Varuna-Eris: Subscribers Take the Floor

Dear Friend and Reader: Sunday, I posted a note about the Varuna-Eris square, an aspect between two of the newly discovered, very slow-moving planets that was highlighted yesterday by an exact quarter-Moon. Though I’ve written relatively little about Varuna, I thought I would take a chance and get reader input on this aspect and the phase of … Read more

Chiron Files: Spring Cleaning

Dear Friend and Reader: Cleaning is healthy activity for humans, particularly here in the Western world where our lives become cluttered with both stuff and activity. The word less often means ‘restoring a hygienic condition’ and more often means getting rid of what is no longer needed. This month there is an unusual surge of … Read more

Mercury Retrograde: A Change of Mental Perspective

Dear Friend and Reader: Mercury stations retrograde on Wednesday. This is a little like turning up the volume on our mental environment. And that environment has been overwhelming lately. Monday’s news that plutonium is leaking from one of the crippled nuclear reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant is a reminder of what you might encounter … Read more

Planet Waves Inner Space — April 2011

Dear Friend and Reader: Through most of April the emphasis of the planets shifts to Aries. The Sun will be in the hottest of the fire signs through April 20, joining Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Eris. That is a lot of Aries, appropriate enough for springtime here in the Northern Hemisphere — full of … Read more

Mental, Emotional, Physical or Spiritual?

Chiron Files by Eric Francis  Dear Friend and Reader: Once someone explained to me that the distinction between jazz and blues had more to do with sorting things out in the record store than it did with meaningful differences in the music. To hear the terms, one would get the mistaken idea that they are … Read more