Full Moon Door: Across the Nodal Axis

Dear Friend and Reader:

Full Moon events often feel like a threshold, though Saturday’s Full Moon in Capricorn is a psychic gateway to another phase of existence. It’s a transitional event between eight months dominated by planets in all four of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), into a new phase of the dream that will be initiated by Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo.

Although pyramids are associated with Egypt, there exist 16 examples of pyramids across Greece! Perhaps the most well-preserved example of a Greek pyramid is that at Hellinikon, situated approximately 155 km southwest of Athens and less than 10 km from legendary Argos. Photo by Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Events will proceed rapidly from this last burst of energy from the cardinal grand cross. Mercury is about to leave shadow phase and re-enter Cancer. Venus will be close behind. Jupiter ingresses Leo on July 16 and Mars ingresses Scorpio on July 25. Only two of the main players will remain in cardinal signs — Uranus and Pluto.

Their ongoing square aspect is the backbone of the cardinal grand cross. Uranus-Pluto aspects have at least one thing in common — they come with an onrush of history and an especially intensified experience of life. You could say that life always feels like this. Yet these are distinct periods of time where things happen that in retrospect seem unbelievable or at least are recognized as being highly improbable.

Uranus-Pluto aspects throughout history are well documented by Rick Tarnas in his book Cosmos and Psyche. [Here is a fantastic interview with Rick conducted by Shelley Ackerman and published by Planet Waves.]

The last major Uranus-Pluto phase was the mid-1960s (the conjunction). That was obviously a distinct period of history where many unprecedented things happened. As The Eagles said in the song Hotel California, “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

They were referring to the Sixties, which in many ways did not end — what was counterculture became official culture (for example the gay rights movement), and the exponentially increasing chaos kept increasing exponentially until so-called reality started to seem like a psychedelic dream with few tangible reference points.

There was a miniature peak of this energy with Uranus and Pluto making a semi-square (45-degree angle) in the early 1980s — a very exciting time for some, and also a preview of what would happen in our era, which was the dawn of a kind of conservative revolution.

Since 2008 we’ve been living with the effects of the Uranus-Pluto square (the 90-degree meeting), one of the major events in the Uranus-Pluto cycle. Both of these planets are slow-movers, so their mutual aspects last a while.

Detailed chart for the Capricorn Full Moon, used to write the horoscope below. This is a typical chart from my notebook, with a number of extra planets penciled in, and with the ascendant set for where I am in upstate
New York. The main events in the chart are written as a series of aspects across the top, and 1006 is the horoscope ID number.

As I’ve mentioned before, there will be a total of seven square events between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, the first of which was in June 2012 and the last one being in March 2015. But just like we started feeling the effects four years in advance, the square will take time to cool down, and we will see some of the most interesting expressions in 2015 and beyond.

Notice how quickly this phase of history has gone by. True, it’s far from over, but it seems like just yesterday that Pluto entered Capricorn and Uranus entered Aries. Now both Uranus and Pluto are hovering around the midpoints of their respective signs. In our time of history, even the planets that used to be considered inchworms seem to cruise along.

What we experienced in the first part of 2014, actually starting with the Capricorn New Moon on New Year’s Day, was a peak of the Uranus-Pluto square. The peak was created by inner planets coming along and amplifying the energy of the outer planets. By inner planets I mean the Moon, the Sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Mercury has also passed through the Uranus-Pluto square a few times (it’s about to do so again).

But for the most part, the long-standing grand cross has been Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. Now Jupiter has moved on to late Cancer, and the Sun is taking its place in mid-Cancer. Mars is moving along in Libra but it’s still within close range of Saturday’s Full Moon. Pluto is having an influence from Capricorn, and then the Moon comes along, makes a conjunction to Pluto and reaches full phase on Saturday (Sunday in Australia).

