Extra Edition: Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Moonrise on the Grandmother Land, July 5, 2009. Photo by Eric Francis.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Tuesday’s lunar eclipse in Capricorn is the first of three eclipses this summer. I’ve written an extra horoscope for the occasion, which looks specifically at this event. That gives the astrological charts as well as interpretations, and treats the full sequence as one process or astrological theme.

Eric Francis in Brussels.

Tomorrow’s event (taking place Tuesday, July 7 at 5:02 am EDT and 11:02 am UTC/GMT) is in Capricorn. That will bring up themes of obligation, commitment and the pros and cons of old ideas. At the time of the eclipse, Mercury is precisely conjunct Vesta in the sign Cancer — yet another appearance of Vesta in our current run of astrological charts. I’ve been thinking all day about how much better a place the world would be if more people shared their knowledge in writing.

People around me are involved in all kinds of interesting things, but few of them feel any inclination to share their knowledge with others. Writing was invented as a way to preserve what we learn in the school of many knocks called Planet Earth. I suggest you devote the time and effort to writing as a direct gesture of nourishing others with knowledge. For those concerned that you don’t know enough to write about it, remember Ken Kesey’s suggestion about how it’s better if you write what you don’t know. Writing is one of the best ways to learn. The writing process helps us integrate and organize our thoughts; and helps us get over our insecurity about learning, and about our ability to express ideas coherently.

The Capricorn Moon is emotionally complex. It tends to compartmentalize feelings. Between Pluto in this sign and an eclipse in this sign, we are all being given a warm welcome to open up some of those rooms and let the Sun and breeze into the darker places in our minds.

Back in the summer of 1999 — ye gods, a decade ago, during a very significant summer of eclipses — I wrote a missive about eclipses in an article called “One Way (Or Another),” as part of the Burning Man series. I’ve retrieved the heart of that particular article, which gives basic concepts for experiencing eclipses. Here the basic ideas, with some revisions.

The Man Burns. Photo by Dan Adams.

The first property of eclipses is concentration of experience. A lot happens in a short time; time itself becomes distorted. This works on an individual level, and on a collective level. Of course time and events move so fast now that we might not notice the acceleration, but you will if you pay attention, and make a conscious choice to work with it.

Events seem karmic or predestined. They may not be, but they certainly seem that way. A lot of how that shapes up depends on your relationship to the ideas of karma and destiny. It’s better not to push the river, but rather guide yourself with intention and as much clarity as you can muster.

Eclipses come with a feeing of discontinuity. Things are often different before and after a sequence of eclipses; it helps if we work with the process of change. The world often seems to plow forward on its crazy way, and yet nothing ever seems to really change; eclipses are the remedy. In the process of Soul evolution of the planet, and in our individual lives, these events represent critical transition points without which there would be very little progress at all.

Therefore, another characteristic is a distinct sense of transition. We move from one space of life into another. Personal relationships, including marriages and lover relationships, are particularly susceptible to rearrangement. The change can be deepening of stronger relationships, and shake-ups in weaker relationships, many of which are likely to change dramatically.

Anything that’s not working with the process of our personal and collective evolution is subject to disruption, things that are working are subject to challenge, and have a big opportunity for enhancement. It is vital to work with the energy consciously, make decisions and follow your intuition. It may take time to determine whether your intuition speaks first or second; boldly or softly; but you’re the one who can tell from experience.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19)
One of my theories about writing is, there is what you say you want to be writing, and there is what you actually write. Let’s apply this to your professional life. Obviously you want to make some changes. You see a better way of doing things than they were done in the past. You want to accomplish some new things. To get there, let’s assess what you actually do every day, or close to it. What do you keep coming back to, not because you have to, but because you want to? What have you said regularly, over a period of years, that you want to be doing? These are your best clues for what direction to go.

Taurus (April 19- May 20)
You may be wondering if you would have the acceptance of the public if you actually followed your creative instincts. The public can be as small as your immediate circle of friends, to the people you would meet at a party, to a much wider audience. Will they accept you as you are, with your core idea intact? Or do you fear any potential judgment from them? Are you as skilled or knowledgeable as you need to be, to pursue a certain project? This fear in particular could be damaging. It’s best not to keep that kind of fear in the shadows; bring it out where you can see it, and deal with it consciously. Both your talent and your calling have the ability to change the world. That’s really what you’re feeling; the shadow has nothing to do with ethics, per se. It’s about whether you trust yourself with power.

Gemini (May 20- June 21)
One way to handle debts people owe to you is to forgive them. Admittedly, this violates the first five principles of capitalism, but capitalism doesn’t actually work, and even when it sort of works it’s not sustainable. You have more than you need (or at worst, just enough), and one thing that you don’t need is holding a negative attachment to someone who you feel has done you wrong in some way. This may involve some kind of non-financial commitment as well, or one where money and feelings are involved. Tuesday’s eclipse says that you can safely let it go; and that letting go will help you get to the next place; a better place.

