Chiron New Moon: Aphelion Dreamland

Furry boots and self-actualization are not in fashion.

Friday’s Aries New Moon is conjunct centaur planet Chiron — a special event with the message of ‘it’s time to wake up!’

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Friday we are up to the Aries New Moon — the conjunction of the Moon and the Sun in Aries. This is an action-packed chart, with most of the planets clustered in Aquarius, Pisces and Aries. With this we have a concentrated locomotive pattern: the fast train to the Aries New Moon. Pluto continues to burn through the last degrees of Capricorn, Uranus is stirring the pot in Taurus.

Locomotive pattern of the Aries New Moon. There are a lot of planets close together. Actually this looks more like several trains on the same track. Click or tap graphic for full chart.

The sky is still in a kind of Kala Sarpa formation, which means that all the planets are stacked to one side of the lunar nodes. This creates a state of imbalance and also pressure. It’s like everything is leaning to one side.

Here is my conversation with Melanie Reinhart on this configuration. I would clarify that based on much prior research, I know that actual Kala Sarpa involves the planets arrayed on one side of the nodes from Rahu (the north node) to Ketu (the south node).

The planets are now situated from Ketu in Scorpio to Rahu in Taurus. I do not know the name of this alt-Kala Sarpa, though I found it once long ago. It is not easy to locate good information on these yogas. If you study Jyotish and have a reference, please let me know. My old buddy Kalli Halvorson (1955-2009) turned me onto this branch of astrology.

In the current sky, Ceres in Gemini is the exception — it is placed to the other side of the nodes. Ceres is about food; the new globalist plan for planetary improvement seems to involve more supply line disruptions and rapidly increasing food prices, which are being blamed on the usual diversity of world crises.

When fuel prices go up, all prices go up, and most of what you eat is petroleum (10 calories go into the ground for every calorie out of the ground.) Ceres does not like that. In the current pattern, Ceres is square centaur Nessus — I will come back to that.

The Chiron Aphelion

The Aries New Moon is conjunct Chiron. In fact, it is conjunct both Mercury and Chiron. What makes this New Moon special is that it takes place in Chiron’s aphelion degree — where it was the farthest from the Sun, which is only one degree away from its current position. The exact aphelion was in May 2021. The most recent perihelion was way back when Chiron was in Libra, on Feb. 14, 1996, when we were all much younger and didn’t know it.

Chiron’s orbit is in pink. Uranus is in green and Saturn is in white. Chiron is a “Uranus grazer” and crosses inside Saturn’s orbit for several years each cycle. It is currently far from the Sun.

Chiron has an unusually elongated, egg-shaped orbit. It takes just 18 months to pass through Libra, and nine years to pass through Aries.

Said another way, it goes through half the signs in 15 years of its 51-year orbit, and the other half of the signs in 36 years. This concentrates Chiron transits around the perihelion in the 1990s. If you’ve ever done my Chiron journaling process, you’ve seen this in action.

So what is the effect of the Chiron aphelion? I think of Chiron in Aries primarily as the self-actualizing force. Just like it sounds, this means the impulse to actually be yourself. It’s also been described as the internal motivation that makes the therapy process work. It is the impulse to make contact with your deepest humanity. It is the drive to become.

Or, simply put, self actualization means WAKING THE FUCK UP.

This state of mind — awareness —  comes in and out of fashion. Currently, focusing on one’s growth is as stylish as furry boots, shutter shades, leg warmers, bandana tops and wearing a tuxedo to work (which I still do sometimes anyway).

Don’t miss this fantastic video!

“Therapy” is conducted by text message. The “psychiatrist” gives out drugs that cause depression and lead to suicide. “Holistic” retreat centers such as Esalen and Omega have germaphobic panic attacks on a daily basis and spray disinfectant from mini-drone aircraft buzzing around the dining hall. You must meditate inside giant plastic bag.

Feminism has now been recreated as something called “bimbofication.” (The required reading list is shorter.)

