Aquarius New Moon: Taking a Chance Being Yourself

Dear Friend and Reader: Wednesday evening (Thursday in European and Australian time zones) the Aquarius New Moon lights up the planet waves. This is a vibrant event, concentrating seven planets and points in Aquarius, happening right as the Sun passes over the midpoint of that sign. This lunation is taking place right in the midst … Read more

Inner Space for February 2011

Dear Friend and Reader: February begins with a stunning New Moon in Aquarius on Feb. 2. This time of year is called Imbolc, or the Midwinter holiday of Celtic times. This is one of the most potent energy points of the year, a kind of acceleration point on the way into springtime. The word Imbolc … Read more

The Need for Emotional Healing

Chiron Files by Eric Francis  Dear Friend and Reader: The strange sequence of events I described in Friday’s edition was actually pointing to something bigger, which we learned about Saturday morning in Tucson. Thousands of birds falling out of the sky, fish floating to the surface of the water and many other odd developments, all surrounding an … Read more