Comment on Mercury Station Direct — and Mars

Mercury stationed direct overnight Wednesday to Thursday, aligned with the Leo New Moon. To my eye and ear, this represents a turning point in the year, and in particular, the end of a phase associated with the Mars transits of spring and early summer. This was an especially tumultuous phase for many people; I noticed a lot of “breakdown” energy, particularly in those who were overloaded and not dealing with that fact.

Ink drawing by Lanvi Nguyen.

No matter how you look at the astrology, Mars has been a big player for the past 18 months. Mars means desire, motivation and anger — all of which come up as points of frustration for a great many people in our time.

Regarding the recent (actually, current) Mercury direct, I suggest you not rush into getting to all the things you may have put off. Take your time getting started; use the waxing side of the lunar cycle to gradually find a new routine, and during that time, attend to important matters on your task list. Do this slowly and thoughtfully, and I suggest you give yourself until Monday or so to start tackling the bigger projects.

Mercury is doing something unusual now, which is holding a nearly stationary square to Eris. I’ve never seen this before (Eris is a new factor), though if you’re in some kind of crazy mental chaos, here’s where to look for ideas how to sort this out. Take your time; this aspect lasts a week or so.

I suggest you review the monthly horoscopes from MayJuneJuly and the new one for August for prompts as to where you were at in life and what you were going through. Also, review back one year ago to when Mars was retrograde in Aquarius, opposite where it is today. What has come 180 degrees from that time? What can you see from a new point of view?

At this time in history, nearly all people are faced with pressure and complexity that they are not fully prepared to handle. And many people feel a lack of support from their environment. Others are going through wrenching changes, and there is, at this time, not much of a cultural ethos to be of help to others. Many individuals have adopted the corporate mentality of take advantage of whoever they can — beware of such people.

Ink drawing by Lanvi Nguyen.

We seem to be missing the very resources we need the most, particularly social ones. The damage done by over-dependence on the “social” aspects of the internet is not theoretical.

We all have a little extra of something we can share. I suggest you cultivate the idea of mutual support in your relationships, and see who is open to it. Be attentive to your own needs, and please don’t be afraid to ask others to help you. There is no guarantee that they will, though at least you will be able to map out your social territory and determine who is helpful and who is not.

At this time, discipline needs to be gently enforced, small progress marked as success, and an ongoing conversation about life encouraged and created — with you as the most likely one to do that. And along the way, you must find out where you stand with yourself, or suspend judgment until you’re fully engaged with that process. That means in the present as it exists, not solely based on your explorations of the past.

We are in strange territory and must use all of our available tools and resources. You have plenty. They are yours to use, develop and share. And it helps a lot if you are open to receive. That requires vulnerability — the thing that may be in the lowest supply at the moment.

— Eric Francis

Weekly Horoscope for Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019, (#1255) | By Amy Elliott

