Report from the Aquasphere

The Great Wave “THE QUESTION that we take to the jury of astrology is more than a philosophical ‘what is the meaning of this?’ inquiry. We have, in a sense, a criminal investigation on our hands. Were the actions of mankind involved in causing this event?” Full report at: Dude of the Year I … Read more

Parallel Worlds: An Introduction

Parallel Worlds: An Introduction NOTE TO READERS: This article is from Parallel Worlds, the Planet Waves 2006 Annual Horoscope Pages. It is also a simulcast with Astrology Secrets Revealed #78. Parallel Worlds contains more than a dozen articles and resource areas, by many writers and researchers, plus extended sign-by-sign exploration of the next four seasons. … Read more

Beyond the Book of Jobs

Beyond the Book of Jobs    “Love, work, and knowledge are the wellsprings of our lives. They should also govern it.” — Wilhelm Reich SINCE PROPOSING an article on ‘using astrology to find the perfect job’ in my PS to this week’s gift subscription pitch (call 877-453-8265 to order), I’ve gotten a few emails back … Read more

Chiron, Nessus, and the Racaille

Chiron, Nessus, and the Racaille IN 1954, ALGERIA, one of France’s North African experiments in colonialism, took a turn for the worse, and what began as a guerilla war against the French killed as many as 1.5 million people on both sides through 1962. Terrorism against civilians on both sides, rioting, and many fierce battles … Read more

Sagittarius Secrets Revealed, act two

Planet Waves by Eric Francis Friday, December 9, 2005, Weekly horoscope #588 Happy Birthday Sagittarius! (from print editions) Life is not a popularity contest, but even if it were, you would at least make the finals. You’re someone who moves opinions, and whose presence stirs up a response, but as the year unfolds its mysterious … Read more