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All of Us Here for Capricorn | Your 2021 Reading by Eric Francis | Download

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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2021
by Eric Francis Coppolino


Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — You must get a grip on your insecurity, if you want to accomplish anything of lasting value. You certainly can. It’s within your power and your potential to do so — though not if self-doubt is your religion. This counts for any form of fear, guilt or presumed debility. This counts for any form of anxiety about whether you are a stable person. In this next phase of your life, represented by the sign change of your ruling planet Saturn, you are being called on to step into your full maturity. This would count for whatever age you are, and for however much time you feel you have left on the planet. These things can all be done. They all come down to one thing, which is self-respect. The common term is self-esteem, which is difficult to define. I would say however that living your life as if it matters is the best way to put it. By that I mean in the sense of you being integral to the world around you. I mean caring enough about your plans, your abilities, and the contribution you might make to persist in doing so. Therefore, aspire to be competent, and to offer your services where they are needed — whether or not you are compensated. What you want is participation, and to be integrated with the world around you. These are not merely words. When you’re actually doing this, you will feel engaged with your purpose. Your life has meaning. And gradually you will recognize that you respect yourself, and that your resources are valuable to yourself and your community. You will therefore make different decisions than you have in the past. Good thing, too.


1 thought on “All of Us Here — Capricorn”

  1. Hey, Cousin Eric!

    Our upcoming 12th Night is 80th birthday for me.
    Your note about “no matter how many years left on
    the planet” ~ ~ Profound thanks.

    My job is “Planetary Life-Cycle Planning for Water”.
    I am particularly well-prepared for this. I SHALL
    become my own cheerleader!

    Your being “my astrologer” has been, and continues
    to be, forwarding in the finest degree.

    Your Mount Shasta Cousin,
    Gramma Gayin

    P.S. I’m holding your Ascended Anatoly in my heart
    as I appreciate The New Site ~
    G. G.


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