About Our Moment and your Weekly Horoscope

New edition includes an article and your weekly horoscope by Eric Francis. The current astrology is a moment of relative calm, if judging by the charts. As of this writing, the Sun is easing through the last degree of Taurus, separating from its last aspect — a trine to Pluto.

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse :: Get Over Yourself

Because Cancer’s ruling body, the Moon, is eclipsed, there will be many references back to this Ceres placement and its diversity of concepts: relationships between mothers and daughters; the relationship between food and emotional reality; and food generally.

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for May 12, 2022

With Mercury stationing retrograde in the area of your chart associated with both commerce and communications, you will need to watch your numbers and your words with equal care. Jupiter arriving on the 10th is going to magnify everything: problems as well as assets.

Mercury Retrograde: Your Round Tuit

Mercury retrograde is a time to review and complete, and in the process, do some preparation for what you want to happen after Mercury returns to direct motion. It is an invisible condition of the environment that we astrology fans have the ability to use in our favor.