Planet Waves Weekly for April 11, 2024 by Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19) — Some concept of hidden consequences or the result of past karma may be stalking you, though please consider that it’s an illusion. Imagine you’re seeing something in a cloud formation that is as real as your imagination makes it, but only that much. I suggest you maintain your focus on … Read more

Of Chiron, Eris and Monday’s Eclipse

Dear Friend and Reader: Monday afternoon, the Moon will pass directly under the Sun, casting a shadow on the Earth. There are many kinds of solar eclipses; total solar eclipses are somewhat rare. Monday is distinctive because the shadow will be cast across the United States. For about four minutes, day will turn to night. … Read more

Planet Waves Weekly for April 4, 2024 by Eric Francis

It’s Showtime, Folks. Ladies and Gentlemen, Here we go. This is the last horoscope before Monday’s solar eclipse. I am leaving it open access, sponsoring it with ads for my readings associated with this exciting, highly unusual and transformative astrology. Please take advantage of those readings while they are fresh. If you were to listen … Read more

Arrive Early, Stay Late: Solar Eclipse on April 8

Dear Friend and Reader: On Wednesday driving to and from Long Island, I was treated to some new poetry on those electric sign boards along the New York State Thruway. Usually you get gems like, “Click It or Get a Ticket,” “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over,” or my all-time personal favorite, “One Small Ask: … Read more

Planet Waves Weekly for March 28, 2024 by Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19) — Note carefully the way the physical work turns out to be different from how you imagine it to be. You’re getting to witness the stark contrasts between fantasy and reality, in the most practical sense. You can measure the differences in how your expectations match up with results. Yet I … Read more