A little girl shapes the planet

by Steve Guettermann Considering the demands intense human desires and needs place on the Planet, I feel we have to ask and answer an essential and existential question: “How can we live and enjoy life without squeezing the world out of shape, in other words, without making the Planet unsuitable for human life, as we … Read more

Negligible Risk: Premeditated Murder?

Holly Martins (is on a Ferris wheel, asking Harry Lime about the people he has killed by selling diluted penicillin on the black market): “Have you ever seen any of your victims?” Harry Lime: “Victims? Don’t be melodramatic! Look down there! [pointing to people in an amusement park far below]. Would you really feel any … Read more

Attorney General William Barr Must Go

By SAMUEL DEAN Planet Waves Legal Reporter When President Obama took office, he gathered the US attorneys together and told them, “I appointed you but you don’t serve me. You serve the American people. And I expect you to act with independence and integrity.” Attorney General William Barr expects the opposite. He has deformed the … Read more

Dias de los Muertos

Editor’s note: The following article, written by our beloved Jeanne Treadway, is from the Planet Waves archives, which hosts thousands of articles and horoscopes written by Eric Francis and the Planet Waves team. We love this article so much, we post it every year. Catrinas, one of the most popular figures of the Day of … Read more