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Patterns in the Transntptunian Points — from an email to Eric Francis this week…view TNPs and minor planets at the equinox on this page.

We’ve been having Zeus and Poseidon in the same axis. Poseidon is The Media — and that includes Social Media. Zeus is volatility (so the sense that anger is but a breath away) and long range plans. So I think we’re seeing the power of the media to keep things on edge and to provide an outlet for anger — and is there something here about “a long range plan”? (And then you see that the Hades-Kronos is still there.

Thus, the— well, you can see what I mean. It goes back to the headline in Freshman Journalism class: “If it bleeds, it leads.”) But there is also the role of the media in (Hades) undermining certain (Kronos) experts and opinions.

Where you’ve been talking to doctors, so have I. And I think that too goes to the Hades-Kronos. We could also see the TNP, Apollon, as Science. If we then go to Kronos/Apollon for “science experts” and ‘science opinions’, we’re messing with around 15-16 Aquarius and it concerns me as Poseidon is applying to that midpoint… which pulls in the Aries Point.

So, uh, is the media promoting ‘experts’ in science…and (re Hades) are they right; and why is that relevant for the (Aries) zeigeist and public belief?

We also have the Uranus-Saturn square. Gee — social revolution/change based on or driven by fear?”

As of today, the transneptunian, Hades, is in 09 Cancer and the transneptunian (aka TNP,) Kronos, is in 12 Cancer. You are encountering them constantly (unless you live in a cave, have no internet or media contact, don’t listen to a radio, are utterly healthy…well, you get the idea.) Some people are reluctant to use the TNPs perhaps due to their association with Uranian Astrology. But I hope after reading this, you take another look at them and apply them and their aspects in your own chart.

With Neptune currently in 19 Pisces, the world has been (obviously) dealing with Neptune/Hades = Poseidon (the media) and, increasingly, Hades/Kronos = Aries (the public–as in the Average Person, the zeitgeist, public events and opinions.)

Let’s just focus on some of the ways the Hades/Kronos is showing up in the world. Kronos can represent things such as: a father or father figure, an official (government or otherwise,) the police, the police, “elites” such as celebrities or those of high profile, laws and legalities, opinions and assessment of competency. Hades can indicate The Past, bacteria and viruses, chronic problems, mistakes, shame, insults, detail, your intestines, secrecy and nausea.

If you haven’t previously used these (2 of 8) TNPs, just take those keywords to their dial axis or aspects in your chart and see how they help describe incidents. Then put them in the charts of some folks you know well to begin to expand your understanding of them.

But in this very strange NOW in which we’re living, we have these two constantly joined by other points occurring in their midpoint, but also just showing up, day after day. Let me offer some examples of Hades-Kronos:

1. It seems that every day we are shown yet another example of some incident from the (Hades) past of some (Kronos) famous person, celebrity or government official.

2. We constantly see attempts to (Hades) shame or undermine a (Kronos) celebrity, “elite” or person in government.

3. There are frequent stories about (Hades) mistakes or criminality on the part of (Kronos) the police. And stories also attempt to (Hades) undermine their (Kronos) authority.

4. Certainly there is the running commentary about (Kronos) experts regarding the (Hades) pandemic virus. There are also the ongoing questioning of (Kronos) opinions and competency about the (Hades) virus, and there are the stories that demonstrate that the (Kronos) opinions of the experts are often (Hades) mistaken.

5. We hear of claims that the (Kronos) officials, very wealthy, celebrities and other elites are attempting to manage (Hades) the common people.

6. While most of us would use the asteroid, Hopi, for racism, prejudice and borders, in the past, Hades was sometimes used to refer to the African continent and its people. Using that idea, we also see a lot about claims of (Hades) racism in (Kronos) officials, laws and celebrities.

7. You can hardly take a breath without another example of the (Hades) negation of a (Kronos) law or opinion. This includes the idea that Hades can be part of the whole “Cancel Culture” affecting important people but also the opinions and stature of others.

8. There is just this ongoing (Hades) Insult phenonmena so that (Kronos) people in authority and those of us with our own opinions are undermined, labeled and nominated for shame and stupidity. (This doesn’t mean that some–including leaders in every country– are not making mistakes, subject to some version of the lowest common denominator or a secrecy to protect their status and reputation.)

Today, for example, there are medical asteroids aspecting the Hades/Kronos (and, I’m writing this because they transiting Sun is also in that axis.) But just delineate the importance of the medical context: medical experts can be mistaken, a medical condition can worsen…. You get the idea.)

So how is Hades configured in your chart? How does it affect aspecting points? Does the Kronos in your chart have important stuff to say (re aspects) about your father or you assessment of your own competence? Have you had involvement with legalities? And, if these points are retrograde, how does that affect your experience and delineation?

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