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New York, Feb. 20, 2020

Dear Friend and Reader:

The written RESPECT readings — called An Aquarian Era — covering 2021-2023 are underway.

This letter is for current customers of the annual, for new customers, and for people who have invested in the past. It includes a delivery notice, and also a price increase notice.

Planet Waves

As you know, the Planet Waves annual is a truly unusual astrology offering, providing detailed, soulful, relevant readings.

I have done these every year since 1999. Each edition builds on the prior ones. Every year, I re-learn and re-explain astrology.

On the typically vapid, superstitious astrology internet, these readings stand out as works of literature, directly relevant to you.

There is nothing else available even vaguely resembling this series of readings.

Most internet astrology readings are assembled by robots. They have no cohesion, and offer exceedingly little sense of the person creating them. Many are uncredited; you have no idea what you’re getting. Yet many people take them on board unfiltered, allowing them to influence their perceptions and choices.

I am offering something VERY different

My annual readings are crafted with the care of the very best personal nonfiction writing, with the ethics and the training of competent, responsible therapy, and the alive, fresh immediacy of journalism. They are carefully researched, edited and fact-checked. I take full responsibility for my work.

I am not writing for “true believers” in astrology. I am writing for some who value astrology, and for those who will be engaged by the quality of the work. I am writing for thinkers, for healers, and for spiritual seekers. I am writing for people who respect both shamanic tradition and science.

Moreover, you get much of the value of a personal reading. Not all — but most. You learn a lot about current astrology and how it influences you, in clear, concise language.

Most significantly, you get something respectful of your intelligence and your individuality.


Your 2020 reading is in two parts — an extended written reading as part of the INTELLIGENCE package, and an extended audio reading as part of the RESPECT package.

Planet Waves

I am now well into part 2 of RESPECT, the written part — called An Aquarian Era. Though I have promised a reading that covers up through 2021, I am taking this one out to 2023-2024, covering Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, and introducing Pluto in Aquarius.

You will get additional information about Neptune in Pisces, and Chiron in Aries.

I have promised these for late March, and by some miracle, I seem to be on schedule. We will begin publishing the written pieces over the weekend, and will likely have three published by Sunday night — Aries, Aquarius and probably Pisces.

If you are already a customer waiting for this work, please review the INTELLIGENCE written reading. Please make a point of reading Aries, which is included for everyone.

Your 2020 audio RESPECT reading, which covers many excellent topics, is worth a second listen.

If you have not encountered this work, or encountered my annuals, I am very excited for you. You will not hear me say this often, but I am proud of what I have achieved, in each individual annual project, and the entire body of work.

Please take advantage of the pre-publication price. You may order single signs here or get all 12 signs here. Alternatively, you can order the full RESPECT readings together with INTELLIGENCE as one package: get the complete readings, or choose your individual signs.

Thank you for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,

PS — Some ask why they would want all 12 signs, or more than one. There are several reasons. One, you may share your annual package with your household. Two, you will definitely want to read for your Sun, Moon and rising signs. Plus, each sign is designed to offer excellent material and a touch of wisdom for everyone.

PPS — Here is a letter about how my readings work. The explanation is too long. The readings work because I not only can do them — I put in the time, the effort, the thought and the research. And I work very carefully at the writing and audio presentations. It’s not an accident of nature.

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