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Lanvi Nguyen

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THE SUN ENTERS PISCES, the last sign of the zodiac, on Saturday, Feb. 18 at 5:34 pm EST. The Sun’s run through Pisces this year will be the scene of many changes, including Mars entering Cancer after seven months in Gemini; Saturn entering Pisces after three years in Aquarius; and Pluto entering Aquarius after 15 years in Capricorn.

Those moves, which are so close together as to be one event, are in the background of everything right now, and will be for a while. If there is a sense of apprehension in the air, or the feeling that some other shoe is about to drop, you can attribute that to three sign changes of influential planets clustered within a very short time.

We have reason to be concerned. The events of March 2020 were unlike any time in history. Within the span of three weeks, life went from the way it had been evolving through modern history to half the planet being placed under martial law.

Our Stolen Future: The High Cost of Fear

The only reason that the other half was not locked down is because nobody could capture all of India, Africa, China, Russia and South America. But their governments and the Global Order certainly could terrorize them, and the entire urbanized world and many rural areas were directly impacted.

Any inability to look forward, toward what might be next, is overshadowed by the feeling and experience of lost potential we are living through — silently. Nobody is talking about this. We are not talking about the price we paid for succumbing to fear and abandoning all discernment.

Our future was stolen, and in its place, we were told to be happy with greatly limited options, limited freedom of movement and restricted financial capacity. And unless we get a grip, we will be dealing with an endless cycle of claimed virus and claimed vaccine, as well as escalating crisis after crisis on every conceivable topic.

For these reasons, it’s never been more important that we make the most out of the resources that we have, be it our attention, our time, our emotional energy or our financial power. Our current problem is not that we were lied to in 2020; this we know. Our problem is that so many believed the lies without questioning them, and attacked those who dared to ask for more information. I do not think we have solved this yet.

Planetary Movements through the Pisces New Moon

Let’s look at the astrological moves that lead into the events that are concentrated in March 2023. These are all relatively minor in comparison to what is ahead, though astrology is holographic. Let’s see if there are patterns.

Chart for the Pisces Full Moon. View larger.

Pholus Conjunct Quaoar – ongoing; last exact was Wed., Feb. 8

This conjunction occurs 18 times between 2022 and 2030, which is a very unusual pattern. It was also within a single conjunction degree five times between 2018 and 2021.

Then the alignment continues to make one-degree conjunctions through the rest of Capricorn, though Aquarius and into Pisces — until 2063.

These two slow-movers are functioning as one planet right now and have one thing in common: they point to ancestral heritage. Their emphasis is different, but both relate to our forebears, in the sign Capricorn, itself associated with family and antiquity.

The sensation and image is an out-of-control toxic release, connected to family. I have never seen a strong Pholus signature where alcoholism and its effects were not an issue.

The Toxic or Intoxicating Influence on Family

Pholus (a centaur with an orbit that crosses both Neptune and Saturn; themes are: the small cause with the big effect; pressurized toxic or intoxicating release; effects of alcohol on the family pattern) and Quaoar (a dwarf planet out near Pluto; themes are: dancing the universe into existence; the origin story of the family, tribe or humanity) are enhancing one another’s influence.

We could literally take this as a comment on the severe, emotionally debilitating influence of alcoholism on family development, which is also the emotional development of society. It is about anything out of control that influences the family or society itself.

However, there is more. I think of this as a jinn (properly, jinni): an entity (usually considered a curse) that moves down the ancestral lineage into the present from the distant past, enters society, and then spreads laterally. Pholus provides the image of the genie that cannot be put back into the bottle. Imagine smoke erupting from the depths of the Earth and then flooding over a city at ground level.

Underneath much of what we are experiencing as a culture is unresolved family material that is facilitating the effect of extreme, out of control chaos. Jinnis are active until they run their course. This is a collective entity, though it has personal effects as well as cultural.

Artist’s concept of Quaoar’s ring structure. No other dwarf planet or Kuiper object is said to have this type of feature. Quaoar is out in the Kuiper belt, well beyond Neptune, orbiting our Sun.

Quaoar has a Ring Structure

On a scientific note, a new study out of Italy indicates that Quaoar has a ring that astronomers cannot explain. It’s being presented as a very wide boundary — see the artist’s conception above. One of my readers wrote in this morning, suggesting that this boundary is “beyond the limits of knowledge and understanding.”

