Monday Morning Horoscope #232 for June 8, 2020


Aries (March 20-April 19) — To be the ‘master of your destiny’, so much as is possible on the physical plane, calls for having a handle on your spiritual life. That’s the bit where you consider your relationship to existence, and seek to understand your fears, and learn where you stand with yourself. It’s easy to sidestep this. It’s easy to Netflix and chill your way through life. The initial steps require the most adaptation, because old ways do not like to be challenged, nor do the inner identities that sustain them. Sometimes, though, there is a bold sense of adventure. Other times you might embark on something and not be sure what that is. Any of those would serve you, though you must make the connections — feeling the pull or the opening and allowing yourself to experience that. For a little while, you have access to knowledge that is beyond your direct experience. Listen carefully for that, and notice when you hear it.

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — What are the bonds that link you to another person? They seem to be shifting; are you observing that fact? It’s not that the relationship is ‘ending’, but rather that its deeper basis, its foundation, is calling for recognition. It will be possible to live under the old terms for a while, though for the relationship to persist, you must grow in ways that you may find daunting, incomprehensible or impossible at the moment. When you have that feeling, consider that you’re standing on the wave front of your next reality. You may or may not like this. You might try to compensate by holding onto some values or ideas you have long espoused. If you’re doing that, do it consciously, because Venus retrograde is an opportunity to reassess your ideals. Even if you have no special interest in that, it’s going to happen; you know that your spirit is moving you, and you must begin to question what you thought of as reality.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — How is your listening process going? The one about listening to yourself, or reading what you’ve written? [Please see Gemini in Monday Morning 231.] This is not the kind of thing you do for a moment and move on. It’s a skill you’re being called upon to develop, so that you have it available when you need it. You can think of this as coming home to yourself, which may require making the discovery that you had, at some point, gone away. You have a tendency to dismiss the body-oriented level of knowledge and understanding, in favor of what ‘makes sense’ to you. What happens then is you miss out on the opportunity to be with your contradictions long enough to work them out. Notice when you’re doing this: when you try to explain something, make it simple, or resolve the tension by taking sides. True maturity comes from being able to live in peace with uncertainty and in the face of the unknown, if only for a while.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Last week, I reminded you: for healing to be real, the problem most certainly must have the element of opportunity, otherwise, what is the use? This is the ‘other way of seeing things’ that is so essential to any progress. Evolution of thought means seeing yourself and your situation from a new angle, particularly one where you notice you have the power to make decisions. That is the moment where and when you engage your true being: the place you see and acknowledge that you can call the shots. As you study this, you’re likely to notice how it embraces everything about you, right down to choosing who you are, and choosing to accept who you are. This would be simple, save for all the layers of guilt and denial that are piled on nearly everyone as a child — particularly an insidious form of self-denial that results in losing contact with one’s core being. Restoring your strength comes back to being fully present for your power to decide, and seeing your options.

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Curiosity is your best friend. It’s your permission to exist, to search and to feel. Curiosity is your permission to create, just so you can see what happens next. It is a bypass through or around clutter that would serve no purpose but to distract you from taking action. Usually, that clutter is put in place to make people less curious, and thus more manageable, predictable and subject to external control. To engage your motivation and self-authority, therefore, you would be taking the most tangible step beyond external control. Are you ready for that? And how do you know? This would seem to be one of the deepest personal issues, connected to and multiplied into many of the problems we see in society, where so many people, as a mass movement, are united and emboldened by the need to not think for themselves. Then they wonder how certain political ‘leaders’ manifest, and parental figures, priests and other cops. Could all of this be obviated by allowing yourself to feel sincere curiosity, and acting upon it? Are you curious about that?

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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — It’s easy to tell who is honest, if you’re really interested. If you don’t care, it’s nearly impossible, because the concept of honesty won’t exist. If you fall prey to someone’s lack of integrity, it will merely seem like circumstances outside your control led to it. Once you make a choice to be discerning, life may seem a shade more dangerous, because you’re acknowledging potential problems that are related to your choice to trust or not trust — which is an important decision in any relationship. Then, there is what to do if you are not certain. However, this would seem to call for a basic protocol, such as paying attention, and gaining some experience in small ways that don’t involve too much vulnerability. That would include listening. People will tell you who they are without much prodding. They will also show you who they are, with all of their actions. The only question is whether you care enough to notice. That is the same question as: how much do you care about yourself?.

