Just Before Midnight: The Last Days of Pisces

Dear Friend and Reader: We’re now in the last days of the astrological year — the time before the vernal equinox. The Sun is moving through the final degrees of Pisces and thus wrapping up the cycle of the zodiac. In astrology (and astronomy) there is a time-measuring device rarely mentioned to the public, called … Read more

In tune with the times

Dear Friend and Reader: The other day my friend Jenna came up from New Paltz to visit, wanting to talk about/figure out where her life was going. She’s feeling the energy of change in the air and wants to participate in the world. She doesn’t quite know what to do, but she has a lot … Read more

Inner Space Horoscope for March 2011

  Dear Friend and Reader: The Sun is now in Pisces for the next few weeks, and Chiron is in Pisces for the next eight years. Chiron in Pisces defines an era of astrology where many will come to terms with the idea, and the reality, of emotional healing. Most of the problems faced by … Read more

Is Our Obsession With Relationships Healthy?

Chiron Files by Eric Francis Dear Friend and Reader: Today is the annual cult of romance known as Valentine’s Day. It’s time for all the coupled people to buy chocolate and flowers and diamonds, and pump the romance of their love affairs; time for all the uncoupled people to unabashedly ramp up their search for … Read more

Advent: Chiron in Pisces

Dear Friend and Reader: Today is the day that Chiron enters Pisces, where it will stay until 2018-2019. This is Chiron at the slow end of its orbit, in outer-planet mode. It seems like only yesterday (in the mid-1990s) when Chiron was clipping through a sign in just 18 months. I am here with an … Read more