Creepy Car Wash Source of all Covid in NY State

Covid car wash in Kingston was source of all disease in N.Y. State. Photo: NY State Department of Health.

Health Department Finally Shut Down Haunted Horror Business in March and then Cases All Disappeared. Places Has Terrible History.

KINGSTON (AP) — State officials have declared they know the source of Covid-19, the deadly disease everyone has been talking about.

The carwash of death was finally shut down by health authorities in March, leading to the end of Covid in New York State. It is believed that the people in all vehicles who drove through the unsanitary tunnel of terror developed the Covid and never recovered.

The carwash, located at 371 Albany Ave., was also the scene of a series of mass murders in the 1970s, when people would drive in but not come out alive. More than 25 people were brutally murdered inside the carwash between 1972 and 1975 before it was finally shut down, later re-opening under another name and different LLC.

Bucket of pure Covid was carelessly left outside the carwash even though it was shut down.

Van Fire Tragedy During Rinse Phase

Prior to that, the place burned down while a van was being washed in 1968, killing seven hippies. This is believed to have been from a bong fire that occurred during risky and volatile the “rinse” phase of the washing process.

Adding to the terrifying history of the establishment, tragic county records indicate that an average family tragically drowned driving through the tragic carwash in 1951. Apparently they left a wing window open, and tragically enough, the car flooded and none of them could swim, though they desperately tried.

Prior to becoming a carwash, in 1937 through 1945, the building was used by a secret cabal of Nazis, who would hold occult rituals there. It is believed that the Spear of Destiny and possibly the Holy Grail was housed in the structure briefly in 1943. In the late 1940s, it was pirate’s cove for hijackers and kidnappers who worked the upstate New York territory.

Aleister Crowley is believed to have smoked opium in the building during this era.

The carwash is believed to have been built on ancient Indian burial ground, where cowboys would hold hangings of cattle rustlers in the 1800s when New York State was part of the Wild West.

Source of All Covid Proven by Tests and All That

It is believed that people in every vehicle to drive through every car to drive through the carwash of terror caught Covid and gave it to thousands of other people. They in turn spread it to thousands of others in what is now regarded as the biggest superspreader event in the world.

Because only 67 people died of Covid in Ulster County, where the catastrophic carwash is located, it is believed that everyone quickly drove down to New York City, where millions were infected. They in turn infected everyone in places like New Jersey and China.

The source of Covid is believed to have been a bucket of pure disease, which health officials found right outside the horror house of horseless buggies. The disease would be slathered on vehicles, which it would infect, who would then pass the disease to everyone who looked at the car, rode in it or even saw a photo of it.

This is proven by the PCR, which says there is tons of Covid in the bucket. The mystery is finally solved. But now that the carwash has been shut down. Covid appears to have disappeared from New York State.

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