiron brings an inversion of all previous astrological methods, while relying on them to some degree. The most important thing the astrologer must not do (I don’t use that word lightly) is judge the chart. It is coming back into vogue to render a judgment of charts, or to “resolve” them. This is not your role. Your role, like a good photographer, is to stay out of the picture as best you can. If you give your opinion, view or interpretation, it would best come at the very end of the process, and be offered as one possibility and something to consider.

Chiron offers a new ethic. Chiron informs all of one’s astrological practice, or none of it. It’s not merely a planet — it’s an approach to the work. Early pioneers of Chiron recognized that it was a stand-in for the Christ, meaning an organizing spiritual principle in consciousness.

What I call the Chiron method involves sitting with the client, learning about their life, and hearing about their transits — and allowing their inner guidance to take over.

Bad Reputation

Chiron transits tend to bring out concealed problems and unfinished business, giving Chiron a bad reputation. Part of this is based on a lack of true attention to inner work and inner awareness, which Chiron calls for constantly. Working with Chiron, it’s possible to go out of your depth quickly, if a client’s problems overwhelm you. That among other times is when you remind yourself that you are not the healer. Working with Chiron or in any healing art, it’s vital that you know how to ask for help.

How Not to Be the Wounded Healer

We all have our problems, situations and issues. When we put them to work for us, they become our teachers, and opportunities for healing. When they run our lives, they can become toxic, and if we are practitioners, they can invade the healing process.

It’s essential that anyone practicing astrology have substantial experience in therapy and at least some therapy training. Your awareness becomes the client’s awareness. Your ability to not bring your personal issues into the counseling room is essential to the client’s progress, hygienic work and your mutual safety.

Know that you are not the healer; your role is to invite the client’s inner teacher into the process, which means being in touch with your own. Your role is not to fix anyone but rather to be a witness and indirect participant in the process. There may be sessions where all you do is sit in silence with the client.

Diverse Knowledge

Astrology can cover any subject, and is a method of integrating many different subjects. Widely diverse, thorough reading habits, and in-depth knowledge of several fields are necessary for sound astrological practice. These would ideally include mastery of one art, substantial experience in one science, and one other healing practice. It’s essential to have diverse spiritual knowledge, and also at least two deep fields of spiritual inquiry that go beyond passing interest. As you work as an astrologer, the thing really doing the work is your inner teacher, with whom you will need a dependable connection.

To be an astrologer requires a total commitment to the work, to which all other facets of your life become subservient.


Chiron is the child of Kronos and Philyra. Abandoned by both parents, Chiron is raised by Apollo, is taught medicine, teaches medicine to Asclepius, and then mentors a generation of Greek heroes from the classical era. The word means “one who has hands.” The word Chiron has roots in a language that predates ancient Greek (as does Pholus).


20th Century Revival, Pop Astrology, Discovery of Chiron and the Centaurs, Centaur Research Project, Project Hindsight, Retro Movement.
1895 prediscovery photo of Chiron and D.D. Palmer’s discovery of re-chiropractic.
Asclepian Manipulation
Holistic revival of the late 20th century.

Astrology Meets Astronomy

Zane Stein and Brian Marsden. Al Morrison.

The Orbit

Pluto was one of the first planets discovered with an eccentric orbit similar to that of Chiron. Pluto spends about 12 years in Scorpio and 20 years in Taurus. Though Chiron is said to be the first centaur, (944) Hidalgo, discovered in 1920 (1920 HZ), with a 13.76 year orbit, was fairly recently reclassified as a centaur. It is a Jupiter crosser.

This is a year by year ephemeris for Chiron beginning on its date of discovery. Bookmark this tool! It is very useful. Note that it translates the proper names of minor planets to their provisional names, so Chiron will show up as 1977 UB.

Chiron Concepts

Hidden Cycle
Holistic — Whole-Making
Bringing the Light of Awareness
Making Conscious Choices

Other resources

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Depiction of Chiron’s orbit, courtesy of JPL diagram tool. Click image for larger version. page on Chiron

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