Notably, the grand cross came with a grand trine in the water signs, and this is in effect now. The Sun has replaced Jupiter in this pattern, and is forming a trine to Saturn in Scorpio as well as the Neptune-Chiron-Borasisi group in Pisces. [For more about the grand cross/grand trine, see the article A Matter of Trust.]

The grand water trine continues to provide the potential for some emotional grounding, and presents many options for how to handle watery energy — one option per planet, and then various combinations. A wide spectrum of potential frequencies of feeling is being offered right now, from the most solidly physical (Saturn in Scorpio) to the most etheric (Neptune in Pisces).

The Aries-Libra Axis — Aries First

There are some rich details in this chart. For one thing, the Aries-Libra axis is becoming extremely interesting. Let’s take those signs one at a time.

In Aries, we currently have three main points — Uranus, the South Node and Eris. If you recall, Eris was the planet discovered in the mid-2000s that was responsible for the ‘demotion’ of Pluto. Now Eris and the South Node are in a close conjunction. Eris has a diversity of meanings, from the kind of identity chaos that is so representative of our times, to the subversive way that so many people relate to one another.

Tidy version of the Capricorn Full Moon chart. You can see the grand cross in the red lines (with the Mars-Eris-nodes configuration in the purple lines). The grand water trine is indicated by the light green lines, not as easy to see. There is also a compound trine from Venus and Mercury to the Mars-Ceres-Vesta pattern.

While the South Node can have a feeling of “I’m through with this thing,” (whatever it may be) it can also represent something that is stuck to one’s consciousness or life pattern — and keeps showing up. We live in a time when many, many people are having a hard time getting a grip on who they are. Some are figuring out that if they set aside the pretense of who they are it’s a lot easier to get to the real thing.

People who don’t lie as a way of existence naturally live closer to the truth. Those who don’t participate in dishonest transactions find it easier to engage in the honest ones. Being real often seems to be more a matter of what one does not do than what one does.

Uranus in Aries may be serving as a huge distraction more than anything. Uranus can act as a chaos generator. Aries is an assertive or even aggressive sign, named for the cosmic warlord Ares, who also goes by the name Mars.

In contrast to the prevailing group value of the Sixties (let’s take care of one another, styled by Uranus and Pluto in Virgo), we now live with a kind of victory-at-all-costs militancy. This is fueled by testosterone and does not have the quality of humanitarian service that was so easy to access when the energy was in the feminine (and eminently thoughtful) sign Virgo.

Revolution in the style of Uranus in Aries is, “Religious freedom means imposing my religion on you.” It no longer seems to mean, “I believe what I believe, you believe what you believe,” (that was the Sixties).

Uranus in Aries is also creating a massive distraction with technology. All these devices are feeding a drug-like haze which is doing what drugs often do — isolate people from one another, and induce people to bury their feelings.

Here in the Anti-Sixties, many activists come out to demand that other people should be denied a constitutional right. However, in this rare photo, a group of unusual people are protesting last week’s Hobby Lobby decision. Photo by Doug Mills for The New York Times.

Technology is a vast consumer enterprise (think of the iPhone case industry) that is almost always packed with advertising. Advertising sells more than products. It sells self-image, it sells values and it sells cosmology.

Between the South Node, Uranus and Eris, we have a lot of Aries in the sky right now. In fact it’s time to start thinking about the Uranus-Eris conjunction, which is technically exact in 2016-2017, but the way these outer planets work — as we have seen — there is a long warm-up. I recently figured out that Uranus conjunct Eris will be one of the defining astrological events of our era, and it is now within orb. This will present us with the best opportunity yet to get an understanding of what Eris really is about.

At its best, Uranus-Eris in Aries could be a mass awakening to individuality. Such an awakening would take us out of the mass-consciousness haze and provide an opportunity to be self-aware, which is always available of course. But it could also represent the rise of toxic egotism, which is already a serious problem. If there’s one thing our society does not need, it’s more narcissism. The problem with narcissism is that it gets lonely, and humans are inherently social. At a certain point it may collapse on itself as people break down and realize that they want and need to be close to others.

