Tales from the Other Side of Astrology

Link to original Dear Friend and Reader: Being an astrologer is sometimes like being a metaphysical minister. People assume we have a connection to the other side, and many of us do. Practicing astrology helps people enhance their subtle senses. There is a need to reach a little beyond the obvious, into the unseen, and … Read more

On the Shores of Scorpionic America

Posted on Aug. 12, 2011 | Link to original Dear Friend and Reader: If ever there was a week during the past nine years and 11 months to wonder what is happening in the United States charts, this would be the week. The debt ceiling hostage game that ended less than two weeks ago led … Read more

Into the 8th Houses of the United States

Posted on Aug. 5, 2011 | Link to original Dear Friend and Reader: Sunday night I was out in New Paltz, our little San Francisco here in Ulster County, interviewing a couple who wants to model for my photo studio. It was a beautiful, warm summer evening. We were outside Mexicali Blue, a gourmet taco … Read more

The World in a Grain of Pholus

Link to original So leave me now the Moon is up But remember all the tales I tell The memories that you have dredged up Are on letters forwarded from hell — Joe Strummer / “Something About England“ Dear Friend and Reader: Every now and then, a significant global event affirms the theme of one … Read more

Here at the Edge of the World

Link to original Dear Friend and Reader: In the midst of all of this nuclear madness, Nat Geo channel premiered a special about some scientists who have discovered the remnants of what they believe is the lost city of Atlantis. Its location, according to the theory? Some mud flats in southern Spain, near Portugal, called … Read more