Introspection Beyond the many disturbing, obvious comparisons between the United States today and Germany of the 1930s is one contrast that I have not heard mentioned yet. True, I was not there when the first torture camp was installed into an urban neighborhood called Ilvers Gehoffen in the liberal city of Erfurt in early 1933. … Read more

The Illusion and the Reality of God

The Illusion and the Reality of God Those of us who grew up listening to Bob Dylan had heard the excuse before, the one about this war being cool because God is on our side. Think of it: the creator of the majestic universe, architect of the miraculous self-healing body and the creative spirit of … Read more

Days of Aquarius

Days of Aquarius EL SOL, OUR SUN AND SOURCE, is always new in the sign Aquarius for the U.S. presidential inauguration, which happened Thursday at noon in Washington, DC (5 pm GMT). It’s a fitting symbol of idealism and democracy that transcends time and history. Inauguration, by the way, means ‘divination by the flight of … Read more

Journey to the Deeps of Time

Journey to the Deeps of Time Scientists with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are awaiting data from the Huygens Space Probe, which earlier today was dropped to the surface of Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. Huygens is part of the larger Cassini mission to Saturn, which was launched in 1997 and has … Read more

In the Wake of the Flood

In the Wake of the Flood What if it were true? What if the Earth was reeling in our abuse of the environment and humanity’s endless tampering with nature? What if the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunamis were a message of some kind, a warning of what can come if we don’t take action? What … Read more