Vision Quest: Into the Mysteries of 2016

Dear Friend and Reader: Every year at this time I’m casting and reading a lot of astrology — a bit more than usual, in preparation for my year-ahead readings. The result is the combination of an annual book of 12 chapters (one per sign and rising sign) and spoken-word audio project (about an hour per … Read more

Perspective and Power

Dear Friend and Reader: There has been heaviness in my heart, as I imagine there might be in yours. Waking up yesterday to the sounds of the latest news reports from Paris set a dark tone to my day as I prepared to write the first draft of this piece. Yet our lives, like the … Read more

A Little Light Goes a Long Way

Dear Friend and Reader: In the midst of so much that is overwhelming — the dire need to effect immediate steps to slow global warming; mass tragedies and fear-stoking threats (both real and perceived); even certain immediate circumstances of personal life — I have found myself grateful for a pervasive message coming through the writings … Read more

Of New Moons, Relationships and Sea Monsters

Dear Friend and Reader: Yesterday at 12:47 pm EST was the Scorpio New Moon. Any time the Sun and Moon come together in the same degree of a sign, the Moon starts a new cycle (which lasts about 28 days). So all New Moons signify a beginning, though each one has its own flavor, its … Read more

Reorienting on the Night, Devotion in the Dark

Dear Friend and Reader: Writer Jeanette Winterson ‘gets’ the allure of Scorpio, even if she never mentions the sign in her recent piece for The Guardian about why she adores the night. I am tempted to paste her entire piece here, because it is so gorgeous in its imagery, and in its seductively simple understanding of why the … Read more