Those seeking “higher vibration” can upgrade to 5G. In a short time, you will still be able to eat worms and crickets and consider yourself vegan.

As long as one is woke, one can blame everyone else for everything.

While this can be used to vibrate kinder and identify with spirit, there is also a potential hedonistic quality. It’s where the sincere search for truth meets the well-stocked stash box. Lately I have been studying Esoteric Astrology while sipping Peachtree Schnapps.

Deep in the Psyche

Chiron is now far from the Sun, as far as it gets, which is another way of saying deep in the psyche. It is still there, focusing its power in Aries, though the drive to actualize oneself has many options. For example, it can manifest as a tribalistic quality. It is easier to be like other people and call oneself unique, than it is to do the work and face the challenges of growth and healing.

While this is happening, we have a magnificent aspect forming, in Pisces — Jupiter conjunct Neptune, exact April 12. While this conjunction happens every 13 or so years, it happens in Pisces only rarely — that is, in the sign ruled by both Jupiter (classical) and Neptune (modern).

After the one-time-only alignment in April, the next Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is Jan. 19, 2176, the year of the United States quadricentennial. Planet Waves will have full coverage.

While everyone must decide if being a groupie really is the path to enlightenment, we can all agree that it’s easier, at least temporarily.

By all indications, Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces is a beautiful thing. This seems to be offering an abundance of tangible spiritual energy, whatever that is. Said another way, it’s a whole lot of Pisces. And while this can be used to vibrate kinder and identify with spirit, there is also a potential hedonistic quality. It’s where the sincere search for truth meets the well-stocked stash box. Lately I have been studying Esoteric Astrology while sipping Peachtree Schnapps.

Jupiter-Neptune-Pisces will express itself as spiritual potential if you’re doing the work of Chiron in Aries. It will manifest as the aphelion dreamland if you prefer to take the easy way out and set your phone to vibrate in “chiropractic mode.”

There is always some new leader to follow, if you want to get out of the struggle of expressing your individual soul’s purpose. While everyone must decide if being a groupie really is the path to enlightenment, we can all agree that it’s easier, at least temporarily. We are in yet another get-real moment; here’s to hoping anyone cares enough to notice and do something about it.

Two Last Thoughts: Ceres-Nessus and Mars-Saturn

Mars is about to make a conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius. Here we have another sigil of the current struggle between the individual and the collective. Beware that much of what is being called “collectivism” is narcissistic, and much of what is facing the accusation of “selfish individuality” is about getting along with others and people taking care of one another.

These memes don’t hold up to much scrutiny.

Then there is Ceres (the asteroid of food) square Nessus (the centaur of consequences). Prepping is becoming popular again. Food security groups are popping up all over the United States. We might look at what is being done to create these needless, malicious food crises.

Or, we might not. I would remind us of one thing: food is the bottom line for everyone.

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4 thoughts on “Chiron New Moon: Aphelion Dreamland”

  1. RE: Mars in Saturn. The baby body collective aka artificial intelligence is having a growth crises. A toddler now? I am curious as I listen with my ears to the pundits and stars grope with feelings and expressions at the spectacle and glamour of two black men dancing a parody of a duel. A space opens, a marketing dream. A new drug on its way?

  2. Ceres square Nessus… Ceres is also the plight of mothers I think. I’ve been researching a lot of food issues lately for my own purposes, but one interesting thing that keeps emerging is the issue of ‘Vegetable’ oils or more correctly, seed oils. These are being increasingly implicated as poor actors in the food chain, leading to all sorts of life complications, which one would suspect as they are an industrial food product after all. Probably as bad, or worse for you than sugar, as it turns out. But here’s the weird thing. they are now putting the polyunsaturated ‘artificial’ oils in baby formula, as well as sugars, for ‘baby’s health and well-being’. Natural, human milk is mostly saturated fats and very little sugar. So that’s very Ceres / Nessus – bad consequences right from the get-go, never mind that its the modern thing to do. Check out Nina Teicholz sometime, she’s got the goods on these issues.

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