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19 thoughts on “Thank you for visiting Planet Waves.”

  1. My last horoscope says my vertex is in Scorpio and my anti vertex is in Taurus. I used a horoscope calculator and my ascendant is in Cancer. My Vertex is in the 5th House and I have a Vertex Square Moon and a vertex Square Pluto.
    “Tuesday Afternoon” and Pluto entering Aquarius intrigue me ?
    I want and need connection with people.


    It used to be “easy” to find and read monthly horoscopes until I tried to sign up several months ago, don’t remember what for and then was told I was not eligible for “whatever and then never received another horoscope.
    I guess I’m not smart enough to understand directions, since I’m 75 yrs. old. Yesterday, I thought I had finally gained access but the horoscope page said the readings were for January 2023 ? Today I logged in, I thought correctly? No access ???

  3. Hello Eric and team, I have Taurus rising, Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon. I am from Australia and have been a long time fan of Eric and Planet Waves and Planet wavesfm . I am 67 and after the Covid lockdowns here in Victoria, Australia. I have found myself unable to afford rent and there is a severe lack of housing for 55 yrs and over, a 10 yr wait for public housing. Rents are : A 1 bedroom Unit can costs $$350. $500 for 3 bedroom house. And $700 for four bedroom house. I thought we would never see the state of housing to be so severe and when USA had all the mortgages collapsed, and bank sold off the loans to 3rd parties, making homelessness a relentless impact on families and the elderly and single people, ever recovering from this outcome. Australia is in the same place now, the RBA putting up rates on mortgages every month for the last 10 months. Food shortages, hoarding and desperate people sleeping on the streets, begging for food or money to keep their car going, so they can live in it for a while more. I was able to move in with my daughter for a few months and now living in a share house. I have tried to keep up subscriptions for Eric’s articles and horoscope and find I am struggling to pay top dollar for the latest writings. Could I be given a code please, this one time; to read more about where the planets are taking me. I hope things will get better over time and Eric’s writings have made sense, of the shambles my life have been from 2008 and a new era will create the future I wish to See. Eric brings calm, as the eye in the storm, helping me understand the changes in the world and on a personal level as well. This would give me hope to keep rebuilding my life and regain some dignity and purpose in life to keep me going.
    kind regards Pauline Jones. It’s saying I cannot login .

  4. It is mostly always impossible to access as a member without bothering customer support. Can you do something to correct this? I have subscribed for years but basically don’t want to bother with the hassle anymore.

  5. With the confirmation email ‘Welcome to the Planet Waves A-List’ shall I be able to access all articles and videos as per last email:
    ‘Events of May, and Your Monthly Horoscope: Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter on the Move’?
    Every single click on any of the artlicles/videos on the page titled ‘ Latest Articles, Horoscopes and Editions’ brings me here. What am I doing wrong?

  6. Hi Eric and Team,
    It was mentioned in the Somewhere In Between for Pisces that Jupiter and not Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. As long as I have studied astrology most resources have recognized both planets to be rulers of the 12th sign. Even Google brings up Neptune as ruler. Has conventional Astrology been wrong all these years or is it just where we choose to put the emphasis. I makes a lot sense to me that Neptune be the ruler of Pisces. As Eric wrote Neptune is “very watery, misty, foggy, dreamy and visionary”. How do I reconcile this, if they are not to be co-rulers?


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