And Then There’s Libra

Over on the other side of the dial, or rather the solar system, is Mars in Libra, still working its way out of the degrees where it was retrograde (also called shadow phase). Mars in Libra has definitely had its relationship themes. There are many relationships that could not endure this kind of emphasis — the long review of the retrograde, one or more partners asserting themselves, and the many contacts of Mars with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto exaggerating the effect.

Society sells an idealized image of what a relationship is supposed to be, without a lot of information about how to handle ourselves or one another. Our culture’s concept of relationship does not usually account for change, or for the extent to which so many people struggle with themselves and lack basic self-respect. Many relationships are based on projection of the masculine or the feminine onto a partner, rather than on balancing and integrating the energies. Until we internalize both male and female properties, feelings and consciousness, there will be contention in our relationships — and lots of room for projecting shadow onto the other.

Mars has had some work adjusting to an extended stay in Libra, and once it leaves, it will carry its experience there forward.

If you pay attention you may find that if you’re a woman you’ve integrated masculine energy into your bio-psychic field, and there are many men who have made contact with their feminine side under this extended transit.

If you’re having trouble finding those men, check inwardly and make sure you’re expressing your own masculine energy in a healthy way. Really get a feeling for how you express your inner man. If you’re a man, this is also an invitation to check in with how you express your inner woman. If we want to deal with projection — including the projection of sexual violence — this is an essential step.

Mars is currently exactly opposite Eris. This alone is a standout aspect, representing a kind of confrontation. This could work many ways, but it seems to be a comment on who people try to be in relationships versus who they actually are. It is also a comment on how so-called ‘passive’ aggression comes back to people as overt aggression.

Once a long time ago I walked into my then-therapist (now mentor)’s counseling room and asked, “What is passive aggression?” In his usual wise and witty way he said, “You’ll understand it a lot better if you leave off the word ‘passive’.” That is why I prefer to call it covert aggression, which can take many forms, and those seem to be preferable because it’s easier to get away with for a while.

We do a lot of projecting in our human encounters. People often attribute aspects of their own personality to others, and they take on what others claim about them. In the haze of contemporary life, with all its public relations efforts (profile pages, personal ads, Facebook, blogging, Instagram, etc.) we can easily get lost in the haze of who we are or might be.

Photo by Eric Francis / Book of Blue.

Mars is closely conjunct three other points: Ceres, Vesta and the North Node. This is interesting — and too complex to fully delineate. But let’s say that Mars and the North Node are lending some compelling authority to the goddess energy of Ceres and Vesta. There is the potential to balance out feminine energy with Mars, something that rather desperately needs to happen.

The dominant theory of gender is that male energy is running out of control. There is another theory that says feminine energy is also out of control. The answer here is not control but rather balance. That need for balance is indicated by the lunar nodes so prominent in the chart picture.

Saturday’s Full Moon crosses the axis of the lunar nodes — it makes a close square to them. The Sun and Moon square the nodes represents a turning point, and this seems to be one associated with the story of our relationships. At the same time, it makes a square to all the planets that are involved — Mars, Vesta, Ceres, Uranus and Eris.

If this aspect says one thing to me, it’s “wake up and pay attention.” If it says one more thing, it’s “the way things seemed to work in the past may not work now, it may be failing entirely and we need some new ideas and new values to create a new way of life.”

Of course this is always easier if you’re motivated — and nothing says motivation like the Capricorn Full Moon.


Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, July 10, 2014, #1006 | By Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19) — Focus your ambition on actually getting something done, and you actually will. It’s easy to make plans and to spin out ideas. It requires a little something extra, such as focused effort, a game plan and one other thing — the desire to make it happen. You can have all the other ingredients, and they add up to nothing without the desire to make it happen. This weekend’s Full Moon in the angle of your chart associated with success and recognition will give you a boost of confidence, and the contact with Pluto will help you focus your determination. I suggest you stop talking about your plans and put all your energy into taking the concrete steps to completing something that you know is meaningful, necessary or potentially urgent. Focus on quality but not at the expense of getting hung up. Appearance is important but in the current equation it could be a serious distraction. Stick to integrity.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — From the look of your solar charts, you’re getting a lot done, though you seem to be feeling edgy about something, such as money. I would not be surprised if there are moments when you get a bit panicky for no special reason. The deeper story of your charts, however, is about your commitment to living differently from how previous generations in your family did. If you do, of course, they may think you’re weird and some people will express vocal disapproval. You may have an inner attachment to approval. Be determined to let none of these things stop you, or sap any of your confidence. Indeed, I suggest you draw strength and confirmation from any disapproval you might encounter, or that you may fear. Be aware of how many generations of tradition you may be breaking with your determination to do what is right for you, and to love in the way that is right for you.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — You can afford to feel better about yourself. Better would mean less worried about what other people think and what they do, and more focused on what you want to do, and what you want to share with others. You’re working with a potential emotional distortion, which might manifest as difficulty expressing your needs and your feelings. Complicating things somewhat is the fact that you seem to feel two different ways, which are likely to conflict, so you’re never fully sure that you are expressing a true need or feeling. There is one absolutely safe one that you can explore — express love, gratitude and care. It’s always appropriate to share your appreciation and your loyalty, particularly since so few people do it in words. Support people in whatever they want. Set them free from your expectations and attachments and you will set yourself free from those same bindings. Then, love is possible.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — This weekend’s Full Moon in your opposite sign Capricorn will shine the light on how much potential your relationships have, and how far you’ve come redefining yourself in the context of partnership. Having Capricorn as your relationship house is not easy, because it places an emphasis on structure in our already over-structured concept of what it means to share an experience of love with another person. But Pluto has been doing its work in this angle of your chart, and you’ve cleared out a fairly large space where it’s possible to be yourself. This might include having relationships on common ground much closer to your own terms; sorting out the extremely annoying and usually false differences between friend and lover; and not living like you owe some debt to the past five generations. If you owe them anything, it’s being happy in ways that they could not or did not consider possible.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — If you are concerned about a matter of health, I suggest you guide yourself away from worst-case scenarios, and keep a focus on taking care of yourself. Self-care is the theme of your life these days, which comes with many different dimensions. One of them is finding that space where your work is integrated in a healthy way with the rest of your existence. For a while it may seem like you’re resolving a paradox, which is true. You may have to experiment with one end of the equation for a while, then the other, in order to find not only the right balance but also the point of integration you’re looking for. Jupiter ingressing your sign next week will give you more energy and better ideas to work with. You will have a bolder idea of what success is, and what it means to you. That will give you a goal you can work toward, and that you can feel good about. In healing, in work and in every facet of life, motivation is everything.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — In all matters professional, keep your strategy in mind. You are likely to have your goal in mind, and there is a chance you will put your goal above everything, which will not get you any closer to that goal. Part of your strategy must involve an extreme helping of diplomacy. You must present the right demeanor or posture to the appropriate person, and be aware at all times to whom you are speaking. Your solar chart cautions that you could be perceived as authoritarian or driven by jealousy — which are unlikely to be true (however, I suggest you do a careful check-in with yourself on these matters, since it is possible). I suggest you strive for consistency with people, which is a sign of maturity and your respect for them. And be cautious at the least thought that others do not care about you, or don’t respect you. That is a trap, and it’s unlikely to be true.