Capricorn 2019 Monthly Horoscopes by Eric Francis


Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2019 (#1232)
You may have the urge to run from your responsibilities. You might ask yourself how you would feel if you did; just say screw it all, I don’t need this crap. Who are you living for, anyway? And what are you living for? The chances are that you’re trying to maintain several agendas or sets of priorities at once, and you need to figure out which one is really yours and yours alone. Yet this will take courage of a special kind, because you’re so accustomed to doing everyone’s bidding, even to your own detriment. You’ve learned a lot in recent months about your true priorities, though you may have had a difficult experience of seeing what happens when you go against the grain of what you think is expected of you. That’s what this is all about, Grasshopper: expectations. That word deserves to have a disgusting feel in your mouth; I will skip the metaphor but invent your own — something you really, really don’t want in your mouth — and connect it to that word, and that concept. You will do better to sweep the deck clear of all of your preconceived ideas about life, and then add them back one at a time, and ask yourself, one by one, if this really matters to you; or if it has that gross feeling of being tethered to someone, something, or some other time — purely as a consequence of your own thought process. Nobody else can free you of these things, but they can try to heap a little more on you. At a certain point you will need to decide what’s more important: your freedom or thinking you’re perceived as perfect. It’s time to give yourself a break.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2019 (#1236)
You seem to be struggling with the need for containment, and craving some strong authority to assert itself in your life. Yet you must be the container and the authority; the one who regulates yourself; the one who has control, and the one who keeps track of the passage of time. By extension, the one who can relax the control, discipline and containment that you assert — by choice, through some healthy outlet. Events this month will take you through some emotional ups and downs, as Venus passes through your sign making aspects to many other planets. It will help if you check in with others and tell them what you’re feeling from day to day. You may have to overcome your usual policy of not wanting to explain yourself, and not wanting to open yourself up to being vulnerable by sharing your feelings. However, it will help you to do so, and you will avoid the pitfall of blaming others for how you feel and what you want. Take ownership of your desire, and what you perceive as your needs, and be gracious when anyone expresses an interest in helping you meet them. You may observe in yourself a dual tendency to rely on others for structure and stability and at the same time resenting them for limiting you in some way. Saturn is in your sign, and that means being your own master. Pluto is in your sign, and that says keeping a pulse on your unconscious impulses. Venus is in your sign, and that tells you love and respect are the only way forward.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2019 (#1237)
You will never make up for your doubts with false certainty. The two are incompatible. It’s far better to stay in a space where you don’t know, rather than to enter territory where you don’t know that you don’t know. This is, however, the difference between awareness and lack thereof; between being intelligent and being a fool. Do everything you can to stay in contact with your uncertainty, your insecurity, and your overt state of not knowing. Then, stand in a conscious relationship to the mystery. For you right now, this includes important elements of the future, including who you are becoming. You are being driven by the feeling that there really is no telling, and you would be wise to make friends with this. The more you can hold open that space, the more you will give your potential room to grow and become. Beware of clarity, which is often the false certainty of a fixed point of view. One way to avert this trap is to be circumspect. Look at a problem, at a situation, and at yourself from many angles, and collect your observations. This is different from skepticism, which is the belief that the truth can never be known. Being circumspect is, rather, a gentle quest for truth. Along these same lines, it’s vital that you not allow others to confine you, or to define your reality for you. You will have an alert that this may be happening when you feel restless and boxed in based on someone’s ideas about you.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2019 (#1240)
Though Mercury has returned to direct motion as of March 28, you must continue to be cautious with your money, with investments, and with contracts of any kind, for several weeks to come. This is a good policy overall with Neptune transiting your 2nd house of available cash and resources; there is an increased chance that your estimation of your situation will be off, one way or the other. Pay particular attention to the numbers, and err on the side of caution. Where possible, let other people take some of the risks, or at least make sure that everyone is doing their part. Increasing emphasis on Aries, your solar 3rd house, is all about you becoming more assertive: saying what you mean, meaning what you say, and making sure you speak up exactly when your intuition says it’s time. This does not necessarily mean that people will roll over and yield to your ideas, which is all the more incentive to craft intelligent, informed reasoning processes. As you do this, you may get the feeling you’re not up to the task — that your thinking or writing is not as focused or adept as it could be. This is an effect of Chiron, which fortunately also assures that as you practice, you will grow, and as you grow, what some call "talent" will emerge. Where Chiron is present, you want to stay close to the edge of what you’re capable of, and keep pushing into the unknown and unfamiliar. Do your best and keep doing it.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for May 2019 (#1244)
