IBT – Guilty

ONE OF THE most extraordinary white collar criminal trials of 1983 ended in Chicago October 21 when three former officials of Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories were convicted by a federal jury of fabricating key product safety tests used to gain government approval for marketing two popular pesticides and two commonly used drugs. The convictions coming after … Read more

Faking it

Editor’s Note. This article is from the The Amicus Journal, spring 1983 edition, published by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). It is not an easy article to read and may indeed be one of the most disturbing things you’ve ever read. It chronicles the scandal that destroyed the credibility of the safety testing lab … Read more

By any means

THE CLOVE VALLEY in High Falls is one of Ulster County’s most enchanted spots. At its heart lies a mostly undeveloped 200-acre tract of forests, trails and a majestic stretch of the pristine, spring-fed Coxing Kill, with a five-tier waterfall. Commercially zoned, yet surrounded on three sides by permanently protected lands, the property in recent … Read more

The Kemner Brief | By Eric Francis

Many people feel that the jury is still out on the issue of genetically modified foods, though Europe and the UK have led the international backlash against crops which have had their genetic codes modified in the lab, much like computer software is rewritten by technicians. For many, the idea of tinkering with the programming … Read more

The Invention of PCR — by Kary Mullis

The concept was not out of the question because in fact one of the natural functions of DNA molecules is to reproduce themselves. They do it every time a cell divides into two daughter cells. A short piece of synthetic DNA could be treated in such a way that it would stick to a longer … Read more