Inner Space – September 2007

About those Virgo birthdays….

Photo by Eric Francis.

Dear Friend and Reader:

TIME to face reality: this Virgo birthday report is going to be done outside the box. It may come in pieces; I’ll tell you what has come through so far in this session, and keep the channel open till more arrives. There has not been a birthday season any time recently that has brought in more reader concerns about what is up, what certain events mean, and so on — there is plenty to write about, but I keep having the feeling it’s too early to say too much for sure.

There is so much movement and uncertainty around your sign right now that in truth there is no predicting much at all. The clutch plates of the universe keep coming together and separating, and the gears keep shifting, and then there is the old hyperspace button of a solar eclipse in about one week. Venus is up to all kinds of tricks. The theme is uncertainty, and what we do with it. Uncertainty is a resource.

One would think that with Saturn entering your sign Sunday, Sep. 2, things would feel nailed down and perfectly arranged. But Saturn always brings changes before it brings stability, particularly Saturn crossing out of the 12th solar house (for you, Leo) and entering your 1st solar house. How far you went into the dark recesses of your own mind, you have yet to see. How you will go about manifesting your fortunes and your destiny, you have yet to learn. Saturn through the 12th house (in any kind of chart) is a time of introspection, retreat and facing the inner cosmic void. It was as if no external structure could contain you, and you were still searching for the internal ones. That phase was from approximately July 2005 through this past week.

You have lived with plenty of instability since Uranus entered your opposite sign (and my natal sign) Pisces in the summer of 2003. That seems so long ago, doesn’t it? The priorities you faced at that time were entirely different from those you are looking at today. You seemed intent enough on making your way in the world, but then you had not, at that time, faced up to certain inner realities that would manifest a couple of years later. It is not possible to effectively live an outer life without having some corresponding inner life.

Oddly, it was external factors that jolted you into yourself. People with ideas seemingly much greater than your own, people devoted to freedom rather than to duty, those with no allegiance to anything or anyone that did not support their higher purpose — these people came into your life with a shocking quality that at once made you feel inept and insecure, and at the same time made you confront your potential. Or, rather, your fear that you might lack precisely that. Few signs are as capable of insecurity as Virgos or Virgo rising. Few are more adept at taking what potential there is and rendering it null with self-judgments.

So, we can all exhale now that Saturn is safely in Virgo. You are at least grounded in your process of change, rather than having it sweep you away like a tsunami. You are on the solid ground of an idea, rather than the shaky ground of having all your old ideas about yourself washed away. We could say that the process of change is what is being stabilized. Virgo represents the process of idea formation. It is mutable energy — the energy of the mind — grounded in solid, documentable form. This is one time you will be glad you kept a diary.

This message is repeated by the partial solar eclipse in your sign on Sep. 11. While this is not a total eclipse, it is a potent one, and it falls on a day with worldwide symbolic meaning. Sep. 11 is a day associated with significant decisions that come on suddenly, and seem to completely rearrange the patterns of our lives. The key is to make conscious choices, and to use disruptions to your favor and not to your detriment — and that takes holding the idea open, and practice, more than anything else.

More next week. This edition also contains the Inner Space horoscope, which is being published a week earlier than scheduled.

See you Friday.

Yours & truly,

Photos by Drexcel Najarian.