Saturn turning retrograde in your sign will give you some room to breathe, and time to make decisions. In recent months and years, you’ve learned to function under pressure, as if time is running out, and you just have to deal with it. But how much of that is an illusion? How much is you noticing something that’s always true, which is that time (for any individual) is a finite resource? That’s the thing it would be helpful to consider, as it’s a key element in the kind of maturity that you’re reaching for, and that is reaching for you. It’s fair to call this time in your life an extended phase of enforced growth, so you may as well get with the program. Another element is having the correct relationship with your family of origin, for you. How dependent or attached do you want to be? How much responsibility do you want to take on, and how much is appropriate? This is related to the wider question of the past. Part of your challenge (and at times struggle) is to let go of what is not working. Yet to do that, you will need to be honest about it. This is not about making a run to the local transfer station. Rather, you’re at the stage of clearing closets, basements and attic spaces, and making fully aware decisions about what you want and don’t want. From the look of your solar chart, you will be retaining quite a bit less than you’re letting go of. Keep a consistent, steady pace as you proceed.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2019 (#1248)
You’re not in the mood to be provoked, though people seem to keep doing it. Or are they? Are they merely being themselves, which on certain days is a little too erratic and emotional for you? There may be two different things going on: how people are conducting themselves around you, and how you are responding. With both Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your sign, your attention is likely to be inwardly focused; the inference is that you are engaged in some deep growth work that must be done in a solitary environment. Yet it’s also a position of what you might call maximum density, and can indicate resistance or unwillingness to change or even budge. In that condition, any irritant from the outside is likely to seem worse than it really is. How you respond to your surroundings will be an indicator of your mental and emotional state. In any event, there is something that seems external that is trying to get your attention. You can think of it as an element of your own awareness, or some facet of yourself that you’ve disowned or cast away. It could be showing up as someone’s desire for you or your attention. Or it might be manifesting as someone being provocative, assertive or aggressive. What matters is how you respond to this influence: what you call it, and what you think it represents. Since it’s likely to be coming from a person, consider who this person is to you, and what their presence in your life means to you.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2019 (#1252)
At the moment, everything has to come back to you. Rather than assigning responsibility or accountability to any circumstance, relationship or situation, take it all on board. Your whole existence begins and ends with you; your participation in the world makes the world what it is, to you. So forget about all of them for a while, and consider the nature of the changes you’re going through. Granted, this includes Pluto, which has been likened to a caterpillar spinning itself a cocoon and melting, having no concept what it’s about to become. You are deep in that process now. It’s not possible to know, or even fathom the future. Yet you can trust your process. You can also trust that you’re in the demarcation zone between the past and the future, by which I mean your whole past and your whole future. This is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which plays out between now and Jan. 12, 2020. While there is no rushing this process, you can be grateful that it proceeds as gradually as it does. And by the way, you are not a caterpillar; you are a human with full sentience, the power of observation, the ability to respond, and the power of decision. Therefore do all of these things, each in its turn, and allow your process to unfold. One last thought: It is probable that certain events over the past two months have given you a clear idea of what you do not want. That is important information, though only if you use what you know.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2019 (#1254)
Be aware that you are under considerable pressure due to the imminent Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your sign. While both planets will remain retrograde through August, beginning in late September, Saturn begins approaching Pluto for the final approach to their meeting on Jan. 12. This will be one of the most formative times in your life. Yes, it may be stressful, and you may feel like you are under some highly unusual form of pressure you’ve never felt before. Yet it’s essential that you not squander this opportunity with any kind of palliative self-care. Do not place feeling better over getting your inner work done. Americans in particular and Westerners in general are all about trying to smooth things over in the present. That is often at the expense of changes they know they need to make, and have needed for a long time. I suggest that as the next four months develop, you go directly into confronting all that you need to re-evaluate in your life, and make the decisions you know you have to make. The alternative will be the feeling, or the reality, of having them made for you. Your sign is famous for its attachments to the past, though you cannot say “those days are gone” until you’ve done your part to resolve the karma and actually part ways with what you are finished with. Therefore, use this very rare opportunity — better said, this once in a lifetime opportunity — to assess, to resolve and to conclude as consciously and as willingly as you possibly can.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for September 2019 (#1259)
