A High-Voltage New Moon, with Options

Dear Friend and Reader: Today there’s a New Moon in Libra that’s just loaded with energy. Chances are you’ve already been feeling it this week. Despite the fact that a Moon waning to its new phase tends to be lower-energy, this one is plugged into a high-voltage outlet. That outlet’s name is “Uranus”: the planet … Read more

Harbinger of the Future: Jupiter in Scorpio

Dear Friend and Reader: Today I’ve got some news for you about Jupiter in Scorpio, a one-year transit that began this week. But first, I have a call to action. The world is in crisis. We are seeing the effects of global warming manifest before our eyes: as successive hurricanes pounding coastlines and inland areas; … Read more

The Next Battle in a War on the People

Here is feast of solitude A fiddler grim and tall Plays to dancing kings and wives Assembled in the hall — R.H. Dear Friend and Reader: Once again, we’re being confronted with a mass casualty incident involving firearms. This is on the heels of every other kind of disaster, or the threat of one, in … Read more

Countering Rose-Colored Glasses with Good Communication

Dear Friend and Reader: We’ve been experiencing a week of highly charged, transformational astrology. And whether you’ve been experiencing it in acutely personal, direct ways or mainly watching it play out on the nightly news in frightening and heartbreaking events, chances are you’ve noticed the universe inviting you to pay attention and investigate with your … Read more

Great American Eclipse: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Dear Friend and Reader: Astrology may be the most objective means of studying the world, since it’s inherently meaningless. Every experiment needs a control of some kind, and astrology, removed as it is from any known law of cause and effect, provides the perfect null value. The charts and other tools used by astrologers provide … Read more