Aries (March 20-April 19)
You have one idea about how to proceed on a health-related issue, which may take a while. However, you may be handed information this month that reveals a more direct route to the solution. Notably, it may seem like bad news at first, but will turn out to be helpful. Of all the places you’ve lived in your life, you have inhabited your body through all of them, and it is your true home. This relates to the Earth herself, which is part of your body and vice versa. The best solution to any issue, question or situation you face will be found out of doors.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
You are free. You are free from the thoughts in your mind that tell you that you’re not free; you’re free from the sense of burden that was laid on your chest as a child — including the burden of being promised a life where others would take care of you, or the other side of this, the pain of being told you would never be taken care of. Just remember, self-sufficiency has its limits; once you really start to live in the world of people, things and art, you will see that we are all deeply and intricately interdependent. This is good news.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
Saturn is about to cross the sensitive home and security angle of your chart, and this often relates to a physical move, changing houses or cities, or completely rearranging your security base. Sooner or later it’s going to happen; the truth is you have outgrown many of the physical spaces and the ideas that have contained you for so long. A combination of factors this month accelerates what could otherwise be a slow, arduous process, and will help you set your feet on a path to greater independence and prosperity — as long as you welcome change and don’t fear it.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
During eclipse season (at the moment, late August and early September) I believe people born under the sign Cancer have a little greater influence. Yes, your life may pick up that feeling of being fated in an odd way. There is a kind of drama that seems to unfold. And from one side of the eclipse to another, you are a different person. The focus of this round of eclipses (in Pisces and Virgo) involves your beliefs, your thought patterns and what you do in your local area. Local involves where you put your feet during the day, where you are sleeping at night, and where your roots are slowly sinking into the ground. Pay attention: progress is in progress.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)
You now have the strength and determination you need to resolve a difficult financial crisis. Certain changes are inevitable; others are subject entirely to your creative will. You have a gift for keeping an even keel, and for coming up with solutions at the last moment. You now need to be thinking long-range, and you need to be thinking structurally. Money responds directly to structure. You need to be an engineer now, and plan a structure that will take you long into the future. Every problem, question or goal you encounter where money is concerned needs to have this one concept applied to it: structure, as in shape, form, and construction plan.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
Virgo is one of the hidden dynamos of the zodiac. True, you spend too much time hung up on the details, and then every now and then, you remember that a good, wholesome explosion takes care of the details beautifully. What changes somewhat suddenly this month is changing specifically to make room for something that is on its way. You had a clue as to what that something was back in July, and that set the process in motion, hooking it specifically to your desire for a better life. Fear is powerful, but there is nothing like the positive desire for change, put into action, to create solid and lasting progress.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
You may be feeling an ominous sense that “something is up” — and you are right. The first thing you may need to address is, however, an odd sense of contradiction: one side of your personality is being pulled out into the public eye, while another side is being pulled deep into the inner spaces of your being. You may feel equally isolated in both situations; you may feel an odd sense of not being able to relate to your friends, and not being entirely at home in your skin, or in your home. Stick with this sense of something missing; it is into the missing space that a new reality will gradually flow.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
The heavens are opening the way for you to dream bigger dreams. You may at first experience this as being backed into a corner or pigeonhole of some kind; you may feel you have to commit to a narrower course of events than you currently want to. In fact, you are being called upon to refine your vision, and to gradually take the steps you need to take, one at a time, to make that vision into something tangible. This really involves one exercise: making sure you believe there is room for you in the world. Remember, this is more a matter of belief than anything else. The world is plenty big; we need our minds to match.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)
Twists and turns in your home life have forced you to keep career plans on hold the past few years. Now, you are gaining a level of mastery over your private environment, and your public life will again begin to enter the spotlight. You’re entering a phase where you have something of the Midas touch: you are taken seriously, you are seen as someone doing a true public service, and you can connect with your long-term dedication to what may in fact be a very difficult goal. What you now have going for you is persistence, momentum and a true understanding of what you need to do, and how. But mostly, you have stability.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
You seem to be weighing two contradictory sets of evidence, for and against a certain key long-term issue in your life. You may feel some hesitation over just how long-range you need to be thinking, and you may get a little shock at how close the future really is looming. But don’t forget that eternally true truism about the future being right now. It is right now, and the quality of your particular moment is determined substantially by what beliefs you possess and what changes you determine you need to make in your beliefs. When in doubt, check in with the most basic ethics of the matter.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
The time has come to wedge yourself out of a deal you don’t want any part of. It may be a relationship, a contract, a family situation involving more than one generation and possibly an inheritance; it may be a frame of mind that has kept you trapped in an environment that does not feel entirely of your own making. The past plays heavily into the situation: the affairs of a dead relative may be involved, and there may also be a big discussion about a will, estate or trust in which you are involved. Here, I defer to A Course in Miracles: accept no compromise in which death plays a part.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
You have been waiting years for a shift in your relationships, for focus and clarity and to live out the commitment that is so natural to you. Meanwhile, you’ve managed to wage a revolution within yourself: to be free at any cost, including the freedom to be yourself within the context of a relationship. Now comes an extended time of applying the gains of that revolution to your actual, living relationships. Remember, you are free, and nothing can change that. The key to happiness is making decisions consciously, from that awareness of freedom, which is always about the right to make a choice. And, if you’ve made the wrong decision in the past, to choose again.

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