Quaoar is the 7th largest dwarf planet, and orbits out beyond Neptune. At the time of its discovery, it was considered an important development, and given the honorific minor planet designation (50000) Quaoar.

While Pholus and Quaoar are technically minor planets, there is nothing minor about them. And while the Kuiper belt, where these objects reside, is often treated as a kind of cosmic slag heap, it’s more like the most exciting archeological site in the solar system.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn – Friday, Feb. 10

This is the last Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. They occur approximately yearly, and all subsequent conjunctions through 2043 will be in Aquarius. So this is a preparatory event for the imminent transition of Pluto.

Chart for Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. View larger.

When you see Mercury in an important configuration — especially a conjunction, or rising in a chart — the question is, what is the message?

This aspect is an indicator for the whole chart; the whole chart and all of its surrounding astrology is the message. You could say the message is: pay attention. That would be a novel thing to do.

The Sabian symbol of this next to last degree of Capricorn is “A woman reading tea leaves.” Well, that’s exactly what we are doing. Dane Rudhyar describes this degree as representing “the ability to see the signature of hidden meaning in every occurrence drawing one’s attention.” However, that’s not really how one reads tea leaves; you relax, and allow the pattern in the cup to speak. It is similar to crystal ball reading.

The very next degree (where Pluto will be on and off till late 2024) is a bit more ominous: “A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs.” That, it would seem, is the topic of the tea-leaf reading.

Venus Conjunct Neptune in Pisces – Wednesday, Feb. 15

A lovely, starry-eyed conjunction, Venus to Neptune in Pisces is a reminder to stay in contact with your physical senses. The disembodied, conceptual world is not enough. Love has many dimensions, though here on Earth, we must always thread the needle on the physical plane of existence.

This is not easy in the era of disembodied existence. While some would argue that the physical plane is an illusion, one must draw the line somewhere; something tangible must be real, or the concept is meaningless.

However, through grounded physical existence, we have the ability to connect to many other dimensions of thought and communication, represented by Neptune. This aspect is a caution about being too idealistic; for a while, we need to envision the future in practical ways, and solve the problems immediately at hand.

Mars Opposite the Great Attractor – Wednesday, Feb. 15

Mars is making its way through the degrees where it was retrograde in Gemini, an easily-provoked place where Mars is involved. The Great Attractor magnifies things to the extent that the effects of Mars may be imperceptible. (You can hear my interview with the leader of the Laniakea – Great Attractor team.)

By “effects of Mars,” I mean the aggression and hostility being provoked by our groundless, disembodied state of affairs, where nearly everyone is being confronted by how insignificant they feel.

When people lose contact with who they are, they tend to respond with some kind of violence, as a probe into the environment. If you or someone is having an aggression problem, consider whether the underlying issue is feeling irrelevant, powerless and clueless about who they are.

Sun Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius – Wednesday, Feb. 16

Perhaps the ultimate expression of the Reality Principle, the Sun conjunct Saturn is saying: GROW UP. In particular, this aspect highlights the relationship between the individual and the group.

The group is where seemingly adapted, mature and sincere individuals can give way to being total assholes. The group then acts, and the individuals are absolved of responsibility — or so they imagine. Families work this way too: I didn’t do that, my family did; this is their business.

The Sun is the sigil of individuality and Aquarius is the sign of the group and the social pattern. Saturn is putting a boundary between the two, suggesting that you need a line of demarcation where you end and others begin. This is also a colossal reminder to think for yourself, and not blame your actions on others.

Sun Enters Pisces; Moon Conjunct Mercury – Saturday, Feb. 18

The Sun enters Pisces on Feb 18, with the Moon in an exact, to the arc-minute conjunction to Mercury in Aquarius. Of the latter placement, to me this is about knowing when you don’t know. This message of Mercury in Aquarius belongs on billboards in every language around the world. It does not help that most of the people who know the least are the most confident in what they claim. It helps less that most people think that if someone else believes it, it must be true. But that’s a fine way to drive off a cliff in foggy conditions. Follow the road, not the guy in front of you.

Pisces New Moon – Monday, Feb. 20

This is a beautiful chart, with the New Moon right in the 2nd degree of Pisces, and it has many unusual features — like a sextile between Venus and Pluto in the last degrees of their signs. Let’s end with the Sabian symbol for this degree: A squirrel hiding from hunters. Dane Rudhyar writes that this pertains to, “The individual needs both to ensure his future subsistence, and to protect himself from aggressive social elements.”

That would seem to sum matters up nicely.

With love,

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