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Hi Eric

Ayesha here again. Having been an energy healer for many years and newly certified in Theta healing, I am very interested in joining this discussion.

After decades of researching how to live a healthy life, at 82 I am often guessed be 65; I am flexible, mentally and physically active and pain-free. Every day I am grateful for this miraculous life!

I would love to share what I know with others, in whatever form that is possible.
Thank you for all you are doing by creating communities of likeminded and awake individuals like yourself!!

Ayesha Ashley



I’d like whatever info can be shared on what your thoughts are on what practitioner help would be at Planet Waves.

Uncertain if “I” am who you mean to address, but I do surely have skills on bringing the subject down to simple steps on an individual level aka our personal feelings of safety and belonging in the world. This is expressed through our breath, our movement, our presence and the quality of  our attention. I love exploring the “as within” conversation and the mirrors we imagine are outside our influence.

I feel inspired to participate in some way that brings the conversation to a personal and empowered presence.

Gael Chiarella Alba

founder of The Yokibics Way

author at


Please look into Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra) Extract. It is known to block ANY virus from entering our cells to highjack our dna; ie, to infect us. I called the CDC many years ago and the tech who answered the phone looked uo Elderberry in the CDC’s resources, and came back on the phone very excited that the medical documentation verified Elderberry’s efficacy in rejecting viral infection.

After trying almost every brand, I settled upon “Nature’s Answer” bcs it has no alcohol, and it just ‘feels’ stronger to me. I use the liquid although it also is available in a pill or capsule. It is safe for most ages (don’t know abt infants).

Also you can quadruple the daily dose of one tablespoon for an acute situation, and it won’t harm you. I used it when I had to clear a building full of rodent waste, and wanted protection from Hanta Virus. Years later, I can say that it worked (I’m alive) with no side effects other than feeling a great warmth after taking the extra tblspns.

The other thing that I know of is inhaling steam (at your comfort level), since that is supposed to kill viruses entering through the nasal passages. We used a facial steamer, but there are many household methods.


Zi Pinsley

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  1. Published in 2008, this is a study of extracts of peppermint, lemon balm and sage, which the study reports quickly inhibits infection of HIV. It was recently reported that the corona virus was treated successfully with HIV medications, of which these are part. I have studied Lemon Balm through articles that were available on the Mayo Clinic website, but which seem to no longer be publicly available, so I was happy to find this article. Lemon Balm’s latin name is Melissa Officinalis. The essential oil is expensive, but Lemon Balm is available on line and at the grocery, in the specialty tea section. You can order bulk on Amazon and eBay and make your own tincture extracts. There are a lot of instructions available on line on how to make it. Lemon Balm is the cure for herpes simplex, or fever blisters. It is in many anti-viral medications, and still being studied against HIV, Aids, Herpes, Shingles, and other viral infections. People with immune system disorders like MS or Lupu, need to discuss using elderberry with their physician. 7 days of treatment with extract would be considered safe, but unlimited use could cause problems because of furthering suppression of the immune system. The same may be true for nearly any other extract. By and large, I think extracts are much more effective than essential oils, in that the entire plant is used. There is a lot of information on line, and it takes a lot of reading. My favorite resources is still the Tisserand Institute. Your welcome.

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