Aries (March 20-April 19) — New Moons usually represent a fresh start, the dawning of a new cycle. For you, yesterday’s Leo conjunction may feel significantly more along that theme than usual, though it could take at least a few days before you’re experiencing this fully. At first you might simply feel restless; though underneath all that is creative energy waiting to be expressed and given an appropriate direction. Look for ways in which you might gather your inherent power more cohesively, as opposed to diffusing it. Part of the challenge here is to be sure you are keeping honest with yourself; that is, living as you, rather than constantly playing roles.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Uranus in your sign continues to fuel the drive within you for changes and newness. Yet at this moment you may find yourself confronted by old habits, temptations or problems, which might seem to have been commissioned to get in your way. Remember that the only real agent in this business, and the only one who can make the determination to move forward or remain stuck, is you. Where your life path is concerned, your will is the deciding factor; yours the choice to wield your strength or give it away. However much easier it may feel to drop all resistance and remain stagnant, in the end the spirit of the Awakener is sure to nudge you onward.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — When you’re doing what you do best, and doing it well, it’s pretty much inevitable that at some stage you’ll attract attention. You might even receive some criticism, which is a normal result of being noticeable. Nobody can please everyone all the time; that is the goal of those who blend in and are too afraid to do otherwise. Where a vocation exists, that point is moot, and boldness becomes requisite. Keep being yourself, and developing and sharing your gift, even if that means stepping out of the shadows and into the full, warm light of the midday Sun.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — It’s likely you’re experiencing something similar to an urge to leap from your seat and put the world to rights pronto. This may feel a bit like riding a spirited horse: so long as you have a good seat and a grip on the reins, you can make use of the inspiration to carry you to new and interesting places. Just don’t lose your sense of direction, which really means your reason or your moral compass. In many respects this is a refreshing beginning, as well as a chance to heal thoroughly from certain former hurts; you may well look back on this moment as the time you transcended what you had believed were your limits.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — These days it’s very easy to be distracted, to give in when things seem to be getting a little difficult, to put aside higher ideals and remain half-asleep. Yet, however tempted you might feel to do the same, you know this is no way for a human being to exist. The recent New Moon in your sign is having something of a rousing effect, compelling you to hear the calling of your moral center. If you pay attention to your instincts, you will probably find they resemble searchlights in getting to the relevant information. When in doubt, use these resources. For now, at least, you are the example others need.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — You’re gradually working your way to a sense of being complete in yourself. One crucial aspect of this is honoring the scope of actions and perspectives of which you are capable. It is all too easy to fence oneself in with arbitrary barriers, and this could be a particular challenge for you in the weeks to come. Keep attuned to your nobler thoughts and sentiments; remember that your word is your bond, and hold yourself firmly to that standard. Watch for the times you feel as though an idea or task is beyond you; ask yourself why. There may be considerable material to work with in the answer.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — Potentially a good rule of thumb for you this week would be: Beware of assumptions. Obviously this is a useful guide for anyone at any time. However, as Mercury gets up to speed you may face specific scenarios in which the information available to you is subtly incomplete, or appears to be tending to a self-evident conclusion. In these circumstances, tread with the utmost care, especially if you’re under pressure to reach a decision. Bear with any discomfort or discontent this might raise, and keep probing and checking until you are conscientiously satisfied there is no more to be revealed.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You may find yourself being drawn this week into conflicts at work, or in the wider arena of your career goals. Your charts are suggesting that you need to take the higher option and act with wisdom, measure and maturity. This can be difficult in the face of provocation; it can be maddeningly tempting to mimic the pettiness or carping of others, or be enraged by injustice, whether real or perceived. In a situation like this, where perhaps tempers are running high all round, it doesn’t necessarily matter who’s right in the strictest sense. If you keep hold of your reason and compassion, it will almost certainly be to your credit.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Though Mercury has already stationed direct, your ruler Jupiter is still preparing to change course in your sign. It’s doing so conjunct a deep-space point known as the Great Attractor, which can represent polarization. If you’re finding yourself pondering a dilemma, or any problem in which there seem to be two major options, you might want to hold the press for a few weeks. There’s more than likely to be a hidden third option or a multitude of them, or a new way of looking at the question that you hadn’t previously considered. Give the fog a chance to clear.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Given the rather potent astrology in a sensitive area of your chart, not to mention the ongoing build-up in your own sign, it would be unsurprising if you’re experiencing some self-doubt, or some form of profound questioning. At least in part, this is more than likely due to a fluctuating environment: that is, people changing their minds, things turning out differently from how they first appeared, or tempers being ruffled. Firstly, try to step back; avoid fighting any battles that aren’t yours, and recognize when an issue isn’t really about you. Secondly, stay true to your principles. In times of crisis, they are your best refuge.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — If someone close to you appears to be picking fights, you may well feel more than justified in diving in and dishing out what might seem self-evidently their due. Yet before you do that, it’s advisable to slow down, take a breath and consider. Especially with online contact, misunderstandings can be rife; and once the whorl of conflict begins, it’s hard to stop. That’s even more the case when old hurts are touched, inadvertently or not. If you’re inclined to respond viscerally to a comment, pause and notice where that might be coming from. Above all, be completely sure there are grounds for offense before you take it.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — If an ongoing issue seems rather knotty at close range, you may benefit from reviewing it at a distance. Once Mercury has picked up its pace again, this could include literal distance; if a journey is not possible, at minimum carve out a bit of you-time and do something different. Where you can, disconnect from the world wide web for a space; the internet has the effect of stretching and fraying one’s nerves until it seems peace is at a premium. Do be sure, though, to carry with you some means of recording creative or interesting thoughts; once a dam or two is removed, they are likely to start flowing fast.

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