Monday Morning Horoscope #219 for March 9, 2020


Aries (March 20-April 19) — You need some time in the sanctity of your own thoughts, to consider where you are at in life, and what you want. Various events keep extracting you into the world, particularly via the digital sphere. You have an important investment of yourself there, particularly social, and you’ve figured out how to have actual fun. I suggest you remember that there is much more to who you are, and recall other modes of social interaction that were, in prior times, deeply meaningful to you. Still, it’s like a magnet, and for you there is something stabilizing about how you present yourself and how you exist in these strange, electronic ethers. In your true inner realms, though, you access the deeper levels of your creativity, and your sensitivity. As Mercury changes directions, you will feel that draw into your inner ocean, or at least to the shore. If you hang out there, you will feel some relief from the pressures of the world. Music ameliorates. Get your full Aries reading by Eric here.

The Journey of You and Chiron | A New Reading by Eric Francis

Anyone who has encountered it is curious about Chiron. Planet Waves provides one of the few dependable online sources of information on this unusual planet. For the 10th anniversary Astrology Studio reading, I will be covering Chiron in Aries — a momentous event for all those born under this sign, and of high interest to everyone else. Pre-order this reading here for the best price.


Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Freedom is an inner state of being, much more so than an outer one. Yet if you’re feeling restless and like you need to stretch out, take some tangible steps and do it. Even pushing one seeming limit of your life or your world will help you. I suggest social. Take a moment and consider what would be your ideal social environment, which means human environment. That feeling of wanting to experience a liberating burst directly involves your contact with other people, and your need to be accepted for exactly who you are. That is possible, though it begins with self-acceptance, or said another way, being at peace with yourself. I know this can seem impossible to a good few people, or so rare as to be a kind of dream. Even if you want to change and have a long list of things you want to change about yourself, making progress comes from boldly meeting the challenge of inner harmony. Get your full Taurus reading by Eric here.


Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Mercury is now stationing direct, after one of the longest, strangest retrograde trips in recent memory. They usually have a touch of weirdness; this one has spread its influence all over the world. Your little planet has landed in late Aquarius, which is your solar 9th house — that of your worldview, your big plans, and the elements of your faith. Certain persistent questions have come to a point where you may be able to phrase them in ways open to a viable answer. I suggest you focus your intentions on one particular goal or motive, and work with that for long enough to get a result. It is again time to rethink the whole notion of ‘career’ and ‘profession’ from the inside out. That means starting from your deepest creative impulse and translating that into tangible work. You might take that as “what do I like to do every day, and where do I like to do it?” Ask that question, without any prejudices about what is possible. Ask, and write down your honest answer. Then stare at it for a while. Get your full Gemini reading by Eric here.


Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Several different factors are working together to make you more visible and to power up your sense of purpose, in relationship to your surroundings. You will like this because you’re getting opportunities to take care of people in ways that are suited to your nature. While you have a conservative streak (what tantra calls ‘preserver’ energy), you’re also a little quirky and a tad particular. Let that work for you. You don’t really want to fit in anywhere; you want to take leadership doing what only you can do. Leadership does not necessarily involve being police chief or captain of the rugby team. In your case it means connecting to life so as to give you the pleasure of full commitment, and letting others see that such a thing is possible. Yes, there are always challenges associated with this, and true individuality often comes with a touch of feeling isolated. But take note, that is usually an illusion. Get your full Cancer reading by Eric here.


Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Remain true to yourself and to your purpose. Don’t let anyone distract you, or convince you of anything that is not true for you. Focus on the idea of what you want, and want to become; you don’t need to put as much effort into it as you may think. In fact it would help a little if you temper your drive to get things done, and focus more on being what you want to be. I know that in Western civilization, “doing” and “being” are considered the same thing, which is a theory that deserves to be tested. You can test it by experimenting with existing in the state you aspire to. You slip into this like a glove. There is no concern or anxiety involved, no more than in calm breathing. Most people think that if they work hard enough, they will get to a place where they are satisfied with their lives. You have an opportunity to start with the result, and then gradually backtrack into the appropriate level of activity. Get your full Leo reading by Eric here.


Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — You’re in the process of having a revelation about the nature of both a personal relationship, and a work situation. Once you see the scenario for what it is, you will feel much better; you will see how you have room to expand your sense of who you are, and stretch into a new reality. Belief presents one of the most serious obstacles in this world, whether it’s true or not. Once belief is seen for what it is, the alternatives seem much better: awareness, understanding, curiosity, and acknowledging your need for adventure. The world may seem like an exceedingly dangerous place right now. But most of that danger is coming through provoked emotions and a level of intellect best described as theoretical. In reality, many paths are open to you, and you remain in possession of your individual quest, and your individual karma. Count on the big scenario of the world taking care of itself. Focus on something specific to you. Get your full Virgo reading by Eric here.


Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — You may be craving a daring experiment of some kind. Maybe it’s a financial experiment; the markets are volatile enough for someone who knows what they’re doing. Maybe it’s an emotional experiment, the choice to reveal your feelings to someone you care about. Maybe it’s a sexual experiment. Typically for humans in our moment in the world, these desires are usually suffocated under ten layers of denial. The available bandwidth seems to get narrower and narrower. Yet you’re not actually bound by it. Something, a feeling or desire, may break through to the surface, and if it does, you have the potential to experiment. This is about pleasure and sharing; it’s about investing yourself in an experiment. Contrary to nearly all of the sexual values of our world, no power over anyone else is involved. No value is exchanged except for what is inherent in the experience: what you offer, what you feel, what you learn. Get your full Libra reading by Eric here.


Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You could be seeing a bold, simple situation as much more complex than it is. Perhaps this is due to your tendency to overthink most things to an exponential degree. Yet that often works out to be a means of rationalizing yourself out of your desire to have a far more interesting life. Have you considered the sources of the fears that trouble you? Have you considered how much better your life will be without them? What you will have to ‘give up’ is the false certainty associated with restricting your experience. Yet once you step outside of that, you will invoke a kind of vulnerability that is especially freaky these days. One generation ago, the things you want to do were for many people just simply the thing to do. It can be that easy, though the first attachment to let go of is needing the approval of others (mostly, surrogates for your relatives, or the actual people). Thankfully, there is someone in your life who is calling you to another place, another time, another kind of existence. Get your full Scorpio reading by Eric here.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Take the opportunity to improve your financial situation. This is always driven by motivation. It’s not about luck; intelligence plays a role, though it’s useless if you’re not connected to an energy source — and you now have one. Relying on others for your financial wellbeing is not a good strategy for you. You are more the self-reliant type, though there are always points of contact. Partnership questions are therefore mostly a matter of structure. It’s better if you’re the one who controls the accounts, your cash flow and your spending priorities. It’s better if you set the agenda, and fortunately you have one. You’re in a better position if you don’t want money for its own sake, but rather to accomplish specific tasks, whether that means paying the electric bill, helping a friend or acquiring something you want. Connect dollar amounts to specific plans, and set structured goals. Once you get into the swing of intending to do something and then succeeding, you will want more. Get your full Sagittarius reading by Eric here.


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — This is a potential moment of clarity for you, when the fog clears and you can see into the distance. Inwardly, envision the sediment of your emotions settling to the bottom of the lake, and the water taking on a transparent quality. In this space, ideas will come to you. You will see through previously vexing problems. And you have the ability to get out of your own way, which you can refine into a method. Mostly what you stumble over involves questions of priorities. The word “priorities” means paying attention to what comes before something else, and this can be based on time, or on preference. You can resolve that easily by stopping and asking yourself what has to happen next. Get difficult or complex projects started long in advance, even if you begin with a few notes scribbled down. Gently get things moving, and keep your energy flowing. Even if you’re knackered or stressed, do your best to stay focused. Persist gently and your stress level will drop, and your energy will bounce back. Get your full Capricorn reading by Eric here.


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Mercury stations direct in your sign Monday, combined with a Full Moon across the sensitive partnership and commitment angle of your solar chart. You may be asking yourself who you can really trust. That’s a good question. The answer is most likely those who demonstrate their trustworthiness, through consistently treating you well. Notice who is good for their word — that is, those for whom the promises they make matter. Take the opportunity to track your own patterns and guide yourself into being committed to fulfilling what you agree to. Today would be a good day to reflect and make a list of any unkept promises. Then reach out and let people know that they’re still on your mind, and you intend to fulfill them. You might find this goes further to calm your anxiety than anything else you can do. Get your full Aquarius reading by Eric here.

Astrology Studio for Pisces | A New Reading by Eric Francis

This is a momentous time in collective history, and a turning point in your life. As the year develops, most of the movement — including Pisces’ ruling planet Jupiter, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction — will be pointing into Aquarius, the most sensitive and innermost angle of your chart. I will also cover the retrogrades of Venus and Mars, and the forthcoming Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in your friendship sign Capricorn. Mostly, I will help you orient on your profound journey, and offer guidance how to harmonize with the world at this unusual time. Get instant access to this reading here.


Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — This week’s combined aspects are offering you many unusual opportunities. Stay where people can see, hear and feel you, and no hiding your light under a bushel. At the moment, you’re blessed with an unusual and appealing way of expressing yourself, so speak up when the desire fills you. The world is in a ridiculous state of fear and chaos at the moment, though you’re in a position to both work with the energies and make the situation work for you. Remember that you’re playing the long game. Therefore, remember that whatever you say and do today will have effects in the future. And at the same time, peer ahead and see yourself in a place you want to be, doing something you want to do, and keep taking steps in that direction. Even your seemingly modest moves and gestures can mean a lot; what matters above all else is your sincerity. You will be able to avoid most errors with a little calm reflection, in advance of making any decision, no matter how minor. Get your full Pisces reading by Eric here.

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