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Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Make sure you need to do everything you’re doing. That will require you to slow down and evaluate whatever you do. This means acknowledging what it is from a purely factual standpoint: I am painting the foyer lime green; I am planting rhubarbs in my garden before the New Moon; I am polishing my headlights. And it means noticing where that action fits into the sequence of events, motivated by something, and headed toward something. I am recommending these very basic kinds of orientation exercises due to a Mars-Neptune conjunction that is brewing, building, and will be exact on Saturday, June 13. This has the feeling of spiritual vertigo, including complicating your sense of the passage of time. To sort out what is real from what is not, it will help to have reference points, which include the calendar, and extend into the kind of rudimentary awareness exercises I suggested. Take care of your health by taking care of your wellbeing. For you they are closely related. Focus on feeling good, rather than feeling safe.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Your chart has the feeling of melting, as in you melting. This could be a pleasant experience of gently melting into warm water, or a meltdown that is the result of anger. You may find that these two states of mind are closer than you may think, and somehow mysteriously slip from one to another. Wherever you may be in consciousness, be there. Feel what you’re feeling, and use that as a point of entry into yourself. The sensations you’re experiencing are not the destination or result. Rather, they are openings into a deeper experience of yourself. Your way will be facilitated by not being so invested in your emotions, but rather taking some distance and acknowledging their existence. You may not get any easy answers about what is true and what is not. If you ride the waves and dare to breathe underwater, you may discover you’re asking real questions that you’re not in a rush to answer.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You’re in a time where your potential is being revealed to you. Potential, is, of course, just that — any growth or revelation comes from action. Sometimes it’s one thing, like doing something you might not ordinarily have done, which places you in new territory. Sometimes, it’s like learning a difficult or unfamiliar dance move, where you just have to keep doing it over and over to get it right. In fiction, there is a concept called ‘suspending disbelief’. That’s what gets you into the universe of the book or film; you forget it’s not real for a while, and do not actively resist your perceptions. That, too, would be a helpful move, though how you get there is the question. You can look for an idea you want to work with. Notice if you have some odd attachment to “the way things are.” How does any attachment work or not work for you? Be alert to what serves a negative purpose, such as, “I have this person in my life to interrupt me.” Then, decide if you want that purpose.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — You may be noticing another wave of change you cannot control. That’s the only meaningful kind. It’s the experience that teaches you there’s something more creative than control, which is to make up life as you go. Though this may seem either impossible or like it couldn’t work all the time, in truth it’s an approach and a skillset you develop and learn to use. Many have proposed that, mainly, it is attachment to the past that gets in the way of being in the present. However, the past cannot be dismissed. One place to start is to acknowledge you will always coexist with it, though that its meaning will change over time. It already has. You don’t need to fear that if you look at the past, you will get lost in it again. You’re bigger than it now; you’re not there. You live in a parallel world. Think of your past as an aquarium you’re looking into from the outside, and perhaps reconsider your response to anything you may see.

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — The paradox of approval is that it ultimately always comes down to you, for yourself. Others can do something useful, which is to set an example, thereby teaching you newer approaches than the ones previously modeled. Learn the specifics: tone of voice, choice of words. Be sensitive to what you like being said about you and what you don’t appreciate, including the subtle shades. Pretty much all learning is by example, so choose the example you want. When you take someone as an intimate, you accept the way they treat you as the way you would treat yourself. This counts for whomever they may be, that is, in whatever supposed role, and however they may speak to you, or treat you. Let this be your guidance on filtering out who you don’t want in your life and whom you do. You might say, as others do unto you, you do unto yourself.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — I just happened upon this Pisces weekly horoscope from four years ago, in May. It seemed apropos of our moment. “If you feel like you’re at a turning point, then keep turning. Your astrology reveals that you have more leverage than you think, though at times you may feel like you’re mysteriously stuck. Actually, you’re surpassing one limit after the next, though they may be subtle limits, many of them mental. As you do this, it’s important to be aware of your significant gains. Pay less attention to the day-to-day ups and downs, and more attention to the longer scenario. Where were you at a year ago? What about two years? Make a list of every challenge and obstacle you’ve successfully navigated. Consider what you’ve built, made or created, and give yourself extra credit because it’s so challenging to be enthusiastic about anything these days. Yet if you want to get your life onto the next level, it will help if you think of yourself — not your life — differently. Your life is not about what you do. It’s about who you are, and what you do follows from that.”

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