Group Initiation: Ceres in Aquarius

Dear Friend and Reader: Ceres, the dwarf planet and former asteroid, made its way into Aquarius on Tuesday. Earlier in the year it made a long retrograde through early Aquarius and late Capricorn; now it’s back in Aquarius to stay for about three months. This conjures up some interesting scenarios. I will admit that despite … Read more

Figuring Out Where You’re Coming From

Dear Friend and Reader: In the astrology readings below, you have my interpretations for November, a month with two turning-point events in our mini-era of personal history. These are the main events on which I’ve based your readings. The first is a conjunction of Venus and Mars in Virgo; this is the third conjunction between … Read more

Fire on the Mountain

Long distance runner, what you standing there for? — The Grateful Dead Dear Friend and Reader: Though the Sun is still in Libra, along with Mercury, the North Node and Juno, there is some unusual activity going on one sign away in Virgo. I’ve kept the focus on Libra themes during the Sun’s transit and … Read more

Treading the Razor-Edged Path of Libra

Dear Friend and Reader: Mercury is retrograde in Libra, and at least as far as I’m experiencing it, this has opened the way to a useful discussion of relationships and sexuality. If it has not for you, this might be a time to bring up the topic where you feel it’s necessary or appropriate. Now … Read more

An Eclipse to Remember

I’m looking and I’m dreaming for the first time And I’m inside and I’m outside at the same time And everything is real Do I like the way I feel? — David Byrne Dear Friend and Reader: Sunday night (early Monday in some time zones), the Moon will form an opposition to the early Libra … Read more