All Manner of Questions: Consulting with Eric Francis

Dear Friend and Reader:

THANK YOU for your interest in my work.

As an astrologer practicing for more than 29 years, I’ve served as a personal, business and artistic consultant, working with a worldwide clientele. My groundbreaking work in the area of new planet discoveries, my vast base of experience, and my therapy ethos, have helped build my reputation as a trusted and original consulting astrologer.

Eric Francis.

Primary reasons people seek my consulting are personal development, career transitions, establishing a new business, developing an existing business, event planning, relationship transitions, and health and wellbeing.

The beauty of astrology is that it applies equally to people in any station of life, providing a rarely-seen objective point of view that facilitates analysis with far less bias or prejudice than we usually get in life.

Astrology, however, does not have all the answers; often it’s necessary to work from worldly experience or look at a situation through another mode of analysis. One of my skills as a journalist is to find out anything I need to know, which I do on your behalf.

I Can Handle Unusual or Sensitive Situations

Most people come in seeking basic life guidance. My preferred assignment is helping with later-life career transitions. I am also helpful with complex family situations, issues with children, probate matters, planning events (from incorporation to surgery)

If you are entering or working in a risky, high-security, or “taboo” profession, the chances are good that I will be able to serve your needs. Our whole process, including the fact that we are working together, is strictly confidential. We will always speak at the time of initiating work; ask me if I think I can help and I will give you my best estimate of whether and how much.

Method of Work

Sessions may be conducted in-person, via phone or via Skype or Zoom. In-person work can happen in Kingston or New York City. (Please note that there is a travel fee for work in the city.)

My repertoire of techniques includes natal astrology, many types of progressions, horary astrology, classical technique and new planets. I can include or exclude as much astrological discussion as you want. I will speak in plain talk until there’s a need to bring in the astrology, or until you have a question how I got to a certain observation or evaluation.

My experience as a consultant, editor and teacher, and prior experience as an investigative reporter specializing in fraud, provides a solid base of experience to help my clients with any matter you may need to work with. This page describes my current services and fees.

Standard Reading

A standard reading is one session plus preparation that covers your current astrology.

In the initial call, I will do a short intake interview to get the basic facts and establish the scope of work, which is limited to one set of birth data. It’s personal work focused specifically on you.

To this work, the client brings three focused questions, which need to be presented in advance in writing. I will work with you, via email, to refine the questions.

The reading is presented in plain talk, though I will be happy to describe the astrological rationale for my assessments. The session will last from 50 to 70 minutes as needed. It’s recorded and delivered by zip file.

The fee for this service is $555, payable by check. Scheduling time is currently one to three weeks from the time of initial contact. Follow-up time is $333 per hour, within six months of initial consult. [Note, an hour is face-time and includes some preparation.]

Advanced Reading

An advanced reading is one that calls for the use of multiple charts, which begin with the client’s natal chart, and (depending on the type of work, and the scope of work) may include charts for a partner, a child, a business, or an event.

Specific services include:

• Chart synastry, or comparison between charts
• Electional astrology, for example, choosing the time to incorporate, move or restructure a business
• Business consulting, including employee or partner evaluation
• Forensic astrology, including crime and accident analysis
• Work with estates, legacies and the affairs of the deceased
• Adoptions
• Complex family and financial questions
• Litigation (not legal advice; astrology planning and analysis)
• Political strategizing
• Investigations of sensitive situations, issues or cases
• Planning the timing of medical procedures

The base fee for this service is $1,111 payable in advance by check. This includes an intake interview and up to two hours of face-time. The total fee is contingent upon a scope-of-work discussion, and may require extra preparation time. Follow-up time is $333 per hour, within six months of initial consult.

Horary Astrology

Once I have an established relationship with a client, I can do horary astrology, which is in essence the astrology of a specific question. This is an efficient way to get to the heart of a question, issue or circumstance. For established clients, horary readings are $444.

To Enquire Further or Book a Session

Some people say I’m difficult to reach and others get through in a moment. Be a little persistent if you’re in the first group. You may reach me at (845) 481-5615. This will convert your voicemail to email; please do it twice over a day or two. In a pinch my personal cell is (945) 337-5095. It’s best to avoid contacting me on Thursdays and and Fridays as those are media production days. Any other time is fine, up till 8 pm Eastern Time. You can also reach me by email at This email should tag properly with [consult] and I should see if fairly quickly.

Multiple approaches are always best. I never ignore email, so if I don’t respond fairly soon, I didn’t see it. Thanks for your patience.

Completing the Scheduling Process

When we speak, I’ll ask you a few questions about what you’re seeking. I will request you to focus several questions or topic areas. My office will send you the link for the confidentiality agreement. All work is prepaid by check or money order. There are no refunds. Rescheduling within 24 hours of the session is subject to a fee equivalent to one hour of my time ($333). As part of our confidentiality agreement, I guarantee your privacy, and you understand that any recording of the reading(s), whether made by you or by me, is my proprietary intellectual property, not “work for hire.” It may not be republished, circulated, or quoted from without my written consent.

In love and service,

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