Capricorn 2019 Monday Morning Horoscope Selection

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Monday Morning Horoscope #159 for Jan. 14, 2019
You have a lot going on in your life, as if some process more complicated than you anticipated has been set in motion by the recent solar eclipse in your birth sign. The thing that’s essential to remember and put into practice is that this is about inner work. You may be inclined to focus on your image, which means how you present yourself or some facet of your appearance. This would be guiding your intentions and your focus in the wrong direction; the correct direction is toward your challenges. Yet there may be so much going on that it seems helpful to have a diversion of some kind. You have your options open socially, though I suggest you place yourself in environments where you can “come as you are,” with no changes to your appearance, no thought of impressing anyone, and a thoughtful atmosphere rather than one connected to partying. Yet this is still secondary. Right now it is your inner world that counts, not your outer one.

Monday Morning Horoscope #167 for March 11, 2019
You’re often reluctant to express strong feelings or desires. You might not think so, though what you’re feeling on the inside does not usually match what you express on the outside. Is it worth putting all this energy into holding yourself down? Or do you prefer when others do all of the getting excited for you? Anyway, there would seem to be plenty you want to express. It might run the spectrum from sexual desire to anger; from some creative expression to wanting to go on an adventure. You’ll feel better if you get your emotions into physical form — get outside, get moving, get to the gym — though while these things will help, they won’t touch the deeper levels of your feelings. They will only get you a little closer. If you’re worried you might lose control of yourself, I suggest you skip that. You are surrounded by guardrails. You would be happier if you jumped one or two of them and went off-road for a while.

Monday Morning Horoscope #183 for July 1, 2019
This week arrives with the beginning of the first eclipse pair across the Cancer-Capricorn axis — the one you orient on if you have the Sun, Moon or rising in either of these signs. From your point of view now, the influences focus on what seem like inevitable changes in a relationship. Yet those changes also point to an opening; they describe a situation that is ready to take a step, whether that is some form of transformation, transition, re-alignment or goodbye. You have probably noticed how attached people are to partnerships that simply do not function, are wracked with constant drama, and which bear no resemblance to anything that could be reasonably be called loving. You may not be in such a situation, but the tendency of humans at this time is worth noting. The truth is, you need your independence. You need to define yourself some way other than through the person you’re with. You need to be you, and nothing else — embrace that possibility.

Monday Morning Horoscope #189 for August 12, 2019
You’re likely to feel better all of a sudden, as if some subtle pressure has been released. Your circumstances may not have changed. Your goals, actions and routines may be the same today as they were yesterday. Yet you just feel better, as if someone finally turned off their leaf blower across the street. It’s truly important to note that feeling, and to act on it by doing something you may not previously have felt good enough to do. One way this astrology may express itself is you discovering you’ve had a concern for several months, that you were not admitting to yourself. Once you admit it, you can consider it, and make decisions around it, all of which count for progress. Your astrology for the foreseeable future is about a seemingly endless litany of small decisions, and several large ones, which need to be attended to day by day. Borrowing a line from our old friend Dubya, you are the Decider-in-Chief, of your own life.

Monday Morning Horoscope #197 for Oct. 7, 2019
Last week Pluto stationed direct in your sign; Saturn stationed direct there on Sept. 18. We are now on course for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Many things in the world around you began to come unstuck as this happened, and are gaining momentum fast. What about your own plans, your journey, your healing process? Are you finally experiencing some movement, or allowing yourself to get into the flow? I understand that you may be nervous. You are approaching a point of no return. So is everyone around you, though you’re probably feeling it more directly and personally than most. I will leave you this week with a question, one I’ll ask again a few more times. If you could change just one thing in your life, what would it be? Maybe you know intuitively; maybe you’ll have to think about it. Get your priority list down to one thing, and focus on that — no matter how difficult or seemingly impossible.

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