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Mars in your birth sign, combined with a variety of other factors, describes you in a situation where you may have to push an issue that you don’t feel comfortable doing. The sensation will be something like exceeding your authority, and possibly feeling guilty about it — but knowing intuitively that you’re correct in doing so. This might also come with the feeling of claiming some space to exist that you might have previously abandoned. Be aware of the fear of others wanting to get revenge or acting against you subversively — this is more of a feeling than an actual probability, but the feeling is what counts, because it has the power to dominate your reality. Said simply, the time has come to pluck up the courage to run your own life. That means being direct with others, which means speaking up, not festering on your own secrets till they ferment into resentment.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Saturn in your sign is the original symbol of enforced growth. Saturn is saying, “It is time.” It’s true that most people experience Saturn as a depressive influence, as a burden or as a limit — though this is a limited perspective, and it most likely does not take into account the essential factor of maturity. Saturn in your sign is saying you need a structure to your life that embraces all of the functions you want to fulfill as an adult with the freedom of choice. Your life is not about recreation. It’s not about self-fulfillment. Those are ingredients in a whole life, but not the whole purpose of life. In a word, your current purpose is fulfilling your function; taking up elements of why you came to this planet at this time. One measure of purpose is your creative work product. It’s about what you make, which is an expression of your purpose. The key here is tangibility — the actual substance of achievement, not merely an abstract concept of growth.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Your ruling planet Jupiter is about to change signs, and this means it’s time to focus your energy and your intentions. There is enormous potential in this transit, but you will need to be clear, apply energy and follow through on what you start. For the past month or so it’s been possible to run a little wild, to skimp on commitments and to let yourself be dominated by your emotions rather than on what actually makes sense logically. At the same time, you’re seeking real creative freedom and solid collaborations. And, I would remind you that you’re working with real creative power — which comes with responsibility, and connecting your creative power to an actual purpose that serves humanity. Jupiter in Leo will boost your creative confidence, and make sure you get to live out the connection between creativity, passion and fun — but when you get to the essence of Leo, it’s about responsibility to the community. Leo puts work above play, and above money. Look after these details. You are well respected but this will raise the stakes — your integrity is on the line.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — This weekend brings an extraordinary Full Moon in your birth sign, and with that will come a surge of confidence and energy. Mixed in with that might be some bouts of insecurity, which may have you wondering which side of the equation is really true — your strength or your fear. This is a situation where the presence of fear serves a useful purpose, which is to alert you that you’ve entered (or are about to enter) some new personal territory. You may think of this as alerting you to actual, external risks. The real risk, it would seem, is to your dependency on structure, on following past patterns, and on the fear of venturing into unfamiliar territory — in a word, your ego. But don’t think of ego as an identity, rather as a set of attachments that hijack your identity. Your job is to get it back. Recognize your attachments and focus your courage. You asked to be set free from your past and this is your chance. You asked to do something different, and this is your opportunity.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Inner vision provided by this weekend’s Capricorn Full Moon will show you just how much space in your mind you’ve cleared out. Space translates to additional energy, room for your own thoughts and freedom from worry about what other people think. Space means freedom from the burdens of others, to an increasing degree. You’re not totally liberated, but it’s as if you realized you were living in an ancient mansion that had been passed down from generations before you. You took over one wing of the house, cleaned it out and started decorating and furnishing it the way you want. You have made it your own, which translates to many large and small developments in your life. This progress would not have been possible without all the inner clearing and renovation that you’ve been involved with. Consider this a good start. The light of the Full Moon will reveal how much further you can take the same basic idea.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Use your allies. Or perhaps better said, count on your friends and your closest colleagues. You have some influential or even powerful friends, and you share plenty of common ground with them in terms of a desire to accomplish what is right and what is true. I suggest you be bold about making proposals and exploring your options for partnerships and associations that are not only mutually profitable but also beneficial to the wider community. Though Pisces has a reputation for lacking structure and direction, you do the best when you work with and within an organizational group of some kind, and you would be the likely person to initiate that. It’s not merely that you have that particular talent. You have something else going for you, which is the ability to go beyond the cynicism and defeatism that is so popular right now. Your Pisces vision can show you what is possible — and if you open your eyes and look you will see that means anything.

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