A Guide to the Dimensions by Eric Francis 

This is what it’s like up in 11-D. I don’t get into that in this article.

Physical – Data coming in via the established physical senses. Time and direction make sense. There are concrete directions, up, down, left, right, the cardinal points and the degrees. Measurable. Often repeatable. Cause and effect. Male-female dichotomy. Repeating cycles. Hunger, thirst, elimination. Special love. Narrative. Death is total, reincarnation, some focused concept; specific lives for specific purposes. Orgasm is release into physical only, or physical and one or more other levels or spaces below. Love as sex, sex as love. Possibility of violation as attack. Death as non-existence.

Astral – Time potentially flows in all directions, and can stagnate. Physical space does not make sense and is not integrated with temporal order. Timestamp not possible as time and space intersect more loosely and seem to slip around and contradict. Identity is optional and morphs; any symbol can represent any idea. Cannabis, LSD, ayahuasca, dream plane. The main identifying property is polarization, usually very pleasant or very unpleasant. Sometimes just dreamy and strange. You remember it but you don’t. Was it real or was it not?

This is where most of the world is, most of the time.

Astral feeling is reflective but you don’t know it’s you you’re looking at, foggy at times. Sense of distortion in all things. Sense of linearity (and integrity) suspended, allowing for “internal logic” or “demagogic” and either disorienting or liberating as such. Defies gravity. Polarized consciousness, such as opposite camps form, “Summerland” v. “Nightmare Alley.” Can be asexual or deeply sexual (including some forms of phantasy). Physical laws and boundaries are suspended.  Nervous tension.

Small group focus may be pleasant population level. Narrative dissolves. Death is transformation. Religion is new age / woo woo / jingoism. Telepathy. Psychically sticky feeling, sometimes invasive. Love as conditional. Hate is its seeming opposite — that is the trap, and the leg-hold, the battle of love versus hate.

Digital – This is a synthetic astral plane. Seemingly anonymous astral located and entered through the physical, complete with timestamps. So it’s kind of wedged into linear time and physical but is also happening simultaneously, collapsing space and time, or seeming to. Tension between local and nonlocal. Infinite memory capacity is restructuring and redefining physical brain memory. It’s an odd portal into the astral where timestamps are still possible. Yet it is a waking dream. Unlike other dreams, though, you can track your way back to where you found yourself, and it may not have moved. Most of the astral is in constant motion. It might feel like a kind of ascension, loosening up certain physical boundaries and making certain meetings and encounters more probable. This level is generally about electricity as its deeper property. (See Twin Peaks season 3.) Death as being ‘digitally immortal’.

Causal – Sway of emotion; intentionally driving group consciousness with individually “verified” experience. The same thing happened to me! It must be real. The Star Spangled Banner, cult feeling: Mormon, J. Dubs, the NRA, nationalistic, exclusionary. The Causal Plane is jumping on the bandwagon, for some cause or belief. Group (mass) mind. Being psychically infiltrated and / or surrendering feels good rather than invasive. Love as conditional acceptance. Judgment as threat of rejection from collective. Toxic Aquarius is often present. The trap is the urgent need to belong and to be “part of something larger than oneself.” Covid.

Mental – Morphogenetic fields; the ‘psychic’ latticework and architecture behind physical reality, holding up the illusion; the template; the archetype; the thing in its seeming perfection; elegant logic; mathematics; concept of the true meaning of something; God as concept that might or might not prove out. Photographic proof, documentary. The Pleiadians. Death may be obviated by ‘conservation of energy’. The ability to say yes and no, and mean it. Feels like Saturn-Mercury.

Etheric – The light of glory, charismatic leaders with “the light” around them, God as magical Earthly power (Jesus, Superman, guru with special powers, expert who will save the day, the exalted ruler), illusion and ritual of theater (including a kind of fourth wall through which the guru invites the subject). Hermaphroditic in nature. Phenomena like precognition, deja vu, synchronicity. Many simultaneous meanings possible, “there is no truth, it’s all true.” Sway of emotion similar to causal level but feels cleaner and more honest, though it’s not. Death as the belief in reincarnation; bardo involved. Possibility of ‘fall from grace’ which was not really grace. Feels like Neptune.

Soul – Fusion with God as actively lived purpose; the growth process; awareness of the inner light. Death as relationship. Personality exists but is seen as irrelevant or more often as a vehicle. Infinite simultaneous possibilities but one true path. The need for constant improvement relaxes. Experience is all valid, all relative to other experience, all part of the whole (whole system thinking; biophilia as experience); essence of ‘human’ as infinite love. Feels like Chiron.

Oversoul – Laniakea, the size and scale of soul migration (through and seeming to be the universe but is somewhat local), the ripples of migration, fluttering sound and experience as it all passes through; time as ocean with tides. Oversoul is about moving, the jet stream of spirit. Strong force of attraction. Pools and strands of time can occur. The one is the many. (Refer to 2017 Sagittarius reading for more information.)

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  1. Eric,
    I sit on the porch, sheltered from the cold December rain, and am warmed by your contemplation of dimensions.
    I am heartened that you can thoughtfully probe our ways of being and articulate the possible dimensions of existence, bringing new ideas to the concept of being a multidimensuonal being.
    Your words add to my ability to more consciously Choose my ways of being, and more actively engage my capacity for thoughtful growth and healing in this existence.
    My blessings

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