The clock is slowly ticking on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your birth sign or rising sign. Though this takes place in January, you are on notice now to take care of unfinished business as a top priority. That includes finding closure on important personal matters that have hung around for too long: unfulfilled promises, unspoken truths, unresolved conflicts, and all other matters you know are holding you back. Here is the crux of the situation: holding onto the past will keep you there. Letting go of the past is not a matter of marching on, pretending nothing happened. It is, rather, about coming to closure, so that you reclaim your life as your own — as a whole person. On one level, the effect of Saturn conjunct Pluto can be seen as destructive or disruptive. Yet it is an event of such momentous significance that this cannot be the ultimate message. You are advanced enough to know that you must clear a way for the future by actually coming to terms with the past. This conjunction signifies the power for you to do what every spiritual path claims to point toward: transcending or “breaking through” the ego, thanks to the power of your soul. Yet remember: neither your ego nor your soul is a thing. Ego is essentially a thought-form constructed mainly of denial. Soul is a growth process that you take from lifetime to lifetime. At the moment, your growth process is coming into contact with your denial; and usually, growth is the stronger element — but you can still derail that if you want. Ultimately, nothing happens without your consent. Therefore, choose wisely what you agree to and what you do not.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for October 2019 (#1262)
Consider the possibility that the coming season is one of the most significant of your life. Certainly, it is a time like no other. These next few months have you on the final approach to Saturn converging with Pluto in your sign. We would need to go back a long time, hundreds of years before the American Revolution or any modern government, to find this conjunction in Capricorn, where it is particularly significant. This is because Capricorn represents the underlying structures of society, what we think of as stalwart institutions, and the foundations of family. You are at a personal crossroads, where your choice of directions is to set yourself free from the grip of history, or to invest yourself further in it. Plenty who claim to be revolutionaries end up as supporters or subjects of the old order; it’s so commonplace as to be ordinary. If a radical feminist who spent years fighting the patriarchy suddenly announced she was getting married in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, most people would say oh, how lovely, and not blink an eye. Every cell in your body is urging you to make a choice that will advance your own cause, and set your life on a new course, as apart from your ancestors. You have decided over and over that many facets of your upbringing, your family’s culture, and the direction of society are not for you. Yet are you willing to take the personal risk to really test that out? You might ask yourself what you honestly have to lose. If you look at that carefully, you might say your sense of orientation. But that is already gone, and there is no turning back. There is only moving forward.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for November 2019 (#1266)
Soon, all eyes will be on Capricorn, in the astrological sense, and what Capricorn represents in the world. I am talking about the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto that takes place on Jan. 12, as well as all of the worldly events that surround that conjunction — the likes of which we have never seen before. Between now and then is one major event, the retrograde of Mercury in Scorpio. This takes place in your 11th solar house, which covers your public image, your social circles and important elements of your professional life. Think of this as a final passage before fully engaging the Saturn-Pluto event in January. Here is what I get. You must get over any discomfort with being seen or appreciated as a sexual being. It’s simply a fact of your existence. Yes, this affects every life in some way, but you present your Scorpio energy to the public. This is an essential ingredient in what "Capricorn" means. Our society is involved in a massive game of charades right now, where many people are pretending that the matter of sexual vitality does not exist, is not a factor, is inappropriate, or is wrong — particularly as expressed in the public realm. If you hesitate, or apply any negativity to your natural state of being, you will be sending static down the line — like listening to music with a loud hum, which prevents appreciating the beauty of the work. I suggest you take the seemingly radical step of suspending judgment of sexuality in any form. Let biology be biology — it rules the roost. In so doing, you will claim an essential element of your power. This will make you more visible, more appealing, and more able to command respect. But — and this is a big but, so to say — only if you respect yourself. You do not need to be good. You only need to be real.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for December 2019 (#1270)
Jupiter now enters your sign for the first time in 12 years. It does so in our tense moment, with you under some unusual pressure to make what feel like enforced changes. Indeed, you are fortunate if you have any influence at all in certain circumstances. You do, though it may not be what you think. What I suggest you explore is your own attachment to the very things that seem to trap you or hold you back. This might be some bond to the values espoused by your family, which you have said you want no part of. It might be an emotional approach to life that you know is not working for you. You may have decided you’re ready to go beyond a model of authority that does not leave you room to exist. In fact, at the moment you may feel pretty cramped in, and like the very things you’ve sought to transcend have only become magnified. It is fair to say that this is an important time of reflection for you. It is time to consider what change and progress really consist of, and what these terms really mean to you. In our world, it is easy to be conned out of your true potential. Usually, this is facilitated by wanting to stay in a comfort zone, which is another way of saying not quite being ready to face the unknown. Yet you will indeed be confronted by all that you do not know. The question is, do you turn toward it, or away from it?

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