From Aboard the Mothership Dawn

From Aboard the Mothership Dawn April 5, 2005 — A six-mile long spacecraft is not really a spacecraft; it’s more like a portable asteroid. It’s also somewhere particularly easy to get lost, against which a variety of precautions are taken. This particular six-mile ship has an unusual property: it can exist in two dimensions at … Read more

An Open Letter to the Space Brothers

An Open Letter to the Space Brothers Dear Space Brothers: Please forgive the formality of a typewritten letter, and I really hope you’ve adjusted your Spam settings some time in the past 75 years so that this gets through to you. We have a lot of problems with that and they drive Chelsea crazy. I … Read more

Extended Spring Forecasts

Happy Birthday, Aries! I have suggested that you are heading into a rare, strange four seasons, something that exceeds your experiences and expectations. How is the trip so far? Pretty interesting, right? This is, however, a good time to raise a particular spiritual matter, which we could call the matter of the soul. The soul … Read more

Mars, Chiron and Iraq

Mars, Chiron and Iraq HARD TO BELIEVE it’s now been two years of nonstop, escalating war in Iraq. Two years is one Mars cycle, and about once per cycle, Mars makes a conjunction to slower-moving Chiron. There was a conjunction in 2003 just following the invasion of Iraq, covered in Planet Waves Weekly in the … Read more

Of Technicalities Minor, Major …

Of Technicalities Minor, Major, Mercurial, Aesthetic and Functional I spent much of my birthday Thursday involved in an investigation of how an unauthorized person posted to the Planet Waves subscriber’s list overnight Wednesday. As I am sure you can imagine, I was alarmed by that rather fishy development — the first time such a thing … Read more