Cancer (June 21- July 22)
Is the sequence of events unfolding in a relationship an opening, or is it a warning? It depends on the extent to which you believe that history must repeat itself. In actual fact, if you want to explore intimacy in a way that you have not done before, history needs to go in a new direction. You have seen the detrimental effects of holding expectations, of trying to structure your feelings and of exerting any form of control over someone. You may not have seen the beneficial results of refusing to do these things, despite not necessarily knowing quite what to do. If you start with ceasing what has not worked in the past, other options will be obvious.

Leo (July 22- Aug. 23)
You may be looking in the wrong direction for what you want. I say this only because there is some obviously stressful astrology unfolding in a place where you’re likely to trip over it, and some truly interesting, enlightening astrology developing in a place where you are much less inclined to notice it. This translates to: look for support in unlikely places. Remember that any problem you face is not necessarily what you think it is. Therefore, the solution is likely to be something different than you’re expecting. This will be particularly true with any health-related issues.

Virgo (Aug. 23- Sep. 22)
We build the future in the present. This is the main fallacy of thinking that the past must determine the shape of things to come. It is true that people lean heavily on precedent for determining what is possible, but that’s largely because relatively few of us depend on our creativity; that is, have actual faith in our ability to create something that is actually new. You can do this, but you need to look inside yourself for the answer. That would mean, stand back from the opinions of others; learn from what happened in the past, but recognize that you are in a new situation calling for an entirely new approach. Then, having set the main obstacles aside, allow your creativity to take over.

Libra (Sep. 22 – Oct. 23)
In many ways you are being called upon to deepen your roots into experience. I would suggest at this point in your life you be grounded in everything that you do. Grounded means in contact with the ground that a particular idea, project or commitment is based upon. If you make a decision, know the basis upon which you are deciding. If you make a commitment, have a clear plan for how you intend to fulfill that commitment. It may be difficult to embrace the fact that you need certain situations more than they need you. That can lead you to feel insecure; or it can lead you to invest yourself in them, and make your dependability a commodity that everyone can benefit from.

Scorpio (Oct. 23- Nov. 22)
It’s one thing to say that Agatha Christie sold more books than anyone or anything besides the Bible; it’s another to acknowledge that people love a mystery. For some time a situation has been developing that has perplexed your mind and your feelings, and continues to do so. Over the next 24 hours, look for a clue. It will come in the form of someone acting ‘out of character’, which will in fact reveal their true character. This may be someone you’ve known for a long time, even a sibling, a cousin or a neighbor. Trust that your intuition is guiding you, and if you get the feeling that the idea would make a good book, start writing.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 22)
You seem to have money on your mind. That’s not surprising; we all need the stuff, and you seem determined to make sure that your livelihood is not something that other people can mess with. However, nobody but the government can print money; we need one another to make the stuff. Tomorrow’s lunar eclipse suggests that you get over your phobia of business. I suggest you deal with your fear of financial structure, and any fear of financial commitment. When you get to your place of economic independence, it will be because you created a business, worked with structure and embraced the idea and the experience of commitment; going in at least two directions.

Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan. 20)
Tomorrow’s lunar eclipse in your sign might seem trivial in comparison to the outer planet activity affecting your sign: Pluto having arrived, Saturn making its long opposition to Uranus, and other portents of inevitable change. But this eclipse is the one and only Full Moon in your sign this year, and it comes with a promise of releasing you from an emotional entanglement that felt like you were tied to someone or something. When that thin veil of the eclipse is pulled back and the truth is revealed, you will discover that your shoelaces were tied together. How and why that happened is another story; for now, enjoy the freedom of having untangled them, and remember how easy it was.

Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb. 19)
In the past year, you’ve become more interested in sex; both your own sexuality, and a general curiosity about what motivates people to be who they are and do what they do. This is another way of saying you are making friends with the shadow side of your nature. It is true that we have veiled sexuality in so many shrouds, taboos and layers of denial that practically all we have left is shadow; so this can work for you quite well. But don’t forget that the deeper process here is making friends with yourself; with all the unknown facets of your nature — in particular the ones that have freaked you out, seemed embarrassing or even a bit disgusting. The thing you’re discovering is that there’s incredible pleasure behind those doorways; and with the pleasure, significant opportunity for personal growth.

Pisces (Feb. 19- March 20)
You’re working with a lot more creative mojo than you give yourself credit for. The thing to do is stop worrying about what ‘will work’ or ‘what people want’ and stick to what you do the best; and what you want to do the best. I suggest ceasing all comparisons to others; all advice-getting from people who supposedly know more; and stick to brainstorming and taking action on your own ideas. If collaboration is not working, forget it; you have everything you need. With that in mind, remember that the right collaborator can be crucial, but in this particular case the form that interplay will arrive in is likely to be intuitive; a hint, a clue, an inference. Indeed, if I had to sum up Tuesday’s eclipse for you in one word, it would be subtle.

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