Detailed Coverage of WHO’s Declaration of Global Monkeypox Pandemic

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For those interested, I have coverage of the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring another global pandemic Saturday — this time for monkeypox. That happened Saturday afternoon Geneva time. This is available on a publishing platform called Substack. Everyone may read without logging in. Just bypass login by clicking “Let me read it first.”

Eric Francis

The WHO’s Emergency Committee twice voted against declaring a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC), its term for a global pandemic.

But the organization’s Director-General, a man named Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, personally declared the pandemic anyway. He then told the world press that the Emergency Committee is merely advisory and that he “broke the tie” — when the actual vote was 9 to 6 against the measure. The prior vote was 11 to 3 against the measure. That is why the article is called Let’s Not and Say We Did.

Gay and bi men are falsely being accused of spreading this nonexistent “pandemic.”

You may read full coverage on my Substack page. There are links to my prior coverage there, and I’ve provided a sample of the audio of Saturday’s press conference.

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PS — For fans of my investigative reporting, particularly with astrology integrated, I have a major featureon the month of January 2020, when the first “pandemic” was declared by the World Health Organization. It is called Don’t Look Back. Clocking in at 22 pages, it’s the start of a rather lively book based on my chronology.

PPS — Mike Stone is a refreshing new voice on the citizen science journalism scene. We have a 50-minute discussion that I’ve called A Pile of Dust is Not a Grapefruit.

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